Day 1 - Khulod.   Posted by eXilion DM.Group: 0
eXilion DM
 GM, 152 posts
Fri 24 Feb 2017
at 17:04
Day 1 - Khulod
You log off and wake up where you logged on.  Suddenly, the aches and pains of age are back.  You glance at your clock and confirm that it has been exactly one hour.
Rob X.
 Khulod, 60 posts
Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 22:10
Day 1 - Khulod
Rob got up and stretched. Well, that certainly was an interesting experience so far. He got up from his bed and stetched before heading to the toilet, followed by the fridge. He sat at his pc while eating an apple and googled how to access the options in the Crystal Realms, or find a manual of sorts..
eXilion DM
 GM, 170 posts
Mon 27 Feb 2017
at 01:48
Day 1 - Khulod
You find a few wiki's with very basic marketing type information, but nothing really useful.  Reddit has people looking for help or advice, but it seems to be too early for anything definitive to show up.
eXilion DM
 GM, 205 posts
Tue 7 Mar 2017
at 15:20
Day 1 - Khulod
Rob puts the Torc away after realizing that the game did not suit his tastes.  A quick visit to the eXilion website and he received a refund of his subscription without any hassle.