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Sun 4 Jun 2017
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Request to Join
Hail, adventurer! When you request to join this game, all you need do is fill out the following application.

Experience with RPGs: A brief rundown of your level of experience in RPGs in general, 5th Edition D&D in particular. I don't shun new or old players, but it helps to understand where we're all coming from and what expectations we might all be bringing to the table.

Preferences in Style: Do you like more hack'n'slash combat, more political intrigue, more dramatic romance? Looking for where you like your balance between combat-heavy and roleplay-oriented gaming.

Preferences in Theme: Do you prefer rescuing damsels in distress from evil dragons or thwarting political enemies who may not be strictly "evil"? Looking for whether you prefer clear black and white moralities or deeper shades of grey.

Preferences in Tone: How light or dark do you prefer your games? More Greyhawk or more Dark Sun? More Slayers or more Berserk? More Legend of Zelda or more Dark Souls?

Name: Your hero needs a name! (Otherwise I have to add you in as your username.)

Concept: Anything important about your character idea. The fundamentals you're set on, especially Race, Class, Archetype, and Background. If you have multiple characters in mind, make sure you space them out so I don't get too confused. I'm just a simple all powerful supreme being.

Fiddly Bits: Anything about your character concept that you like the sound of but haven't decided on yet.

Where You'd Like To Go: Do you have any goals in mind for this character? Quests you're interested in, magic items that feel iconic to the concept, any of that goes here. It might get used, might not. I'll try to lean more towards the bit where it happens.

Writing Sample: I like my players to be readable, but you don't actually need to put in a writing sample. You already have! It was all a clever trap! Fortunately it was the kind of trap that gets you into a D&D game, so that's good. Um. Let's see. Hey, you could actually replace this whole section with "Things I Don't Want" and list things that would kill your fun. I'll try not to include those in the game.