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House Rules
Most of these have been copied from another site I play in, if something is uncommon for this site, let me know

Table Rules:
  • Be civil.
  • Understand the difference between a player and a character.
  • I do not encourage PvP or outright player killing. I also don't forbid it. Resurrection services outside the players will be severely limited in the first adventure.
  • I usually don't read IC threads until I am ready and have time to update them. So if you need/want an answer, before the next update, on something happening IC don't put it in a private line, put it in your PM thread.
  • Notify the DM and players of any absences. Inactive players will be replaced.

In short, this game is rated mature, I expect everyone act that way.


On metagaming, you as a player have access to a different set of knowledge than your character. Please do your best to not share your knowledge with your character. For example, if a player in the OOC thread declares himself to be an assassin, and you want to hire an assassin, you need to figure out a way for your character to find an assassin. You can't just go to him and ask to hire him saying I heard you do this kind of work. Also, if someone winds up dead, You can't just accuse the assassin because he looks menacing, unless you have previously ID'd him IC as an assassin or have some proof pointing to him.

If you have a problem with something, PM me. I am open to talking about pretty much anything.

I the DM have the final say in all things. I reserve the right to adjust anything I need to.

Most players I have played with consider the use of compulsion magic of any kind on their character an open act of aggression and will attack at their earliest ability.

Write a description, not just a pic for your character. Think about watching your character for a few minutes and write what you see.

  • A detailed physical description.
  • A few of your most common mannerisms.
  • Your usual emotional state, or facial expression.
  • One very obvious method to how you interact with everyone.
  • And do not forget to mention your current clothing or equipment, often in a section at the end that is easier to change.

Do NOT include:
  • Things that should require RP to discover as that steals some of the mystery from the game and makes keeping the information OOC somewhat harder.
  • Inner/Outer Monolog.
  • Conversations with intelligent beings you do not carry in your pocket.
  • LONG conversations with intelligent beings you DO carry in your pocket.
  • Anything your character attempts to conceal on his person.
  • The location of your house, even if it is written on your underwear tag.
  • Where you parked your car, again unless the parking stub is in your hat like a feather.
  • Stuff you think people may want to find out later.

Rules for Posting:
Choose a color to use for your speech. Please stick to this color, it doesn't matter how many people us it. If it's orange or hard to read, I'll ask you to change it.

Use "Quotation Marks" when speaking. Also use punctuation.
  - "Hey! How are you?"

Italics is used for thoughts.
  - What was I thinking?

Use space between paragraphs, even if you indent your paragraphs.

The use of all caps, means you are yelling.
  - "WHAT!" "WHO?"

Use of small means you are whispering. Only people near you hear it (or those with a good perception)

Speech is in Common by default. Language groups will be used, so if you are going to speak another language, use that function.

  How to use Language Groups:

Go down to the 'Insert a private line'
The menu will expand
Go to 'The language group'
Select language
A box will pop up.
Type in it
Hit OK.
[Language unknown:   Ha Voriveestrea]

     Note: I usually just type a random letter and then hit OK. Then I go back and edit what I want to type and add color to the text. Also, please use the Language group, not private or secret.

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Combat will be handled as follows:
  • When combat starts, the DM will roll everyone's initiative.
  • Everyone above the enemies will go, then all enemies. After that, the turns will alternate between players turn and enemies turn.
  • You do not have to post in initiative order. Actions occur in post order.
  • You can only post once during a combat round.
  • When posting RP out your actions and do not put the grid number, target number or spell or any OOC info in your narrative
  • After your IC portion (narrative) use an orange OOC:
  • Where you are moving too (the grid number)
  • What target you are attacking (Enemy number)
  • Spell you are casting (Who needs to make what saves)
  • Your rolls (copy and past from dice roller) for attack, damage or anything else that you are rolling.  Even if you think you missed, post rolls anyways.

Skill Challenges:
  • In each post, explain what you try to do and make 1 skill check.
  • After each player posts once, the DM will update the thread with results and either call for more rolls or move everyone on.
  • Skill rounds are not like combat rounds, each skill round will encompass an amount of time appropriate to the challenge.
  • Pick a skill and explain how you will use it to accomplish (or hinder) the goal.
  • Or if you want to bypass them, explain how you try to bypass.
  • Each PC will get 2-3 attempts depending on successes.
  • If a PC reuses a skill, they often take a penalty on the second use, determined by the DM
  • If you have other options that might affect a roll, like a spell, put that in the narrative and the DM will adjust the DC as needed.
  • If the DM decides that the narrative is good enough for advantage on the roll, he will make the second roll for you.
  • Casting a 1 round spell to modify a roll is usually okay.