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Character Generation
--- Character Generation Rules ---

1). Alignment ---
     Only Good alignments and LN. I'm looking for heroes and team players, not evil bastards or lone wolves.

2). Stats ---
     You can use one of the two methods:
- Roll 5d6 dropping the 2 lowest rolls, 7 times. Discard the lowest of the 7 rolls. Assign the rest to each stat as desired.
- Use the stat array of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. Assign each of these numbers to a stat as you wish.
You cannot choose the second method after you roll the first. It's either one or the other.

3). Level ---
   Characters will begin play at level 10. All characters will receive maximum hit points at 1st level and a set amount of HP at every other level depending on their class HD. Drop fractions after totaling.
d6                4.5
d8                 6
d10               7.5
d12                9

4). Traits ---
     As per the Pathfinder rules. Characters will get two (2) traits for free at Character Creation. Traits must come from two different categories (i.e. a player may not have two "Magic" traits). Players cannot take traits from the various Pathfinder Campaign Paths, or 3rd-Party Traits. Players may not take drawbacks. The Additional Traits feat may be taken to gain extra traits.

5). Equipment ---
     Characters start with 60000 gp for equipment and magical items. The costs for items are the standard costs in the PFSRD.
     Characters with item creation feats may not make any magic (or mundane) items at character creation. Characters may buy whatever equipment they can afford (with the exception of cursed or intelligent items) but I will ban items that I consider overpowered. Only one stat-enhancing item per character.
     Characters with spells/formulae/etc can choose spells from the following sources: Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide, Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Race Guide (but spells created by your race only), Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic.

6). Background Story ---
     At least a three (3) long paragraphs background story is a must. It will help me get a feel for your character and help me tailor events and scenarios more suited to you, and the Party overall, and to enhance your play experience. Also include a one paragraph physical description of the character and another paragraph describing his personality.
     It should include things like childhood and family information, character goals, fears, previous adventures, wishes etc. PCs will begin knowing each other as a Cormyr-based adventuring group that first got a license from Azoun IV, and now works for him occasionally.

7). Races ---
     All Core and Featured races in the PFSRD are allowed. Uncommon races will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on a very good background story. No other races will be accepted.

8). Classes---
     All Paizo Pathfinder classes (Core, Base and Hybrid) are allowed in principle. Players are also allowed to use the "Class Archetypes" for any classes they take, following the rules as normal. I am aware of most powergaming class/archetype combinations and will ban them (e.g., vivisectionist alchemists, synthesist summoners, etc). No class dipping either. Psionics, Mythic Adventures and Path of War are not allowed. Unchained and Occult classes will not be used either.

9). Prestige Classes ---
     Prestige classes will be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Between all the classes, races and archetypes I don’t feel it’s really necessary to have a prestige class. If however, there is some prestige class that your character “needs” or “can’t live without”, give me a good reason and I might allow it.

10). Feats ---
     Most Pathfinder feats are available; then again, optimize your character with funky combinations of these and your character will be rejected. Leadership is banned.

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