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Thu 27 Jul 2017
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RTJ and Character Creation
This game is pretty heavy on the adventure side of the action-adventure spectrum. Lots of combat and exploration as well. Even so, I'll still aim to give you guys plenty of opportunities to roleplay social encounters with each other, and with other groups that you happen to meet on your way through Sil Lauma.

Please use the following form during your RTJ. I do not need the exact wording of any of your aspects just yet, I just want to get a rough idea of what kind of character you'd like to play.

General idea:
Two strengths:
Two weaknesses:

After you've been accepted into the game, I'll give you your character sheet template and you can head over to the Session Zero thread to fully fill it out with the actual wording of your High Concept, Trouble, Aspects, and Stunts. I am also quite new to the FATE Core system so it'll be helpful to have multiple people work on something that's fun and balanced.

We're going with the suggested skill pyramid (1 skill at great down to 4 at average) and the suggested number of stunts/refresh.

For the most part, character sheets will be fully visible to other players. This is to help you guys see if I've accidentally not awarded people fate points for going along with their trouble, and so on. Please don't use that as an opportunity to metagame. However, if you really must have secrets hidden from the other players (as opposed to their characters), let me know in a PM and we can work that out.

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