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The Eastern Lands

For the extent of this game I ask that everyone who is going to participate, completely refrain from looking in Gaia at either Lannet or Shivat.  I will be posting relevant information on both Empires in their own threads on the Game Menu.  This will include information about towns and cities and everything you will need for character creation with none of the spoilers.  This is because, more than any other place in Gaia, Lannet and Shivat are veiled in mystery and steeped in magic beyond its citizens control or knowledge.  Therefore there are many things that the average person does not know about their own surroundings but that you will learn as you go.

That being said, The Eastern Lands game will begin in Shivat.  You may still choose to be from Lannet, or anywhere else in Gaia, but consider the social implications on your character and if this style will work for them and you.  Shivat and Lannet have a long history of war.  Lannet stole from Shivat the only thing that was keeping Shivat safe from the broken energies of Varja.  Now Lannet enjoys a comparably safer existence while Shivat has been plunged into a world of uncertainty.  Foreigners are looked at with much the same disdain as those from Lannet.  To Shivat, they represent their oppressors, The Holy Empire of Abel.  While not outright shunned, westerners are considered dishonorable.


This is a description of the world of Gaia in an overarching look at the current tensions, written by a PennyArcade user who goes by Kisadan (which is amusing given that Kisadan is an actual character in Anima).  Anyway, I thought this was very nice and worth a read:

There's a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
And the voices of those who stand looking.
Ooh, it makes me wonder,
Ooh, it really makes me wonder.

"We stand at the dawning of a new Age of Chaos. The Sacred Holy Empire of Abel has been split asunder, the very walls of reality themselves shuddered from the assault of the mysterious Eljared. Thousands have already died, and now the continent of the Old World waits with baited breath for the next terror to strike.

The Child Empress, Elisabetta Barbados, may well be the legitimate heir to the throne of Abel, but who could take a thirteen year old girl seriously? Let alone one prepared to cast aside hundreds of years of tradition and throw away the power of the Church, which has protected the people of the Empire for so long?

The bonds of loyalty and necessity which have bound the Sacred Holy Empire together have started to splinter and split with the death of the old Emperor and the cruelties inflicted by Eljared before her apparent demise.

Those loyal to the Sacred Holy Empire band together. The eight nations of Abel, Ilmora, Helenia, Dalaborn, Alberia, Galgados, Arlan and Kanon all united in backing the Empress in her rightful claim to the throne and determined to see her maintain that claim against all comers.

United by one man's driving ambition, the dark Azur Alliance of Togarini, Remo and Bellafonte, lands steeped in blood and death with people who have suffered perhaps more than any other at the Empire's worst moments, stands against the Empire. Matthew Gaul, one of the most powerful men in the world, and his deadly Arbitrators, prepare to march to war to enforce his rule by force of arms the moment they feel the Empire's strength has faltered.

In the far north, the proud men of Goldar, Haufman and Hendell refuse to acknowledge the sovereignty of the Empress, but have no interest in war against the Empire itself, merely independence and freedom to live in their own way. Claims which the Empress herself would likely be sympathetic to, were it not for the fact that these ways threaten to reignite old enmities kept barely under control by the Empire, and see the return of blood on those icy mountains.

The dark lands of Moth and Dwanholf are little-explored and little-claimed. They have not answered the Empress' call for a representative in her court... but then, who can say what transpires beyond those boundaries? Even when the Empire was united, the goings-on of these mysterious people were a cause of much speculation.

The rich purses of the Coast of Commerce, Gabriel and Phaion Eien Seimon, refuse to take sides; instead profiting from newfound independence in order to bloat the coffers of their ruling families and pursue a paradise of mercantile freedom, regardless of the growing threat of their nearby neighbours who have troubled them so often in the past.

With the Empress having declared freedom of religion for the first time in the Empire's history, the Episcopal States have refused to ratify her position. Officially neutral, for the first time in the Empire's existence, Elisabetta has not been recognized in The Dominion or in Argos as the Head of the Church. Whilst she has simply claimed this position for herself, there are dark rumblings about what this means... the impossible position that she has forced on the world.

And in the more exotic lands, still, there is no sign of the Empress' words even being heard, let alone understood. The Lands of Al-Eneth, beyond the unforgiving desert. The deep forests of Nanwe. Lucrecio, ruled by Lucanor Giovanni, the last pure blood man of the Giovanni family who made the Empire, forbidden from ruling it by an act of murder forced on him by a lunatic father. Kashmir. Baho. What will come from these lands? And further still, to the Eastern Isle where the ancient feud of Lannet and Shivat is ready to explode in a powderkeg of martial arts warfare."


The Eastern Lands (sometimes referred to as the Eastern Continent), the old empires of Lannet and Shivat on the enormous island of Varja.

-Isolated from western culture and beliefs

-Despise The Church and their principles, mostly due to the oppression they have faced from the Holy Empire of Abel which has overthrown their kingdoms and declared them "The Eastern Lands" of the Holy Empire.

-Have tried to separate from the Empire many times and failed.  They may have an opportune moment to retake their independence now that Elias has fallen.

-Lannet and Shivat have much in common but their history of fierce opposition persists.
     -In the past Shivat failed to keep two of the five sacred Magatamas safe from those who would steal their power.  Lannet helped to reclaim them and would later go so far as to steal them from Shivat and place them within Lannet (along with the other three) thus removing Shivat's protection from the fluctuating powers of Varja.

-However, their desire to retain power over their own lands lends to a mutual stalemate between the two countries as they repeatedly attempt to free themselves from Empire rule.  Additionally, there is a vast mountain range separating the two countries which takes weeks to cross at even its easiest passage.

-At least for now Lannet and Shivat are not in conflict with one another, but with freedom on the horizon so too is war.

-Both Lannet and Shivat have the same origin... Both descended from Kuon Teikoku, one of the largest and most powerful empires during The Age of Chaos.

A story you may have heard told to you in your childhood, or from a wise old priestess, or even in school.

Kuon Teikoku was the Empire built by Amaterasu no Mikoto.  Amaterasu ruled for five thousand years and the kingdom was glorious and prosperous.  However, he fell in love with a human woman whom he took as his wife, much to the surprise of his court.  She bore twins- a boy and a girl- Lannet and Shivat.  On the night of their birth she was killed defending Amaterasu from a treacherous shogun who had fallen in love with her and sought to kill Amaterasu in order to have her.  With her sacrifice Amaterasu was able to defeat the traitor but losing his wife sent him into a deep darkness from which he could not recover.  His son and daughter would inherit his throne after his mysterious disappearance when they were just teenagers.  Thus the Empire of Kuon Teikoku was split into the halves of present day Lannet and Shivat.  Amaterasu's fate is still the subject of legend.  Some say he actually died the moment his wife did, but stayed on to ensure his children's safety.  Others say he searches for her throughout the plains of existence.  However, the most widespread story is that he sleeps somewhere in Varja, waiting for her human soul to be reborn so that he may be with her once again. 



-Tao/Technician: Ki users are held in high regard in Shivat, as long as they are honorable.  Looked up to for their martial talents they are some of the most successful warriors against the supernatural.

-Paladin: Paladins gain ranks in Banishing, very handy in Varja, and are great warriors.  They are not mixed class, so they can devote entirely to their fighting and use Banishing like a secondary skill.

-Psychic: A great opportunity to play a psychic as they do not take penalties in Varja for using their abilities (unlike Mystics and Summoners).

-Any Fighter and or Prowler Archetype Class: Either or a mix of these two will work just fine.  You will want Presence Extrusion and Aura Extension within a few levels so if you choose a class with low MK, consider taking a level or more in the Martial Mastery Advantage.

-Freelancer: <i>Skill junkies are always welcome.

-Mystic Archetype: If you want a challenge but not an outright death sentence, playing a mystic in Varja is a good way to go.

-Summoner: Death sentence.  If you want to be devoured or assassinated, this is a great way to go!  No, but really, as you will read in the Shivat thread there are some great bonuses to being a summoner but even greater risks lie behind them.  You may take a two point Damned Disadvantage "Shivat Summoner" if you wish to use this class but you have been warned.

Considerations if you are unsure or just want to peruse some options.  Do not feel you are limited to what is listed here, be as creative as you wish.  These are merely setting based suggestions pulled from the Gaia descriptions of the citizens.  Think about combining different backgrounds with various classes.

Shivat Based Backgrounds:


-Ikebana (flower arranging), Calligraphy, Go (the game of), Origami, Haiku (poetry), or Sumi-e (black ink painting).  From the city of Siyu.

-Forge Master or Jeweler from Yuanyu Mountain Range (one of many small towns in the mountains of jade/rain).

-Pacifist Kite Maker of Qian Feng

-Gastronomist (a gourmet) or Chef from BaoLing (it's all about the garlic)

-Musician, child of wealthy nobility (perhaps a Dynasty family) or bourgeois (merchants maybe), most likely in the capital city of Shan Lu.


-Soldier of Sabutai, specializing in incendiary projectiles.

-Ex-Navy/Ex-Pirate/Sailor from Kian Lung, Huan Zhou, Yokai, or Peng Wang.

-Monk of Ning Shi: Temple of Ning Shi (Religion) True masters of many combat styles, but ONLY use their teachings to protect the weak and keep the peace.  [Could take the Damned Disadvantage 2 where you die is you ever unnecessarily take a life.]

-Martial Artist from Huan Zhou: A city where various schools vie for dominance and the honor of being considered the strongest.  Could be from any school/use any Martial Art as there is certainly a practitioner here.

-Bounty Hunter/Monster Slayer for hire:  There are many dangers roaming Varja and many towns in need of a savior... If they have the coin.  Maybe you do not care for honor but your fighting ability precedes you and the desperate citizens will readily hire you.


-Priestess/Priest from a temple or shrine (in any city).  Temples and shrines are dedicated to one of the Kami, generally one who would be represented nearby like a mountain, large forest, river, specific resource that can only be found at that location etc.

-'Environmentalist'/caretaker of plants and animals from Xao Huan.  Pacifist and probable worshiper of Raphael.

-Merchant/Trader from Feng Wang, Yokai, Haun Zhou, Kian Lung (and pretty much anywhere else if you so desire).

-Farmer/Rancher/Fisherman: Peng Wang, Yokai (and pretty much anywhere else if you so desire).

Lannet Based Backgrounds:
With the rigid social structure of Lannet, there are limited roles you could play but don't be afraid to get creative with what you want to do.  PM me with any questions if you are unsure.

-Ronin: From any house (the Five Major houses or one of the many minor houses).  You were a samurai but for one reason or another you fell from good standing (by disobeying or even simply disagreeing with your shogun) and became shunned from your entire community.

-Bandit: You lived in a forest or cave somewhere, either with others or alone, and you- or your group- would set upon unsuspecting targets and raid old temples and battle grounds for treasure.  Whatever reason you have, perhaps to sell some more suspicious loot, you have come to Shivat.

-Farmer/Fisherman (or child of): With Lannet's rigid system of rules you cannot so much as touch any weapon beyond your station.  You cannot marry who you like and you are expected to live your life in dedication to whichever craft your family has done since time immemorial.  Was it so bad to want more from this existence?  You left... Now you can never return, but you knew that the day you said goodbye to anyone and anything you cared about.  In Shivat you are free to do as you please, become whoever you want.  Though it is hard when they look at you with such disdain merely because of where you were born.

-Yakuza: Somehow the crime ring persisted in Lannet despite their rigid social system.  Now you are in Shivat... Care to tell me why?

-Ninja/Assassin: The rare person from Lannet who is actually still on good terms with their home country.  You were sent by one of the houses to gather information or to take out someone troublesome to your lord.  You must keep your identity a secret or you will surely be killed.  You must report and be subordinate to your house, if not, they will send another to replace you entirely.

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