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Sun 3 Dec 2017
at 23:06
I'm new here!
Hi guys! I was just a bit confused since I'm new here, but we can all RP on each others posts right?
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Sun 3 Dec 2017
at 23:12
I'm new here!
How do you mean?

Also, welcome!
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Sun 3 Dec 2017
at 23:27
I'm new here!
Howdy!... first.. look to 'players  wanted ' thread"..look for a game you are  Interested  and ask the GM to join ( RTJ)

 if they accept you, you go through, whatever   CS stuff  ect ect and start playing.

 The  Players wanted tread is fresh everytime   some  one posts or updates thier  game. There  are 1000's of  games here.. Just seek out what you want.
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 "RALPH" The Wonder Llama
Mon 4 Dec 2017
at 10:17
I'm new here!
Just look in the "Players Wanted" thread. Ask to join a game that interests you ... or wait and peruse the games that are offered ... dozens of games pop up every hour. Ask to join one and follow the GMs directions. Most games require you to "build" a character or select from a pre-generated character ... THEN ! ... May the RPGing start !

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