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Mon 30 Oct 2017
at 03:02
Best way to create a pdf of an RPOL game's archived threads?
With my GM's blessing, I recently created PDFs of archived threads in one of my games on RPOL.  The problem is the resulting PDFs are too large, totaling nearly 2.5 GBs.

Here's what I did:

I opened each individual thread and saved it as a PDF.  The resulting PDFs were blurry for some reason, but I found that if I printed them again, I could save them as clear images.  I used Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for this, and there were three options for PDFs - a smaller file size that optimizes file size and compresses images using low-quality JPEG; the default size suitable for printing business documents that retains original file size and quantity; and a larger file size suitable for printing on desktop printers that retains original quality.

I chose the default size on both saving the PDFs and when I merged them to form volumes (the original files were too large to fit in one volume).  Originally, the resulting files were over 3 GBs in total, and I was able to shave off .5 GB by saving the merged files in the smaller file size.

Is there a better way to do this that doesn't result in gigantic PDFs?  The results are pretty but way too big.
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Mon 30 Oct 2017
at 03:53
Best way to create a pdf of an RPOL game's archived threads?
How much of these PDFs are images that aren't necessary? You might be retaining a bunch of extra graphics -- like the little bars under each post's title -- and that can take up a lot of space.

Also, trimming out the repeated thread titles "Re: Best way to..." might cut it down a bit. You could bring up the title line again if it gets changed in some way (though most game threads don't bother).
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Mon 30 Oct 2017
at 05:21
Best way to create a pdf of an RPOL game's archived threads?
Check the settings for your Adobe PDF "printer" in the relevant area of your computer's OS.

There, you should be able to change things like quality, compression, etc.  You might be printing at way too high of a quality, or printing the pages as images, or something odd like that.

I opened up an RPoL thread with 998 posts and "printed" it via Adobe X Pro and the total file size was 2.58 MB for 154 pages worth of posts.

Unless your threads have lots of additional media (like pictures and such), it's likely a setting issue that's causing Adobe to not do things efficiently for the purpose you're trying to use it for, when creating the individual PDFs.
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Mon 30 Oct 2017
at 05:25
Best way to create a pdf of an RPOL game's archived threads?
It will also depend on what format you save it.   I believe that there's a web page as well as a text option, the former would produce a lot more data.