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Wed 1 Feb 2017
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House Rules
I expect everyone to be able to post at least once per day.  Let me know ahead of time if you will be incommunicado for longer than a day - we can log your Player off or put them on auto-pilot depending on their current circumstances.

To help keep posts legible, please try to color your text as follows:
Character speech in Blue
[Character Rolls in Red]

In the hopes of speeding up combat, I will be following these practices:

Distances will be given in a general sense.  I will let you know roughly how far an enemy is and try to phrase it in such a way that you know how long it will take to get to them.

I will ask players to roll initiative, declare their actions, and make any relevant rolls on the first round.  Once everyone has posted, I will compile the results and ask for the next round of actions.  This will repeat until I have killed off the party the party is victorious.

When describing your actions, please write out any non-PHB rules you are using, and explain your rolls in detail.

Out of combat healing is always maximized.

Add maximum hit points for each new class level.

More to come

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