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Sat 19 Aug 2017
at 21:18
RPoL site usage patterns
I'm curious about some aspects of the number of people logging into RPoL in a given week or on a given day, as it relates to annual patterns.

When students return to school in September, does RPoL usage go down because of school workloads or go up because of increased college dorm use?

When the hot-weather months (in the northern hemisphere) give way to the cold-weather months, does usage go up because people spend more time at home, or go down because people have less energy in their spare time?

What, in general, are the busiest and slowest months of the year on RPoL?
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Sat 19 Aug 2017
at 21:56
RPoL site usage patterns
there is not a real way to answer that?  From my Games, I have folks  from all over the world.... the  Time zones  cripple their RP a bit, but we  find a away to weave in their posts.

 My most active game has  61 K posts in 61/2 years.....  we'll go down a bit  when school starts..go up a bit in the winter and holidays..but 'big' holidays ' we expect slower posts.

 You couple that with RL, jobs, family problems  sickness and even death?... its  really hard to pin down  the Bust times.
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Sat 19 Aug 2017
at 22:33
RPoL site usage patterns
Generally speaking, I've noted RP sites go slower in summer. It doesn't happen for everyone; and different time zones also effect this as well; but usually the phrase 'summer slow-down' is used to indicate people need to be a bit more patient.
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Sun 20 Aug 2017
at 04:23
RPoL site usage patterns
I find that games slow around December and August, but that's far from universal.
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Sun 27 Aug 2017
at 05:16
RPoL site usage patterns
MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 201658,581332,8916,403,18622,974,762102.88 GB
Feb 201656,051320,2636,517,13617,192,194102.55 GB
Mar 201658,953333,4156,880,34316,075,020107.46 GB
Apr 201651,581298,2265,904,48013,356,22394.52 GB
May 201654,936324,3485,970,68113,749,05693.49 GB
Jun 201654,864313,5535,457,86912,621,07286.78 GB
Jul 201656,496304,3315,084,66311,930,61082.08 GB
Aug 201657,437301,1515,712,64913,250,94692.51 GB
Sep 201655,250292,4215,322,19711,815,21288.74 GB
Oct 201653,528291,8824,982,50110,549,191109.75 GB
Nov 201649,672269,3864,210,7298,030,44692.51 GB
Dec 201650,845274,6114,235,0047,988,00469.38 GB
Jan 201753,449289,9825,104,3769,379,14683.28 GB
Feb 201750,506266,6054,781,0008,828,69478.26 GB
Mar 201756,161296,6664,969,5228,948,89481.14 GB
Apr 201754,718285,2864,709,4038,441,05777.70 GB
May 201753,072288,4024,742,1888,550,98577.01 GB
Jun 201751,300273,0576,765,22312,359,657109.92 GB
Jul 201753,072272,4196,572,02611,744,047109.20 GB
Aug 201745,527234,8156,605,43811,676,906108.72 GB

August hasn't quite finished obviously.  Make of it what you will, really hard to tell from those stats, they're all over the place.  Stats package is also a little out of date so not sure how accurate it is in tracking stuff.
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Sun 27 Aug 2017
at 16:31
RPoL site usage patterns
Oh wow, thanks for that Jase.  For many places, trying to get honest numbers is like pulling teeth with tweezers.
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Sun 27 Aug 2017
at 16:54
RPoL site usage patterns
The data nerd in me loves this...

But it is a hungry beast, and wants MOAR! Demographics! Age! Gender! Nationality! Categorizations by game type!

Imagine the trend lines we could make! The graphs! Big, beautiful pie charts!?
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Sun 27 Aug 2017
at 17:23
RPoL site usage patterns
In reply to Carakav (msg # 7):

You can find some of that information here (albeit slightly outdated): /rpoll.cgi?load=previous
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Sun 27 Aug 2017
at 19:22
RPoL site usage patterns
In reply to Carakav (msg # 7):

Like so? goo.gl/S1vzGj

I took the info for the two age and gender rPolls and popped them into pie charts.

BBR, the second, more recent age/gender poll doesn't have an expiry date listed.  Well, rather, it has 1969 as the year which leads me to believe that's a default C/C++/Java date when there's an issue. :P

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Mon 28 Aug 2017
at 07:40
RPoL site usage patterns
Interesting to see this - I was just observing a couple of weeks ago that it's a lot easier to find my P-W ad these days than it used to be. The thing was maybe three pages back from the front when I went to bump after a week - I remember days when it would be on the third page within 24 hours.

Still not as big a drop off as it feels, though, from the figures.
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Wed 6 Sep 2017
at 02:40
RPoL site usage patterns
I can draw only one inference from that table, and it's a weak inference: fewer people are spending more time each on RPOL. That would suggest an interesting trend away from many casual users toward fewer, more dedicated users, which is the opposite of what has happened in online computer gaming for the past 10 years.