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eXilion DM
 GM, 4 posts
Wed 1 Feb 2017
at 02:14
OOC - Player Introductions
Hello everyone, my name is Marc and I'll be your DM on this adventure.  I live in the state of Connecticut in the USA and work in IT.  I've been playing D&D on and off since 1983.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves to the others (if you wish).

Right now we have 3 out of 5 players ready for the first group scene.  Once I have one more I'll start the scene and bring in the 5th once they are ready.

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Daniel T.
 Khaaven, 1 post
Wed 1 Feb 2017
at 02:51
OOC Discussion
Hi all, have been playing the game for about 38 years. My first PC is Khaaven a human ranger.

I live in NC right by FT. Bragg where I was stationed while I was a soldier. Am currently finishing up my Gunsmithing course, which has influenced my choice as Khaaven will be a bow and crossbow expert and craftsman as well.

Looking forward to meeting up with the rest of you guys.
Rob X.
 Khulod, 1 post
Wed 1 Feb 2017
at 09:09
OOC Discussion
Hey all, I'm Rob, 34 y/o from the Netherlands. I'm an IT Manager/expert. Always been a RPG fan since I was 14. Bit new to D&D 5E but it's pretty simple as far as I can see which is a relief.

I will be playing Khulod, Dragonborn sword&board fighter, aka 'the main tank/meatshield' with a soldier background. Be kind on my sergeant impersonation Daniel! ^^
Tom H
 Prak, 1 post
Wed 1 Feb 2017
at 11:47
OOC Discussion
Sup yall I'm Justin, CT based IT person. I've been playing D&D for about a month now, just got into pbp to scratch that itch without having the block time commitments. My PC is Prak, half-orc paladin. I've got the flexibility to play either a support/healer role or a greatsword beater.
Vince X.
 Malik, 1 post
Wed 1 Feb 2017
at 15:43
OOC Discussion
Hello everyone, I have been role playing for too long.
I have enjoyed D&D and many other rpgs over the years.
I live in the arid deserts of New Mexico in the US.

In game I will be playing a Tiefling Warlock and will try to do my part.
Nice to meet you all.