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The World of Dergon
This thread will include any setting details as they emerge. It will be organized with posts containing different information, and will likely not be bumped often, if at all. Suggestions for additions welcome in the OOC thread.

Msg #2 - Races

Msg #3 - Classes

Msg #4 - Deities

Msg #5 - Places

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Human - The same humans you find anywhere, humans populate most of Dergon. Adaptable and tenacious, nothing can get between humanity and its goals.

Dwarf - Dwarves are descended from ancient mining communities, a race touched by the elemental forces of earth. Hill dwarves have dark skin the color of rich soil, while mountain dwarves appear to almost be made of stone itself. While that is in fact the case, the soil and stone that make up dwarves' skin is still relatively soft to the touch, and is mostly a cosmetic representation of their inner ruggedness. They don't have innate armor, though they do have a fantastic sense for stone. Dwarves in general are more Lawful than humans, while their Good or Evil depends entirely on the clan's upbringing.

Hill Dwarf -

Mountain Dwarf -"

Elf - Elves are of fey descent, with different subtypes representing different elements of the fey. High elves, also called Mageborn, are infused with magic itself; their skin is a radiant color, often a golden orange or pale silver, and they have a connection to spellcasting. Wood elves, also called Forestborn or wild elves, come from the deep forests and jungles, where they make their homes among the trees; their bodies are nearly plants themselves, with skin ranging from the green of a flower stem to tree-bark brown. Dark elves, called drow or Shadowborn, live deep underground, where they descended from shadow fey. Elves lean towards Chaotic Neutrality, each expressing it in different ways. None lean any further toward Good or Evil than humans.

High Elf -

Wood Elf -

Dark Elf -

Half-Elf - The offspring of elves and humans are often found in the company of more cosmopolitan towns and cities. They often have trouble finding a place in one society or another, with elves moving too slowly and humans too quickly. In the more secluded parts of the world, half-elves end up either abandoned or running away from home.

Halfling - Halflings go by many names: Hearth elves, hearthlings, and house elves are among the most popular. They're commonly associated with homebodies and the ideal hosts, all leaning toward Goodness. Lightfoot halflings tend toward the Chaos of exploring new places and diving into new cultures, and are more likely to be guests. Stout halflings are more Lawful in their traditions and holding to the rules of hospitality, certainly more likely to be hosts.





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This is a placeholder for when we get information on how classes differ from the PHB.
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Oh look, a placeholder for deities.
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Behold, a placeholder for places. The irony is that it isn't actually ironic.