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Thu 22 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
There is Nothing in the void
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Thu 22 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
The Void was empty, dark and pointless, with no heights to rise to. This infuriated Satus, who loved only one thing: ascent. The great bird god raised its' wings, and flood waters rushed violently through the Void from all directions, an endless ocean forming rapidly at its' squawked command. There was a height to the world now, an unfathomable height in which it could soar freely above the calm and bottomless waters. The bird set off for its' first flight through the great expanse.

Satus divides the Void into sea and sky.

With the creation of the infinite waters the void is neatly divided into sea and sky,  that which contains water and that which does not

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Thu 22 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
There was nothing, not even a measure to the nothingness, yet now there was something. What did the other existence do? There was something now, wasn't there? Yet there was no way to tell. There was no way for Torist to tell it wasn't simply alone still. Sinking and falling, rather than floating.

It reached upwards, whichever way it thought was upwards. If only there was a way to see, even for just a moment. It called out between seas and skies with a beacon; a bolt of pure energy to bring light to the darkness.

Torist makes lightning

The silent flashes of lightning illuminate small portions of the sea for the briefest of moments before striking another far off location

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Thu 22 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
Mallenaura let out a great yawn, as if waking after a long sleep, or more appropriately for the first time. Others had already begun weaving their desires through the void. The seas and void were endless though, no sense of a thing, the light on the other hand had a point and so it fixated on that as an anchor. There would need to be something to give light to afterall other than just infinity. Something hard, dense, it floats in the endless seas and yet never strays too far from the light. Many of them, scattered over the water. Plenty of room for more creation to take place on.

Mallenaura sets many vast rocks floating on the sea beneath the light.

Islands of Stone provide a new feature to be illuminated by the lightning

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Thu 22 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
After Maesis had initially recoiled somewhat at the whole concept of being called to be a Co-Creator, something that seemed to him to carry such a heavy weight of responsibility, especially in light that he was intensely conscious of the fact that Ao was above all the one who had directed the existence of him and his fellow god-kin... He set forth from his quiet brooding in the Hall of Echoes where he had been alone it seemed, and he saw how the others had sullied forth with careless abandon, creating sky and sea, light and land... He gathered his attention once again from within himself and turned it outwards.

Striding forth across the seas, he came to one of the great floating lands that Mallenaura had created, and sat down to consider and meditate for a moment the awesomeness and potential of what had begun to unfold before him. As he sat, he closed his eyes, and focussed on his own breathing, calming himself and giving consideration and meditation to what he felt would be befitting the will of Ao. As he focussed more and more, his breathe began to grow deeper and broader, and his breathe began to fill that part of the Void that was called Sky.

Maesis by his breath creates an atmosphere

As the atmosphere fills the sky the first clap of thunder can be heard in the moments following a lightning strike

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Fri 23 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
As Caecus awakes, they are confused. Being born in a perpetual state of confusion isn't a pleasant thing. Wondering constantly. Thinking about what occurs without ever truly acting on it. They are perplexed by the entirety of being. That causes them to pause for a while. Watching as the moments accumulate. Never ceasing. Never beginning. They think. They try to comprehend. But, yet, there is no metric for these thoughts. The accumulating passage of what is occurring.

Maybe, just maybe, there should be. Carefully the creature counts, "One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten." And with each number, a moment passes. The measurement used to quantify these things should be known as something... Time, perhaps? Yes. Time sounds good.

With their thoughts, Caecus creates time.

The inexorable flow of time begins and marks the events of the void

But, what good is time without something to mark it? A benchmark for what occurs, what is yet to occur, and what hasn't occurred yet would be quite useful. They smile with a mouth full of white teeth as they press the palms of their hands together. In the center, something as bright as their hair begins to shine. As they release it, the creature shoves the ball of light out of Maesis's atmosphere. They twist their hand as they do, so the ball of light will rotate, illuminating the newly formed plane of existence.

Caecus forms a sun.

The sun sits high above the Sea though not outside of Maesis's atmosphere which fills the whole of the sky.

The areas directly below the sun receive much light though more distant locales are in a state of twilight or even total darkness

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Sun 25 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
Avat watched as everyone went about making their mark on the void for a while, uncertain of what he wished to do. Eventually though, an idea took root. He sunk deep into the sea that Satus created, continuing on until he reached the very center of it. Letting out a great breath he released out pure energy and formed it into a ball of energy, right at the center the sea and the rocks that floated on it.

Avat creates the core

Then reaching out he stabilized it within the ocean and anchored it in place so it would always remain in the center of it all.

And then anchors it at the center of the Sea.

Satisfied for the moment, Avat left the void once more to watch.

Tho core of energy sits at the center of the infinite sea fixed permanently so.  The one absolute constant of the void thus far

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Sun 25 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
Maesis comes forth once again into the Creation and heads to his favourite spots upon the bobbing rocks in the midst of the endless sea. "It all seems somehow out of balance, an endless sea, an endless sky, a sun that remains fixed above it, its light only reaching so far and beyond it endless darkness, and a few rocks bobbing about, inert and unchanging..."

As he walks about taking it all in, he repeats these similar thoughts to himself out loud. Finally he comes upon a plan... "I will invest into these rocks a dynamic that will allow them to reach out into the endless expanses."

Maesis grants the rocks the ability to reproduce.
The rocks crumble  and crack in a slow manner and when one rock becomes two they begin growing to repeat the cycle

Then he looked up to the sky and didn't know exactly how this would look, but he stretched forth his hands to the Sun, "Move about to bring light to this ever increasing realm of rock..."

Maesis grants the sun the ability to move so that its light can reach more than just its current fixed location.

The sun begins to wander through the infinite sky causing areas of light and dark to shift over the face of the infinite sea

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Mon 26 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
Satus descended to the Void, and saw the beginnings of something in the shape of creation.

To realize his vision, the great bird god tore at his own wing and raised it above the waters. As his golden blood flowed out of him, it became spirit. This mysterious substance would interact creatively with ordinary materials, causing primitive forms to emerge wherever matter and energy were to be found in sufficient concentrations around the core and inspiring them to consume more spirit in order to grow, change, evolve towards greater complexity. It was not a replacement for matter and energy, but a kind of intelligence.

Satus creates spirit, a purely creative form of matter, out of his own blood.

Spirit begins acting on the materials at hand though there is yet very little to act on and progress is slow

Satus then spread the Void with spirit in a gradient, such that the highest reaches of the world would be suffused with immense, swirling clouds of the ethereal substance while below the sea it would be scarce, almost absent. In this way the first forms to emerge in the deep would not be overwhelmed and destroyed as soon as they emerged. These early forms would feel no compulsion to leave the waters around the core. Those that did attempt the ascent, however, would gradually transform into stronger and more perfect versions of themselves as they absorbed more and more spirit, and if they eventually chose to return to lowliest parts of creation would conquer those they had left behind with ease. This ensured that a kind of selection would begin to take place over a long period of time. If any managed to reach the apex of creation they would become nearly divine, powerful enough even to withstand the sun's heat. However, if these high flyers wavered in their resolution to achieve perfection as they traversed the more elevated planes of existence, they would find themselves mutating and twisting as the intense concentrations of spirit violently overwhelmed their psychic defenses, eventually becoming terrible and grotesque aberrations with no coherent sense of self.

Satus watched proudly as the earliest living structures began to emerge.

"You will compete amongst each other to reach the height of heights by whatever means you can manage," it said quietly, a cold love for the simple things in its' voice. "If are strong and love the ascent as I do, you will find whatever personal height it is you desire waiting for you at the end."

Satus creates the Hierarchy of Being, a gradient of spirit from the core to the sun.

The concentration of spirit is adjusted across sea and sky laying the groundwork ever changing entities

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Tue 27 Jun 2017
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Aeon I
Mallenaura watches the others as they create. Maesis sits on his favourite rock, but he only is able to sit there because he wills it, nothing it holding him to that rock. Then turning an eye ahead, in the future there will probably be mortals. Ones without the power to simply will themselves to stay affixed to a rock, and so with a brief will the problem is solved. A constant force presses downwards, now the water is below the sky and this force keeps it there. The rocks are in no danger of drifting out of the water. Though Satus might not enjoy the feeling and that brings a brief moment of amusement.

Mallenaura creates gravity, it is a constant force starting at the top of the infinity of atmosphere and pressing downards towards the bottom of the infinity of the water.
Up and down are defined and it would now take work to soar through the air or resist sinking into the sea

There is more though. This is what Mallenaura feels to be the core, a specific yearning that must be created, one that will be made intrinsically linked to the deity's very being; as if creating this is the reason for the deity's existence. So reaching deep within the deity's own core, Mallenaura pulls on the energy within, gathering much of it and then releasing it into the void, letting it fill everything, becoming a part of everything, creating stronger and weaker pockets as it so chose. One day mortals will come to know this energy as the source of magic, for Mallenaura it is an extension of the deity's existence, an opportunity for mortals to tap into the most miniscule, most minor fragment of the divine energy that fuels each and every one of us.

Mallenaura creates magic, a blanketing field of energy that can be tapped into by anyone with enough focus, and with training can shape this energy as they so choose. This energy is intrinsically linked to Mallenaura, it is a part of its being.
Magic worms its way through all of creation and lays idle waiting for the mortal will to make use of it

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