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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 12:35
RTJ Requirements
The character creation process for MERP is rather long and involved, unless you've made so many characters that it's second nature. :)

I'm not looking for completed characters in an RTJ. I don't want you to waste all the effort it takes to make a MERP character only to not be chosen.

What I want from you in an RTJ is:

1. Confirmation that you have the rules. MERP is too complex for someone that doesn't have access to the rules to play. While I will be doing the gruntwork of posting the results of your actions, I want to make sure you understand what is happening, what bonuses (OB's, etc) to include, and why you have to roll.

  1a. While this is a 2nd Edition game, I will accept players that only have access to First Edition. The differences are not that great.

2. A backstory. I understand that some details may change as you make the character (background rolls can really change this), but I want something to gauge how interesting and how fun your character will be for me to GM. It doesn't have to be a novel, though I'll read as much as you give me. But give me at least a few paragraphs.