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Thu 13 Oct 2016
at 00:33
RuBB code
Hey there,

Is there a way to have tables shaded in multiple ways?

Currently only one 'darkness' level is available that I know of.

|! Shaded| Not Shaded|
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Wed 16 Nov 2016
at 15:22
RuBB code
'Near as I can tell - that's the only methodology.  One could probably include a dead character and then use the coloring styles to change it:

But, such a thing probably doesn't look good and likely doesn't actually help you.

That's all I can envision.
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Thu 17 Nov 2016
at 03:00
RuBB code
Another way is to brute-force a simple table using <pre> tags, and color elements using the usual color tags. <pre> adds a blank line before and after itself, requires manual line-breaks, and retains extra spaces. Good for simple tables.