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The Cast
Dylan Lleu - Enlightened Human Seer

Dylan is far older than he appears, having been born in the early part of the 20th century, Dylan doesn't look like he's even in his 20's yet.  Born in western Europe, he was barely in his teens when World War I broke out, when he lost his family and home to the invasive forces of Germany.  Though he was not a part of the resistance, his existence in the Flanders part of Belgium insured a childhood that was ripe with violence and death.  By 1918, when Dylan was barely 15 years old, the war ended, but the animosity could not be quelled so easily.  At 16, he stowed away on a freighter to the Americas, though unable to survive that long without sustenance, he was caught and thrown in the brig.  Thus he began his life in the Americas, a criminal sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Unable to accept this beginning, Dylan broke from the prison, and was on the lamb for the better part of two decades during which time he maintained his youthfulness.  It was this youthfulness that attracted the attention of some darker elements in New York, his new home, as a certain Vampire cult made note.  Through a bizarre ritual, in an effort to steal the secrets of his longevity, Dylan took on some of the weaknesses that exist amongst Vampires, of which the most obvious being a weakness to sunlight.  Dylan is accursed with blindness in the face of sunlight, and thus often wears both a baseball cap and sunglasses to offset the worst of it, though direct sunlight even with these protections, is dangerous and potentially deadly to him.

Mechanics: Dylan can take up to 4 turns in direct sunlight before his eyes start to literally burn.  The 5th turn he is considered blind, and on the 8th turn the flames reach his brain, potentially killing him.  This time/duration can be quadrupled with safety precautions.  He is not, however, effected if the sunlight is shaded against, such as standing in a shadow.  However, reflected sunlight is just as dangerous to him as direct sunlight.

Since that time, Dylan has become more of a night owl than before, and uses his skills and powers for nefarious purposes, as a top-notch thief sought after by several law-enforcement organizations.  Fortunately, he has yet to be identified, and with the looming war, has decided to head to the Mexican border and put up a fight.

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The Cast
Jacelyn Ambrosia - Inheritor

So (Working on the character, but here's some background in progress, don't intend to take more then 5 levels of age, but down time can cover the extra years.  I thought it was extremely appropriate for the daughter of Hecate to be born during the black death)

Name: Jacynth (meaning beloved and beautiful, her father named her) Ambrosia (This was her mother's choice for a last name, a bit of a sign of her immortal nature)

Born in July 27, 1350 in the last year of the black death, to a young man who was part of a coven of Wicce who revered Hecate as an aspect of the triple goddess, living in the swiss alps for protection.

Her mother met her father, Agra when he was wandering the woods only to see a woman surrounded by a group of witch hunters and he interrupted them only to grab the womans hand and run back into the woods with her.  Calling herself Heka, she had found him rather enchanting (her own words) and enjoyed time together.  One thing led to another and eventually they ended up in bed together, but she had then vanished a month later, only to reappear nine months later with the child, who she put in the hands of the coven with a blessing, and the key to a few more occult secrets that they didn't know.  She then vanished again, leaving them wondering, as they turned to the child.

It didn't take long for the group to realize that the young child was rather unusual, and not much longer then that to realize that her mother must have been some sort of supernatural being, she was both beautiful and distrubing and they were unsure of her, but didn't want to offend whoever had taken interest in them, so they raised the child within the coven.  Her father treated her with love and care, and every year or so her mother would show up for about a week, teach the coven something new and then vanish again.

Hecate doesn't have many children, she rarely finds someone who meets the standards she holds for any father of her children, usually turning to avatars instead when she felt it important to have a child in the world.  Jacynth's father was unusual in that he met the standards of a goddess, something that Jacynth took pride in when she realized it.  She is presently older then most of her mother's children, the few that exist, and sees herself as something of a elder sister to them and something of a great aunt to the decedents of the coven she was raised in.

Every year or so she would come back and visit again, the fact that she was Hecate didn't come out until Jacynth was 12 and her mother told her who she really was, and said she would take her with her when she was 13.  Jacynth never told anyone else in the coven, figuring that they wouldn't believe her, but she did tell them that she would be leaving with her mother in another year.  When she was 13 her mother took her away to visit other parts of the world, and began teaching her, mostly basic skills, but also unusual things like occult and the nature of the world.  Periodically, she would find her mother telling her to learn something here, they would stop, and her mother would vanishing, leaving her to spend a year or more in some part of the world only to have her mother reappear a year or more later and take her somewhere else.

As they did this, they would return to visit the coven and she realized after a few decades, they were aging and she was not.  What was more, several had been killed or burned to death by witch hunters, something that infuriated her.  At this point, she realized that without others like her she was going to have a rather lonely life and she turned to her mother for guidance.  It was now that her mother began to teach her about the more metaphysical aspects of life, as well as being a guardian to those who followed her mother.

Hecate also took her to visit the realms of Hades in Geborah and then to Olympus within Nezatch, both places that were interesting and taught her different things, including encountering a number of individuals who were not mortal and thus she would be seeing over the next few centuries.

In the 1500's, many of her coven had passed (some, like her father and his two sisters, had enough essence to slow their aging), she began to be her mother's active agent on the earth.  She also began hunting folks who would harm those she cared for, which would eventually bring her into into conflict with the mad gods, though that would not occur for another century.
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The Cast
J.C. Blaine - True Immortal (Shetarri)

As far back as JC can remember, he has always been alone, someone who passes through peoples’ lives but never remains.  It started with his parents, who he barely remembers, just in microscopic glimpses he gets every now and then.  Flashbacks of seeing them happy, smiling ... then nightmares of seeing them stiff and unmoving, covered in blood.  That was a very long time ago to JC, and in between, there were the seemingly myriad orphanages he ran away from, the bullies who resided in them, who he stood up to, but not always overcoming.  The staff, who were cruel and uncaring, abusive to some more than others, and never had your best interests at heart.  Enduring those places, each and every time he was caught and had to go back, was a minor miracle in itself.  Surviving and actually leaving was an even better experience than he can describe, but leaving meant becoming an adult, a young adult, but an adult all the same, and all the baggage that came with it.  In a word: gangs.

Coming out of an orphanage with no real expectancy of getting any kind of decent job meant there were very few options, and of all the options out there, a gang seemed the most beneficial at the time.  JC lost track of all the gangs that came and went, fell by the wayside or were simply assimilated by other gangs, not to mention drugs, jail, and of course, death.  Why they got together was a no-brainer, but why they constantly fought each other, sometimes over the most pathetic of excuses, was beyond him.  JC knew it was a Street thing, but the thing he figured out about the Street was, like the people at the orphanages, it did not have your best interests at heart.  However, having said that, it was if JC was being guided by an unseen hand, pushed and prodded here, shoved and shunted there, and all for some seeming purpose.  Somehow, now that he thinks about it, he always seemed to make a difference, even if it was in one child or adult’s life, as if he was placed there to do some good without knowing it.  Countless times JC had stepped in to intervene on behalf on someone else, risking his own life in some cases to defend another.  Some would call it serendipity, those whose lives were saved (literally, in a few cases), would call it having a guardian angel.  JC knows, he’s been called that a few times.

What they, and he at the time, and even now, did not, could not know, was that JC was changing in ways even he did not understand.  Somewhere around thirteen, he could sense, in some strange and feral way, an inner strength in himself, and it was not simply a mental stubbornness.  He could see how much his body had grown, how much more of a physical presence he exuded, not to mention his physical prowess.  By the time he was sixteen, there was no denying JC was going to be a muscle-bound lad and no mistake.  Where it came from was anyone’s guess, but he certainly did not have to work for it.  At the same time, he became interested in weapons of all kinds, which was strange, as he never had an interest in them before.  Never needed them.  So, he took up Martial Arts, going from dojo to dojo, taking any Art that involved using weapons, but no guns.  He had seen what those could do up close and personal, and he would not sully his hands with them.

Once he got into the Arts, it was inevitable he would became disillusioned with the gang life, and so left that behind him and managed to occupy the remainder of his time around cars and the their upkeep.  He could not only repair, but race them, though not regularly and not very well, but a thrill was a thrill.  By this time, he was moving around a lot, never really staying in one place, being "called" somewhere, only to have something happen where he just happened to be there to save the day.  It was satisfying, but again, very dangerous, and on very much more than one occasion, he was shot or stabbed (or both), cut or sliced (or both), kicked or beaten (or both).  What was remarkable (and he had noticed this before but did not allow it to register to any great degree until he got shot) was the fact he was able to heal these injuries very quickly.  No need for an ambulance ride or a trip to the nearest A&E hospital, his body simply healed itself with some remarkable ease.  This forced him to take note of what was happening to him and he had to admit, it was not a natural occurrence.

So now JC finds himself in the USA after one particular incident.  How and why it happened, JC does not know, even to this day, but while practising his Art, he suddenly collapsed, his mind filled with all sorts of strange visions and knowledge.  It was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, but that was the problem, it was only that one time.  Try as he might, he cannot recall much of any of it, except extremely thin slivers of ... something, that are there and then gone, never to be recaptured, never to be understood.  One thing he does know is that the "incident" has compelled him to travel to the USA like so many of the places he has found himself.  Hopefully, here, he can find some answers, even if they are vague or initially unintelligible.  Another something that is vague, and he could be wrong about it, is that he gets the sense he is being followed, tracked almost.  Again, he does not know why, but he gets the feeling that in this place, this land of opportunity, he will have the opportunity to find out many things.

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The Cast
Victoria Lansing - Inheritor of Nike (Victory)

<Waiting for background>