Gone Away/Vacation/On Leave.   Posted by DM.Group: 0
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Sat 10 Jun 2017
at 15:40
Gone Away/Vacation/On Leave
Please post here if going away/vacation/on leave/etc.
Suladriel Latalan
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Tue 4 Jul 2017
at 21:17
Gone Away/Vacation/On Leave
I'll be on Vacation starting Saturday July 8th returning in earnest on Monday or Tuesday July 17th-18th. I'll be checking in periodically and will leave NPC instructions with the GM should there be any combats while I'm away.
Roundar Bleth
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Fri 28 Jul 2017
at 14:48
Gone Away/Vacation/On Leave
I'm in he process of moving to a new apartment. Will probably be posting regularly the second half of next week, will let you know here before I restart