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wish for 2 characters to become a single character: OK, with lucky rolls this is possible..for science..

Wishing that Arek and Gaynor become one person with all the memories, skills, strengths and powers both had previously, resembling Gaynor externally aside from where other abilities are gained, and with the prior wish regarding Arek to remain in effect for the new individual.

10:48, Today: Arek rolled 1 using 1d100.  Would Arek agree to fusion (20%).
10:47, Today: Arek rolled 41 using 1d100.  would Antaeus agree to fusion (20%).
10:52, Today: Arek rolled 71 using 1d100.  Would Torvil agree to fusion (20%)
10:50, Today: Arek rolled 6 using 1d20.  Would Harcourt agree to fusion (20%).[=30%]
10:51, Today: Arek rolled 12 using 1d100.  Would Marsa agree to fusion? [10%].
10:50, Today: Arek rolled 7 using 1d100.  Would Gaynor agree to fusion (20%).

Arek: 01 result? May believe he doesn't have a soul (after brother became an undead). This would fix any uncertainty there (joining with Gaynor's). Gaynor - has 'felt' Arek's mind often (telepathy) and also wants his stuff. Might believe he would take over.

12:10, Today: Arek Gayn rolled 59 using 1d100.  system shock roll.
16:38, Today: Arek rolled 36 using 1d100.  magic resistance.

Name as -  Garek [Nor]

Personality: 9? Confused over who they are now. Feeling Gaynor's smugness over powers/new items, but with some guilt/insecurity as he feels now those are 'wrong' (3ish) in 6 component. Overall confusion/inner conflict.

Motivation(s) - Central Casting - Possessions / Survival [?]
Obstructive [D]- acts to block others' actions (due to indecison, not envy)
Immoral (lecherous) [D]
Disrespectful - does not show respect [D]
Truthful* - always tell the truth [L]
Skeptic - disbelieving of things unproven [N]

-confusing feelings for sister?
-now certain has a soul at least.

Note: a just 'take highest' ability score would exceed the wish limit.
So instead, assume Arek's body (most abilities there, and lowering abilities harder).
Gaynor's consciousness imported into Arek's dual brain.
Using Arek's ability scores. Does also get cosmetic makeover, however.
Should be able to gain classes as neither self is 'gaining' xp - just combining.
can now use fighter-only magic-items e.g. girdle.

*later limited wish (after copying) used to return physical features to resemble Arek's, though 'prettied up' (e.g. has hair).

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Tue 9 Jan 2018
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Race: Altered Human/Human
6th level fighter [wilderness warrior] / 6th level Examiner [Radioactivist]

Str 20 Strength due to potion [+3,+8] [+ equivalent of +1 wish]
Dex 18 ---20 with gauntlets
Con 13
Int 16 ---base 14, +2 dual drain
MS/Wis 11
Cha 9 ---base 9 incl +1 BSP,
SN 13

Perception: SN (13) +1 Level + 0 Int mod = 14.
Spd 12m, fly 14m (12 + MP mod)
Health: 10
AC 16 [metal skin]; no armour due to wings.
Hit Points:  76 /dies at -CN [-13]
-regeneration due to troll ring.
*gains additional HPs for Examiner levels [d6] as GW character.
 - +10 to hit [d8+12]
5/2 attacks:
Primary +13 [d8+12], Rod of Lordly Might [+4 battleaxe][d8+14]
Offhand +11 [battleaxe of sharpness +2] 3/2 attacks per round [d8+13]

[+5 to hit base THAC0, +1 or +2 magic, +1 specialization, +3 str]
[can use two weapons as one action, plus extra Duality action with dual brain; duality can also negate -1 to hit for different combat manuevers]

Blonde hair, green eyes (naturally blue, redone after joining)
Skin bronzed (metallic). Hgt 6'0" (as Gaynor)(was 6'4" as Arek; facet of appearance)

Body Modifications:
-Madame Chayalla's modified "Bigger is Better" spell.
-Diamond Hand (worth 5000 GP, if cut off will die; glows, d8 damage magic weapon)
-Fists: RH deals d4 damage [metal]; LH d8, diamond).
-Metal Skin [BSP-17]- takes 12 hits.  Assume probably looks 'bronzed';  no CHA modification).
Base body weight quadrupled [+600 lbs to wgt carried]; reduced to +0 [+1oz] with armour enchantment (Palladium Fantasy, cost 15,000 GP).; skin inscribed/inlaid with runes that sustain the enchantment.
-Gills (Xixchil)
-Eye colour changed to violet (Xixchil).
-appearance (including height) returned to original, but prettied up, using limited wish. e.g. now has hair.
-immune to poison (Naked Doom) [no further xixchil operations]
-permanent potion of "elven night vision" (Arduin)(elf eyes - don't mutate to radiation)(mixed w polymorph)

Each wing =old hgt (2m wingspan)
[consider as 'ability', plus for skin to fit]

Physical Mutations
Dual Brain - periodic amnesia (D), Total Healing* (MP 13, +1 mod = 6/hr)
(Imagining dual brain being due to neural gene expression in liver so it works as a brain, badly. Total healing via releasing chemicals etc.)
Wings* [MP 16] - flying speed of 12 + MP mod (2)
Carapace* [MP 10, mod 0=base AC 15][Partial; rear only] - removed xixchil surgery

Mental Mutations
Planar Travel [control due to wish; see below]
Magnetic Control* [MP 12] - 3d6 damage vs. machinery
Telepathy* [MP 20] - scan for minds within 8 km; includes +2 level adv.--+4 MHAC.
[monsters: treat MD as 10 + HD; undead/constructs indetectable]
Confusion* [MP 14][MHAC +1]

Robot Recognition: 15 [20 base as human, -2 wings, -2 metal skin, -1 gills]
Radioactivist mutations: Confusion, Duality, Wings.

-can make saving throws vs. magic as AD&D character
-radiation resistance as GW character; can mutate if exposed to radiation
-would have to exist fully within one set of physics rules (of native dimension). Picking AD&D (loses Str mod). HPs just toughness, mutations work due to express wish wording; loses 15% magic resistance and ability to sustain use of GW devices which were not 'his' exactly.
-Str 20 gained from potion mixing (Stone giant Str potion). Was 13 previously.
-could use psionic powers as a Duality action (e.g. dimension door) + physical attacks.

23:42, Today: Garek rolled 3,2 using d6,d3.  Stat raise. [+2 Wisdom]
21:30, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d6, rerolling ones.  Garek additional HPs (Con 13).

Omniflex notes:
Int 16    - 12 base +2 dual brain, +1 monolith +1 BSP-7.
Dex 10 - gains a +1 for magic hand, included
adding +3; Arduin potion of +3 Int

Int 11 ---base 9, +2 dual drain; Dex 18 [14,+3 potion, +1 hand]
After Citadel of Thunder; re-Omniflexed to switch Cha (base 13) and base Int 9.

10:00, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d6.  Garek HP Examiner6.
L2,L6 - added to Telepathy score. L4 - Perception.

Dex breakdown: Dex 18 ---orig 12, +1 monolith, +1 BSP, +3 Arduin potion; omniflex. [+1 hand]
+1 Int due to incantation (Halls of Beol-Dor)

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Tue 9 Jan 2018
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Examiner Skills [GW, Secrets of the Ancients/Central Casting]

Read/Write: 2 ranks
Survival/Scavenging: 8 ranks
Sailor: 6 ranks
Fishing: Rank 6
Lizard Riding: Rank 6
Jury Rig: 12 Ranks
Planar Geometry [AD&D]: 10 ranks [base check rating of 7, +3 extra CP ] --Int mod ?
Herbalism: 2 Ranks [Esper skill, double cost]

Fighter Skills :
Secondary Skill - Forester
Bonus NWP: Survival (Forest) (+5 proficiency bonus)(kit)

WPs: Axe tight group (2), Battleaxe specialization (1 slot), TWF, Ambidexterity

Languages [max 1/2 Int]: Trade Language, Home City [Arek] language, Radioactivist, Spanish
+learned D&D 'Common'; Telepathy
-speaks T&T common in T&T universe (!based off T&T attributes - T&T Int 30)

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Tue 9 Jan 2018
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Throwing axes (3), Quarterstaff
Javelin of Lightning (Fire-resistant)
Amulet: demagnetizes anything touched/carried.

Scimitar [d8/4D ]-1 hit destroys undead [T&T] - allow D&D undead a saving throw.
[note Harcourt also owns one]; [added +3d+12, Kelsa magic shop]

2nd Scimitar, same but no additional dice.

Rod of Lordly Might [normally used as +4 battleaxe]; paralyzation, fear or HP drain on command for 1 charge. 45 charges left.

Magic Mace "Terror" - +4 to strike, 'always' does 4d8 damage regardless of what it hits [i.e. ignore DR].

extra copy - Battleaxe of Speed +3 (created w/ steal enchantment; works like scimitar of speed; improved to +3 in Kelsa magic shop).

Sharpness battleaxe [SenZar]
-treat as like AD&D sharpness [optional sever on devastating critical in SenZar; 35K rather than 25K D&D sale value]
*added +3d+12 [T&T] Kelsa magic shop; D&D treat as +2 weapon.

Sword of Cold [Longsword] [Supplement 1: Greyhawk]: [+3, +5 vs. fire using/dwelling creatures]: the weapon scores triple damage whenever a 20 is rolled [fire creatures?]. It is able to dispel a Wall of Fire and gives its user the same protection as a Ring of Fire Resistance.

50ft silk rope (less than 20 lbs)
Throfd Worm silk quilted armour [15 hits, immune to acid and fire] - made for winged creature.
Steel mesh gauntlets (human size) of +2 Dexterity.
"Boots of Bouncing" - allow the wearer to "bounce" once each turn up to 60' straight up
[can slow fall with wings]

Amulet of Krepmn (3 uses) - teleports to Freegore
Yuurk (100 hits T&T/10 D&D per round, non-magic)
RH - Ring of Fortitude (+4 Con for resisting magic)
LH - Troll [bone] Ring (10,000 GP) - regenerates like a troll, up to 2x own HP. Must be worn at time of injury i.e. can't loan [note auto-killed anyway if diamond hand cut off]

"Ring of Teleportation" [1/day] [by default not worn][copy]

Jewel-encrusted goblet (1500 GP value)

Double x-bow
African throwing knife

Fireproof bag of holding (taken from salamander): Type II - [roll of 53]: 15 lb, holds 500 lbs, 70 cubic feet.

GW Equipment
Random artifact - geiger counter
2 Revolvers - cost 160 GP [800 domars].
2d8 damage, 6 shots. ROF 2. -ammo 4/6,4/6

MAGIC ANALYZER - Tech item; determines magic on objects (picks up emanations into a receiver system and compares result to database of effects). Requires translator to read outputs. Backpack-sized.
Hollow quarterstaff (10 gp, 2lb, compartment inside, -1 damage, dragon#273)

Vac suit (space suits) for humanoid - needs modification for wings

Bracers of Archery: proficiency or +2 to hit/ +1 to damage with bow (10K value; fighter-only item)

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Tue 9 Jan 2018
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Combat Summary
Motivation - Central Casting - Possessions [D+2]
-12-obstructive - acts to block others' actions (in relation to possessions i.e. envy)
-37- immoral (lecherous) - [=3w4, vanity/envy]

*-ask 5 Y/N questions to GM per game session (as Dear God spell, T&T)
(wish screwing- duplicated ability so gains only once)

[assume wild talents/fighter skills are contained in dual brain; periodic amnesia may affect]

Wild talent (roll of 50) - attraction (Wis-4), mindlink(Wis-5), contact(Wis) - 91 PSPs - cost 3/rd contact, 8/rd for ML or AT.
(base 67+4 PSPs/lvl; no PSPs for first 5 Examiner levels)

Golden Torc: works as Hat of Difference but as psionicist class. [Amulet slot]
Psionicist 5 [Telepath] (primary discipline); +Psychoportation
Telepathy Sciences - Mindlink, Probe [Wis-5, 9 rd, 1 qu/rd, save spells neg.],
Psychoport sciences - Teleport
Devotions - Attraction, Contact, Truthear [Wis], ESP, Mind Bar, Invisibility, Ego Whip [Wis-2,4]
+3 psychoport devotions: Dimension Door [Con-1], Time/Space Anchor [Int], Dream Travel [Wis-4]
defense modes - empty mind, intellect fortress, thought shield. 60 PSPs + can use wild talent total [91]
*MD 15 (Gamma World); +2 save vs. enchantment/charm.

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Tue 9 Jan 2018
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T&T stats

STR: 137 - incl +5 monolith  - ?? + Strength potion effect +70
DEX: 26 - reduce SR to hit with bows by 1 level
CON: 56 [includes +5 for fight w/ soulsucker]
INT: 30 [incl. +3 for talking to Lorac, +5 monolith]
LK: 45
CHA: 14
SPD: 114
WIZ: 19 [was 0 as Arek]

Stat notes - previously included +3 for talking to Lorac in Int, +5 monolith.
Omniflex - moved 8 Cha points to Dex to balance AD&D numbers.

Axe 8d [sharpness,x2 in SenZar] +5d [duality, LH magic axe] +5d [Warrior level bonus]
Personal adds: +164 ---18d+164

Metal skin (12 hits, BSP); no armour due to wings

Human: reroll a missed saving throw once.

Duality :
-can apply full STR/DEX to each hand for weapon use; or take a second action instead. [consistency wise; shouldn't really be stronger, but a normal Str 12 character could use a sword in one hand + a shield, so not inconsistent if offhand is equal strength)

Ambidextrous. You may use either hand with equal facility. DEX requirements of weapons do not stack for 2 weapon use. [TrollZine #3 "Inheritance" table]

Use magic items 1-2 on d6 (Techno)

Talents: Survival, Sailor, Planar Studies, Riding, Local Knowledge (Rhaelph)(Lorac)
+ Forester, Weapon Talent (Axe), Muscle, Attraction [=the psi power],?

Languages: incl. Wizards' Speech (analogue for mindlink)

A kindly old man leads you to the target range. There he teaches you the proper
way to use a bow. You learn quickly and he is very happy. Because of his instructions, you
may reduce your saving roll by 1 level on any future shots with bow and arrow.

Note on T&T stats: just took highest score for each as its T&T.

*Hela's House of Dark Delights - x7 Speed [16*7 = 114]

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Tue 9 Jan 2018
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3-P update
Set up limit of say 4 or 5 portals a day (even in 3-P dimension).
If mutation is expensive in energy, could be painful/stressful to use (too much risking burnout or brain damage).

Ah hoc: say that each time the power is used, make a Con check. 3 accumulated failures mean no more that day. Total Healing (4 hours) may remove a failed Con check.

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Mon 22 Jan 2018
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3-P update
handaxes - note with TWF, this is 'front loaded' compared to bow with ROF 2.
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Wed 24 Jan 2018
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Confusion table:
1 Stands still
2 Wanders slowly
3 Attacks nearest creature
4 Attacks nearest inanimate object
5 Attacks randomly chosen enemy
6 Incomprehensible noncombat action

Reroll each round
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Thu 25 Jan 2018
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Sage Advice: DMG 192

How far can a fighter who is 6’ tall and weighs 200 pounds jump while
wearmg a girdle of giant strength? I mean, a normal man with the strength of an 18’ or 24’-giant should he able to make flea-like jumps.

Jumping is a feat of strength, but it does take a little agility and skill, too. Otherwise,
long-jumpers would look like weight lifters, not runners. I’d suggest using the rules for the jumping proficiency on page 61 of the PHB. If you like, you can increase the maximum attainable jumping distance by one or two feet per point of strength beyond 18/00. The 6’ fighter in your example could broad jump a maximum of 36’ using the rules as they are written—a pretty impressive leap. Using the modified maximums, the character could attain 38’ with a girdle of hill giant strength and 48’ with a girdle of storm giant strength.

-note: with Skills and Powers rules, 20 is humanly-attainable and so bonus would have to be at >20, if implemented at all.

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