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Game Intro
It is the year 1640 of the Third Age. The glories of the past have mostly faded. Ancient Numenor has fallen into the sea. The great northern kingdom of Arnor split centuries ago, and history has not been kind to her descendants.

Rhudaur has fallen to the greedy clutches of Angmar. Cardolan has become corrupt and weak, barely maintaining a semblance of a kingdom, with the influence of the nobility barely extending past the walls of Tharbad. Arthedain, under the leadership of King Argeleb II, stands almost alone against the aggression of the Witch King.

The Southern Kingdom of Gondor is too far away and too involved in it's own struggles to effectively help, though it tries to exert some influence in Cardolan.

The Trollshaws of Rhudaur have become a wild place, roamed by trolls at night, and men and orcs loyal to the Witch King by day. Still, trade and travel must go on, and the Great East Road remains the path by which this trade moves.

The Inn at the Last Bridge, hard by the river Mitheithel offers one last place of respite for travelers moving east into the wilderland.