Guidelines.   Posted by GM.Group: 0
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Thu 27 Jul 2017
at 09:46
1. Don't be rude. Goes without saying, really.

2. Expected posting rate will be pretty quick: once every other day. If you can manage more, great, but every other day is the standard. That said, I understand if you've got things going on in real life that need urgent attending to. Just notify me and the other players with a quick post in the OoC thread.

3. Everyone pick a text color for their dialogue and stick to it. Everyone should have their own color.

4. Please, if you have an issue with a ruling that I've made or how I've handled something, let me know! I'm new to GMing FATE, and online roleplaying in general. I want you guys to have fun, so I'm always open to feedback about my GMing.