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Wed 21 Jun 2017
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Rules and Mechanics
Game Rules: If you need a copy of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules, there is a no-cost, art-free version available on RPG Now:

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Wed 21 Jun 2017
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Rules and Mechanics
Magic: This is a new approach to magic in games like LotFP that I wish to try.  This came out of the 2017 Free RPG Day offering from LotFP.

There are no spell levels.  All spells are equally difficult, and the level of the spell's power is determined by the caster's level.

Magic-users begin with 3 randomly generated spells from the entire spell list.  There is no Read Magic spell.

Magic-users can memorize 1 spell per caster level.

There is no "magical" language.  All spells are written in the Common tongue (or whatever tongue is primary for the writer of the spell).  Comprehend Languages will translate spells written in other languages.  For purposes of transcribing, treat spells as if they were 3rd level.

Magic-users have one "spell slot" per caster level they can use with no penalty.  They can cast any number of prepared spells in any combination up to this casting limit; a 3rd level magic-user could cast three different spells, or the same spell three times.  Spells cannot be cast after delaying an action.

Magic-users can cast spells under the following "risky" conditions:
→ after their casting limit has been reached
→ the spell has not been memorized but is in their spell book
→ the spell is being cast from an understood scroll or spell book that is not their own
→ they are over-encumbered (more than Light encumbrance)
→ they have taken damage in the same round
When that happens, the magic-user must make a saving throw vs. magic with a penalty of -1 for each additional condition beyond the first.  If the saving throw is failed, the magic-user must roll on the Miscast Table which appears elsewhere.

(My own addition here...)
Memorizing spells takes 15 minutes times the highest level of the spell for spells that have been previously memorized.  A new spell takes one hour times the spell's level to memorize the first time.

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Thu 22 Jun 2017
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Rules and Mechanics
Alignment: Alignment is very fluid.  Once the game starts, your actions will drive your alignment, not the other way around.  If you select a Lawful alignment to start, but then act Chaotic, your alignment will change.  There is no penalty for this, but spells and other... things will react to you differently as your alignment changes.
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Fri 30 Jun 2017
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Rules and Mechanics
Character Creation:  Here's a quick summary of character creation.  The character sheet will be automatically posted into your character sheet area.

  1. Roll Ability Scores: roll 3d6 for Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, and Wisdom, in that order.  Record modifiers ; if the total of all modifiers is less than zero, reroll.
  2. Choose a Character Class: please see "Notes on Character Classes" below.  Determine hit points, record attack bonuses and saving throws.
  3. Select Starting Alignment.
  4. Determine Starting Possessions: please see "Notes on Character Equipment" below.  Roll 1d3x10 for SPs after selecting equipment.
  5. Choose a name.

Notes on Character Classes
All character classes are available to you.  However, please keep the following in mind when choosing your character class:

Magic-User - if it is known that you are a magic user, you will be feared and shunned by the locals.  You will often be refused service, and will take the blame for just about everything ("My hunting dog died last night.  She was 17, blind, and lame in her back legs, but it was probably that damned magic-user!")

Dwarf - if you choose to play a dwarf, you will be THE dwarf in the Hidden Coast.  Be prepared for weird stares and behaviors from the locals.

Elf - if you choose to play an elf, much like a dwarf, you will be THE elf in the Hidden Coast.  Be prepared for weird stares and behaviors from the locals.

Notes on Character Equipment
You should equip your character with reasonable basic equipment at no cost.  It's assumed that you already have your basic needs met before the game starts.  This includes armor and weapons and other class needs - within reason.  A 1st level fighter should not have a full set of plate mail armor, a lance, a claymore, and a fully plate barded warhorse, for instance.  Especially in this setting.

Once your equipment is selected, roll 1d3x10 to determine the amount of money (SPs, or silver pieces) you have managed to save up and have on-hand.

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Probie Tim
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Fri 30 Jun 2017
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Rules and Mechanics
Using RPOL: Here are just some quick guidelines on how I'll be using the forum to run this game.

First off, each extended scene or minor story arc will be its own thread.  Within that thread, you are free to do as you wish; just post as such.  There's no need to stay together or worry about splitting the party.  However, to help keep things in line within the thread, please use the "Reply" link located in the upper-right corner of the post to which you're replying when you reply.  That way it's always easy to follow the individual story-lines within a thread if there are more than one.

Out-of-character comments should be minimized in in-character threads.  If you must ask an out-of-character question or something in an in-character threads, enclose the out-of-character text in double brackets.

[[So this would be an out-of-character comment.]]

Feel free to use the dedicated out-of-character thread for any and all jibber-jabber.

There is no need to utilize PMs for private communications.  Using the drop-down, you can create a private line within a post to any one (or more) players.  So if you have a private question for me, or a reply to me you want private, you can do that in your post and not have to use PMs.  Keep in mind, I can see all private lines and PMs, even if they're not to me.

If I ask for dice rolls, feel free to use the dice roller here and put the results in a private line to me.  If you want to use regular dice, that's totally cool too.  I trust you.  :)
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Fri 30 Jun 2017
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Rules and Mechanics
Trivial NPCs: If you're making a post and realize that you need a trivial NPC - a serving girl, or stable boy, or something along those lines - feel free to put him, her, or it into your narrative.  There's no reason to break up a good bit of exposition so that I can have a stable boy take your horse with a quip of "Yessir, righ' away, sir."
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Fri 30 Jun 2017
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Rules and Mechanics
Posting Frequency: this is not an IRC or real-time game; as such, it's not going to run at break-neck speed.  Check in each day and post what can.  If you're not going to be able to access the game for a day or more, please let everyone know in the out-of-character thread.
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Sat 22 Jul 2017
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Rules and Mechanics
Rolling Dice: you are free to use actual dice if you wish.  There is a dice roller on RPOL, accessed via the "Dice Roller" link just above which you can use if you'd like.  Regardless of how you roll, please log the results of any rolls in the thread in which the roll was requested via a private line to me.

To create a private line: using the drop-down list box in the lower-right corner of the post window, select "GM".  RPOL will then ask you the message text you wish to send; paste (or type) your roll results, and click the OK button.  Assuming a result of 18 on a d20+1 roll, it will look something like this:

[Private to GM: I rolled 18 on 1d20+1.]

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