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Skills and Such. (House and new rules.)
Healing and Herbs

Table ST-5 gives lots of information on what various herbs can do both for healing and harming. But there isn't anything specific given in the rules that deals with the use and preparation of herbs. There are some hints if you look around, but no direct information. This is likely because ICE assumed (probably correctly) that healing would be done either off-screen or magically, much as we see in the books and later in the movies (of various mediums).

In order to clarify the issue, I've made the following rulings, which is really just interpretation of the Secondary Skills rules presented in Appendix A-5.

HerbloreIGThis bonus is used for the preparation of herbs both for good and ill, and the knowledge of what an herb can be used for. It can also be used to examine an unknown herb or herbal preparation and make a guess as to it's use and properties. This skill will also take the place of Foraging for the finding of useful herbs and plants.
HealerIGThis bonus is used to provide long-term care to a character. It is the equivalent of a Doctor Skill, and has farther reach and usability than First Aid. This is also a special skill, similar to Martial Arts Skills, and ranks in this skill may not exceed ranks a character has in First Aid.

If a player were to wish to play a dedicated Healer from a Civilian Profession:

OccupationOccupation SkillsOccupation Related Skills
Lay HealerFirst Aid, HealerHerblore, Foraging, Appropriate Lore Skills