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Tue 28 Mar 2017
at 01:44
Home Rules
The following are the house rules that will be in effect.

Any changes to the rules will be highlighted in RED.

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Tue 28 Mar 2017
at 01:44
I like the thought, especially given the amount of hp each character will have, of having options in combat. That said, I will be carrying over CMB and CMD from Pathfinder. CMB is used to make a maneuver and CMD is your ability to resist those maneuvers. Everyone can make these maneuvers and everyone is able to chose a maneuver every 4 levels to use without incurring an attack of opportunity.

See here for all the options:
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Tue 28 Mar 2017
at 01:48
Posting Guidelines
I will update the game every odd day, but will check for OCC questions and PMs. This gives everyone 48 hours to get their two cents in before I update.

When posting, you can use any color you like, or none at all, for speech or thought. These should be different colors. The only exception is Orange which is used for OCC comments inside the story threads. If you don't use a color for speech, make sure you use quotation marks for out loud and ' for thoughts.

During combat, those that beat the opponents can post, and then I'll post. Once the opponents go, everyone can post their actions. This will help make posting faster and those that want to see what happens don't have to wait.

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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 10:52
Starting Tech Levels and Backgrounds
Before you buy equipment you'll need to set up at least an outline of your background. You can make it as involved or generic as you like, but keep in mind that the more you give me, the more I can write into the overhanging narrative.

You will not be able to start higher than a Tech III, but might be from a Tech II at the least. The only exception would be if you were just awaken, i.e. became sentient, were you might be Tech I, but those cases are probably only going to be for those that really don't need equipment.

If you want to have a shared background, both PCs must indicate that they are interested.

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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 10:57
Hiatus and Disappearances
People fall out of games on RPol all the time. It happens. You can request at any time to go on Hiatus. This is preserve your character for a year of real time as they go off to do something off screen. You will not gain any XP or items while you're away, but you won't get deleted either.

If you just up and disappear, well then you have 1 month until you become an NPC. After that time I'll give you one more month before I delete your character. After that, if you want to join again, you'll have to make a new one. No copies will be accepted.
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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 11:04
PMs between players
I don't read PMs between players, so if you have a question in there that I need to answer, you'll have to let me know which messages you want me to respond to. This is so that you guys can feel free to talk to each other without the GM foiling your plots. Try not to meta game and be aware that if I think you are using information you character wouldn't know, you might get an XP penalty.
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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 11:10
My Rules are Law
If I make a ruling it is what it is. You can repeal any ruling, but you only get one shot at doing so. If you convince me, I'll change the ruling. If you don't, you've got to live with the results. Just remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes.
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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 14:09
When rolling hit points, the minimum a PC can have is half the max total. So if you have 20d6 the minimum total you can have is 60. If you happen to roll less than this, you get the minimum.
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Sat 1 Apr 2017
at 20:27
Tech Levels
Your starting tech level is determined by the background you set up. That stated here are the effects.

Tech I - Tech II equipment costs 25% more than listed and Tech III is double cost

Tech II - Tech I-II at cost with anything Tech III costs 25% more and anything Tech IV is doubled in cost

Tech III - As per the book prices
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Sun 2 Apr 2017
at 22:57
Skill Use
All classes may take all skills, but those on your list can be "bought" on a point by point basis while those not on your class list are 2:1 with the exception of Examiner skills. If you don't come from at least a Tech III background, then they are 3:1.

In the book it says to determine difficulty, add it to a d20 roll and then compare it to the skill in question. Instead, to keep some things I wish to keep secret, this will be handle just as more current games handle them. If I ask for a skill roll, you add your skill number to your d20 roll instead. If this beats the DC I've decided, then you succeed.

For example: Perception is now d20 + SN mod + IN mod + Misc.

As in most games, I may lie. It's up to the PCs to determine what to do with the information I've provided.

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Sun 23 Apr 2017
at 14:47
Weapon Damage
Things wear and tear with use. As such, whenever you swing/use your weapon, or take a significant hit, there is a change it gets damaged. Normally this isn't a problem as people will repair their things as time goes along, but sometimes the assault can be so heavy, like in a protracted combat, that there's just no time to fix things.

This house rule is just to make people aware that with each significant strike/hit, there is a cumulative chance that their weapon/armor fails them due to just heavy use. You will always get a warning when weapons and armor are getting close to failing and it is on the character to do something, or nothing, about it.

Melee weapons have five failures they can take before being broken, while ranged weapons have ten failures. Light armor can have five failures, medium armor and shields ten failures, and heavy armor fifteen. Broken items can still be used, but they take a -2 to hit and deal half damage if a weapon or are half as protective if an armor. This lasts until they are repaired. If the item takes more damage, up to half the amount it took it to get to broken, then it is ruined and cannot be repairs. The cost to repair items is the amount of failures times 10% of the cost of the original item and must be done by a trained weapon/armor smith. An enforcer can use his Makeshift Armor/Arms ability to repair a single failure to an item with a DC equal to the number of failures + 5.

For example Roog attacks a hoop with his club and critically fails to hit the spry bunny causing his club to slam into the ground and splinter a little. The club now has one failure attached to it. Since Roog is an Enforcer, after slaying the hoop, he wraps some odd stips of sticky cloth around the club that the dead hoop had. He would need to roll a 6 or better with his Makeshift Armor/Arms skill to remove that one failure. If he had gotten another failure, he would only be able to repair one of the failures if he rolls .

Deal a critical hit with a weapon against someone in light armor10%
Deal a critical hit with a weapon against someone in medium armor25%
Deal a critical hit with a weapon against someone in heavy armor40%
Critically fail to hit an opponent with a melee weapon20%
Critically fail to hit an opponent with a ranged weapon15%
Armor is dealt a critical hit with a blunt weapon5%
Armor is dealt a critical hit with a piercing weapon10
Armor is dealt a critical hit with a slashing weapon25%