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Gaynor V1 [retired]
Gaynor - 'the big guy'
Human Fighter-5 --Wilderness Warrior (Forest Tribes like Taming the Forest King)
Str 17.1 --Muscle 19.1 [+3,+7]/stamina 16 (bad carrying capacity)
Dex 12
Con 15 [+1 per level]
Int 9
Wis 9
Cha 13
HP: 41
Full plate [19 AC]
Human - 10 CPs - 1 saved (spent to reroll save vs. Gorgon breath), wild talent (roll of 50) - attraction (Wis-4), mindlink(Wis-5), contact(Wis) - 83 PSPs - cost 3/rd contact, 8/rd for ML or AT.
(base 67+4 PSPs/lvl)
Axe tight group (2)(upgraded L3), battleaxe specialization, TWF, Ambidexterity
[planning on learning scimitar at L6]

5/2 attacks, +9 to hit [d8+10] - magic battleaxes w 19 Str and wpn spec.

5/2 attacks, +4 to hit, +3 Str, possible +1 magic,+1 specialization
base THACO: +4 for level = +7 total [+9 with battleaxe]
Secondary Skill - Forester
Bonus NWP: Survival (Forest) (+5 proficiency bonus)

Throwing axes (3), Quarterstaff

Scimitar [d8/4D ]-1 hit destroys undead [T&T] - allow D&D undead a saving throw.
[note Harcourt also owns one]

Gaynor: Sharpness battleaxe [SenZar]
-treat as like AD&D sharpness [optional sever on devastating critical in SenZar; 35K rather than 25K D&D sale value]

+1 sharpness Battleaxe; +1 Battleaxe; offhand gains +1 due to ring

Longbow (d8+7 damage, built for 19 Muscle).
50ft hemp rope (20 lbs)

Motivation - Central Casting - Possessions [D+2]
-12-obstructive - acts to block others' actions (in relation to possessions i.e. envy)
-37- immoral (lecherous) - [=3w4, vanity/envy]

Also note can use "Mindlink" to telepathically communicate. Treat as telepathic for purposes of communication range with Arek.

*can ask GM 5 Y/N questions per session.

[items: lost full plate, +1 battleaxe, magic scimitar in BSP 16]

Golden Torc: works as Hat of Difference but as psionicist class.
Psionicist 1 [Telepath] (primary discipline)
Sciences - Mindlink.
Devotions - Attraction, Contact, Truthear [Wis]
defense mode - empty mind. 20 PSPs + can use wild talent total [83]
*MD 11 (Gamma World); +2 save vs. enchantment/charm.

Jewel-encrusted goblet (1500 GP value)

[left] boot has extendable dagger.
See Data Storage; Apply non-proficiency penalty (and/or possible surprise bonus</i>

Original stats: Str 17, Dex 11, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 12. +1 to all (converted BSP, treating LK as Wis; treat as Wishes); -1 Con (raised after killed by elves/fireball)
[adjusted HPs for Con change]

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