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Sun 11 Jun 2017
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Request to Join (RTJ)
Hello There!

Welcome to the world of Alpha & Omega, a world that has just come out of a series of apocalyptic cataclysms and is a very changed world from the one with which we are all familiar.  Humanity has, for the most part, retreated to large cities called arcologies and abandoned the rest of the world to be reclaimed by nature.  Savage beasts and other horrors now roam freely.

A world in which you will make a name for yourself.

To make matters more uncertain, humanity is learned that they are far from the only sentient species in existance and these new species will certainly play a part in events present and future.  Worse, it has been revealed that they have visited in the past to battle on our planet.  Some have remained over the years to witness and observe events as they unfold.

There is a quick-start guide which I have made available here to help you learn more about the setting and how gameplay works.

To send your RTJ, draft a character concept which will include the following:
brief background
1-2 goals

All starting characters will have a pool of 500 Character Development Points (CDP) from which you choose stats, skills, advantages, and other options.  It is not necessary to send me a completed character at this point, although you certainly may if you wish.  I will work with you as requested to guide you through character creation.

I am working on a reference wiki which will contain the charts relevant to play this game which will be added to over time.  Should you notice missing information, let me know and I will add it.

Note: This system can be lethal and as a result character death is a very real possibility.  While I will not go out of my way to kill off characters, neither will I shield them from the dangers of Alpha & Omega nor the twists of fate.  Should the unfortunate happen, I will work with you to create your new character and tie them into the game at the earliest convenience.  In fact, as part of your RTJ please quote me somewhere "Character death is a very real possibility" so I know you accept this.
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Sun 11 Jun 2017
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Request to Join (RTJ)
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Sun 11 Jun 2017
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Request to Join (RTJ)
Characters will each be given their own thread to track notes during character creation and after.  These will be private for player convenience to avoid cluttering up your scratchpad but there will be a common questions thread for all your questions.

As you adventure, you will be rewarded CDP in place of XP.  These may be spent immediately to develop your character during play [edit: or saved for larger purchases later].  Please note that Trust (in-game money) and time requirements must be spent when learning new skills or wielding intentions.

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Fri 16 Jun 2017
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Request to Join (RTJ)
A needed addition to this game:

Regrettably I have had to add several rules for my campaigns.  You meet all sorts of people here and I have had to draft a small list of rules to maintain my sanity and keep me wanting to run games.  This list will be updated as required...

1) Be reasonably civil.  I don't require your characters to always get along but I do request you don't be openly antagonistic towards each other.

2) Run unusual character quirks past me first.  I don't want to lose other players when one character insists on truly outlandish, bizarre behaviour.

3) Evil characters discouraged.  I won't strictly disallow evil characters but neither will I condone them.  I realize this isn't the most heroic of settings but neither will this be a place to act out outlandish or bizarre behaviour.  I reserve the right to ban players after suitable warnings.

Applying to my game implies that you've read this post and agree to abide by it.