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Harcourt -- Fighter-6/ Wilderness Warrior
Race: Human

Str 16-- 25 [Arduin rating] with Belt -+4/+4d6.
Dex 19--38 w skull starr
Con 14--health 18.1 [+5 HP/die]/fitness 15 --doubled Arduin [28]--treat as +7/die AD&D.
Int 16-- 70% chance to learn spell.
Wis 11
Cha 13  -- -1 on Rock of Bral

HP: 72 [84 with Belt]
AC: 15 (+5 bracers) (17 w/ ring)

Battleaxe specialization (2), TWF, Ambidexterity, shortbow (bonus Int slot), Blades (broad group; upgraded from fencing blades previously at L6)(3 slots)

Attacks - axe 3/2 per round at d8+11 (+10*, d8+10, +2 magic axe), 1 per round offhand (+9, d8+10, +1 magic axe)  *+2 magic, +1 specialization, +4 level, +3 str. Damage includes +7 for Str.

Broadswords: +12 [2d4+7+1 level drain (save neg.)/ +10 [2d4+9]

Secondary Skill - Hunter (1); Bowyer/Fletcher, Heraldry [1, general?], Display Weapon Prowess (bow)(Dex, 1 slot, warrior), 1 bonus NWP - Filled with 'Fishing' after rolling this as Central Casting event.[Adv-8].
Bonus NWP: Survival (Forest) (+5 proficiency bonus), Endurance
No bonus proficiencies for Hat (treat as multiclassed).
EXTRA NWP SLOT L6 - Observation ??

Advantages - Double-jointed (4); Disadv (Clumsy (-4); ad hoc ruling: apply on 1-2 on d20, up to 3/session. Flexible joints that pop out sometimes

Human - Lucky Human (10); reroll failed save or attack 1/day. [Dragon #247][my ruling: doesn't work for most ability checks or proficiency rolls]
Fighter - d12 HP (10); one-off weapon specialization (5).

*Immune to Poison (Naked Doom dungeon)
*Mdme Chayalla's Bigger is Better enhancement.
*drank potion of permanent infra-vision (Death Heart)

Hat of Difference
831 GP (not listed in party treasure)
Javelin of Lightning (Fire-resistant)

Set (4) black iron horseshoes that double the speed of any horse wearing them.

2 x Yuurk (100 hits T&T/10 D&D per round, non-magic)(non-cumulative)

Magic backpack - can carry 330 lbs, items up to 8' v 4' with weight 50 lbs. [copy - Antaeus']

Helm of Comprehending Languages and Reading Magic (90% - all or none)
[shared with Lynn]

2nd Wineskin of Capacious Holding (300 gallons) - contains 1000 T&T GP's not listed elsewhere.

Pear-shaped onyx amulet - allows wearer to ignore one 'critical hit' automatically [Amulet slot]
Magical black pearl (allows wielder to see in the dark)(500 GP)(in belt pouch - must be held, in position to grasp with LH if sword dropped)

Golden Torc: works as Hat of Difference but bestows psionicist class [Amulet slot]
**Can't use at same time as Skull Starr

Level 3 [Psychometabolism + Telepathy] - 40 PSPs
1 Science/3 devotions - Energy Containment [Con-2], Animal Affinity (percheron [draft horse]; Devotions - Cell Adjustment [Con-3, 5 +5/PSP [max 4/rd], Lend Health [Con-1, 4, transfer HPs], Heightened Senses [Con, 5 +1/rd], Adrenalin Control,Body Control.
Telepathy: Contact, Send Thoughts (1/way, range Unlim, can distract wizards)
Defense mode - empty mind, tower of iron will. MD 13 on Gamma World; +2 save vs. enchantment/charm
Animal Affinity - gain AC, movement rate, attack/damage, THACO, HP, any special ability.
[centaur form?][Con-4, 15 +4/rd]

Shortbow (d6 damage), 30 arrows.

Broadsword "Dark Angel" (red velvet and silver scabbard). +4 to hit, teleport wielder twice daily; drains one (1) life level each time it hits a victim.
Ego 10, Int 10, speaks Arduinian as well as high and low Elvish.

Broadsword “Dark Moon.” : +2 (both hit/dmg), user can 'see in dark like an elf' with sword in hand. Scabbard -  black velvet covered silver with  20 small emeralds encrusting it worth 1,100 G.S. total. -

+2 Sharpness Battleaxe
+2 Sharpness Battleaxe
Folding dagger [T&T]

Scimitar +1 [d8/4D ]-1 hit destroys undead [T&T] - allow D&D undead a saving throw.
2nd offhand scimitar - destroys undead, no extra hit/damage bonus.

Battleaxe of Speed +3 (created w/ steal enchantment; works like scimitar of speed; improved to +3 in Kelsa magic shop).

Can ask 5 Y/N questions per session to GM.

BRACERS OF ARMOUR, AC 5 [=AC 15 in upward AC]

+1 Longbow (d8+8 damage, built for 19 Muscle); -added 3d+12 T&T, Kelsa magic shop.
(was Gaynor's)

Blue silk cloak of +7 fire resistance (+7 to save)

Beat up leather boots silent movement

GW Equipment
Revolver - cost 160 GP.
2d8 damage, 6 shots. ROF 2.
[-2 nonproficiency penalty]

Torch - green-glowing, burns underwater.
Small jade (60 gp)

Bag of Holding I (250 lb capacity)

Ring of Fortitude (value: 5000 GP. See thread for construction notes. Adds +4 to Constitution for purpose of magic resistance, including resurrection survival %.)
(duplicate of Antaeus' ring - duplication).

Ring of protection +2

[extra, copy Garek's] - Troll [bone] Ring (10,000 GP) - regenerates like a troll, up to 2x own HP. Must be worn at time of injury i.e. can't loan

Alt Skull Starr (mystic amulet) - 48,500 GP value; age 10,000 years. Orichalcum and fire demon bone, emanates evil.
Wearer: regenerates all damage at one point/turn, "True Seeing", ability to double Dexterity during combat.

Belt of Hercules
Value: 27,000 G.S. Composition: Steel wire mesh, gold, Hydra leather, and
brass. size: Fits all waists 30" to 40" in size. Weight: 10 Ibs. Age:
10,000 years. Magic Powers: The wearer is given a strength of 25, plus six;(+6)
dexterity and agility and has their constitution doubled. This works only while
worn, and it does have on small drawback: plus ten (+10) to the wearer's ego!

14:36, Today: Arek rolled 11,8,8,17,12,13 using 4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6, dropping the lowest dice only.  Fighter-2 (6th character).
14:36, Today: Arek rolled 10,15,12,12,13,9 using 4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6, dropping the lowest dice only.  Fighter-1 (5th character).
22:31, Today: Arek rolled 10,4 using d10+1,d10+3.  Gaynor, Harcourt HP rolls.
22:33, Today: Arek rolled 15 using 1d12+3.  d12 hit points Harcourt (reroll incorrect die).
22:47, Today: Arek rolled 11,8 using d10+1,d12+3.  Ftr L3 HP rolls.
23:45, Today: Arek rolled 4 using 1d10.  Gaynor L4 hit points.
20:53, Today: Arek rolled 9 using 1d12+3.  Harcourt L4 HP rolls.
23:44, Today: Arek rolled 3 using 1d10.  Gaynor L5 hit points.
07:35, Today: Arek rolled 7 using 1d12+3.  Harcourt L5 HP rolls.
10:07, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d12+5.  Harcourt Ftr6 HPs.

Central Casting between adventure event:
Harcourt - accused of crime he didn't commit - losing faction in political struggle
['demon hand' causing him to be mistaken for someone else]
crime against - foreign race - dwarf. Found innocent, but not before serious humiliation.
Reduce Cha by 1 (on Rock of Bral),
Gain darkside trait - impatient - unable to wait with calmness

Most valued abstraction - 'scientific beliefs' - [N+1] - 40 - passive - accepts without question. [+impatient; treat as 9w1]

21:57, Today: Arek rolled 3,2 using d4,d10.  darkside trait.
21:54, Today: Arek rolled 1 using 1d3.  cha.
21:49, Today: Arek rolled 86 using 1d100.  social status. - at least +1 so Well-to-Do.
21:48, Today: Arek rolled 8 using 1d20.  nonhuman.
21:46, Today: Arek rolled 7 using 1d10.  others.
21:44, Today: Arek rolled 11 using 1d20.  random crime.
21:43, Today: Arek rolled 38 using 2d20+5.
21:40, Today: Arek rolled 6 using 1d6.
added +3 dex (D&D) - Hela giving a x6 in T&T.

16:52, Today: Garek rolled 13 using 1d20.  animal affinity form. - percheron

Initial stats:
Str 13 --muscle 15/stamina 11, Dex 12, Con 15--health 17 [+3 HP]/fitness 13
Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 12. -1 Con for raise dead (-5 HP, 5th level). +1 all for BSP.
23:43, Today: Garek rolled 5,3 using d6,d3.  harcourt - stat raise. [+3 Con]
Adds +[3x5] extra HPs
Modifiers - pool of greatness (+2 Str, Dex, Cha), BSP-7, raise Con loss.
Bought Omniflex to switch Str [16] and Dex (15) and Int [13] scores (improving wizardry) - buys extra WP and abandoning Militant Wizard kit (Endurance overlaps wilderness warriors - abandoning extra kit that's illegal after transfer of hat).
Omniflex: Exchanged Cha (15) and Dex (13)
+1 Str due to incantation (Halls of Beol-Dor)
NOTE: Vac suit burned.

Previously - formerly known as 'demonhand'. hand cut off, replaced with gremlin fist. Returned to normal using a permanent polymorph potion (accidentally created w/ spoon of mixing and polymorph self potion).

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Thu 1 Mar 2018
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Hat of Difference

Assuming identity of: Magic User
-formerly 'militant mage'; fighter 'split' of hat energy removed (redundant with fighter/wilderness warrior; purchased bonus WPs).

-advancement: NWPs as normal.
-specifically doesn't gain Hit Points for gaining wizard levels.
-gain WPs normally (not using CPs) - 1/5 levels; otherwise cost of 3/WP makes it easy to gain 1 WP/level.

GP value: 8000 GP
Purchased in advanced pocket dimension.

Traded Drawmij's instant summons scroll (L7) for spellbook w/ seven L1 spells.
Detect Magic - automatic learn
Read Magic - automatic learn
Fire Burst [ToM] - roll of 63 (fail)
Detect Disease [wizards' handbook] - roll of 83 (fail)
Find Familiar - - roll of 18, learned
Audible Glamour - roll of 17, learned
Wizard Mark - roll of 62, fail.
20:52, Today: Arek rolled 23 using 1d100.  Wizard mark; reroll % learn for 2nd level.
+ Sleep
+ Charm Person [from Shadow spellbooks, roll of 39, learned 2nd level]
+ Friends learned after Int gain.
+ Feather Fall learned after Int gain.

-Int =11 (absorbed as Int 13, as if had int decrease); can know a maximum of 7 spells/level. - now 45% learn spell

21:46, Today: Arek rolled 64,40 using d100,d100.  dancing lights, friends.
21:49, Today: Arek rolled 16 using 1d100.  Feather fall.

22:40, Today: Arek rolled 63,83,18,17,62 using d100,d100,d100,d100,d100 ((63,83,18,17,62)).

13:34, Today: Arek rolled 27 using 1d100.  learn sleep spell - copy from spellbook.
20:48, Today: Arek rolled 39 using 1d100.  charm person.

3 1st - Sleep, Charm Person, Feather Fall
2 2nd - Continual Light [blinds if save failed], Darkness 15' radius
1 3rd - Dispel Magic, Slow
Random spellbooks belonging to 8th level shade wizard (from tower on Plane of Shadow)
Spells - ???? [included special spell turned over to quest giver]


pell book for an MU, Level: 8, Intelligence: 12
 1:  Burning Hands
     Charm Person
     Dancing Lights
     Feather Fall
     Read Magic
 2:  Continual Light
     Darkness, 15' Radius
     Leomund's Trap
     Magic Mouth

21:35, Today: Arek rolled 1,1,1,1,2 using d2,d2,d2,d2,d2.  Learn spells - 2nd level.

Int gain: 21:51, Today: Arek rolled 51 using 1d100.  % to learn spell - scare.

 3:  Infravision
     Invisibility 10' Radius
 4:  Charm Monster
     Fire Trap
     Plant Growth

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Thu 1 Mar 2018
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Hat of Difference - transferred to Harcourt

XP Value: 1,000 GP Value: 8,000

Unearthed Arcana

When this magical chapeau is worn, the wearer is able to assume the role of a character of any class other than that he or she actually practices.
This magical headgear only empowers assumption of 1st level, but as long as it is worn, the
possessor is able to act as a member of the named class. Any experience gained is in the
assumed role only, but it is cumulative, so if in several wearings the individual actually goes to 2nd level, then he or she retains that level whenever the hat is worn and the new class is assumed.
Such progress may continue indefinitely, but if the hat is discarded, lost or stolen, or not within a one-mile radius of its owner for any 24-hour period, then all experience in the different class is lost. The hit points of the character are always those actually possessed, just as all ability scores are those of the actual character.

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Fri 2 Mar 2018
at 20:32
A noble name - the book of skulls.
So, make him a noble. Of forest people: makes him nothing major (particularly elsewhere).
Outcast when found outside the forest.
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Thu 15 Mar 2018
at 00:31
10:59, Today: Garek rolled 10 using 1d100.  % learn spell - dispel magic.

10:58, Today: Garek rolled 66 using 1d100.  % learn spell - lightning bolt.
10:58, Today: Garek rolled 81 using 1d100.  % learn spell - fireball.
10:58, Today: Garek rolled 65 using 1d100.  % learn spell - haste.
10:58, Today: Garek rolled 81 using 1d100.  % learn spell - slow. [in spellbook actually]
10:59, Today: Garek rolled 10 using 1d100.  % learn spell - dispel magic.

Learned one spell for level advancement - Dispel Magic.

Other spells in spellbook - no.
11:02, Today: Garek rolled 91,90,51 using d100,d100,d100.  Infravision, Invisibility 10' radius, tongues.

Int gain 13 to 16 (Omniflex) - learns slow, tongues.
22:50, Today: Garek rolled 93,81,62,51 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  inv 10', infra, slow, tongues.

15:06, Today: Garek rolled 69 using 1d100.  Learn spell - copy.

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Sat 17 Mar 2018
at 03:41
Original T&T stats
Harcourt [Demonhand]

L6 Warrior
Full Plate [14 hits x2 for warrior] = 28 hits

Str 48
Dex 396
Con 19
Int 60
Lk 60
Cha 19
Spd 20

[originally converted : Str 13, Dex 9, Con 15, Int 12, Lk ?, Cha 12, Spd 13.
+3 Cha City of Terrors, +7 all stats BSP]; say -3 Con for -1 AD&D Con [Raise Dead]

Adds: +132
7E Warrior bonus as house rule: +6 dice [houserule to once-off, not per weapon: for modelling, allows him to use second 4d

weapon in offhand w/o needing STR/DEX requirements]

Talents: Forester, Display Weapon Prowess, Evade [DX or SP +3]=16

Total 8d+38

Battleaxe [4d, STR/DEX 12 as sword]

Luck - top 25% for HP rolls - 13
-luck increases parallel D&D 'hit point increases' but work by reducing damage.
22:47, Today: Arek rolled 13 using 3d6.  Spd rating Harcourt.

"Lucky Human" - Deluxe human ability to make a second attempt at a saving roll, if it didn't fumble (=roll of 3).

-edited up to L6 warrior (excludes Hat xp)

ADDED: Paragraph 11 DE, City of Terrors.
BSP-7 (using planar travel from 3-P).

A kindly old man leads you to the target range. There he teaches you the proper
way to use a bow. You learn quickly and he is very happy. Because of his instructions, you
may reduce your saving roll by 1 level on any future shots with bow and arrow. You thank
your host and he leads you to the door.

Right hand cut off, replaced with three-fingered gremlin hand (retractable talons, 3d)[=d6 D&D damage).
-later fixed with polymorph potion
Madame Chayalla's modified Bigger is Better spell. +3 to Cha

Note - purchased level 19 dispel (4750 GP value) to undo effects of Equalizer.
Pool of Greatness: Str 20, Dex 16, Cha 22 all tripled ; including Bigger is better bonus.
-switched Str and Int (omniflex)
-exchanged Dex and Cha (omniflex) - D&D [kept +9 Cha where it was]
Omniflex II: Was Str 48, Dex 19, Con 19, Int 60, Lk 38, Cha 66, Spd 20
Revised to Str 48, Dex 57, Con 19, Int 60, Lk 38, Cha 28, Spd 20
-DEX randomly increased x6 [Hela's House of Dark Delights]

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Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 06:44
Original T&T stats
Bone Walker: allocate to Harcourt [as human-shaped warrior]
while in here; can't use fireball wand, wizard hat, or golden torc.
And the Belt of Hercules is redundant.
Keep all those however - when walker eventually broken down would be useful; may also need to get out to use.

-move dying fireball wand to Marsa; basically treat of that + The Time Piece for the Walker.

-probably can't cast spells wearing this.

Value: 100,000 G.S. Composition: Titanium, boron filament, plasteel, etc. Age:
150 years. Looks:See illustration. We1ght: 250 lbs. Total Size: ~8 1/2' tall" <
it fits all humanoids from 4' to '7' tall. Power Source: Nuclear battery. Maximum
Operating Charge: 100 hours Movement: 55 mph* with the ability to leap 30,'
(* at top speed the power pack lasts only 4 hours). Strength: Equivalent to 28
(hit for 4-40). Dext: 25 AC: 2+5 Hit Points: 200 Notes: This device is practically indestructible, only +1 magik or 20+ strength effecting it. Reduce its abilities by 1O% per 25 points of damage it takes over the first 50.
**Has taken 82 damage due to air shark explosions (fireball); -30% to abilities
Garek, Gaynor, Lynn - can't use due to wings. Interferes with psionics/magic.
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Sun 24 Jun 2018
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Spells learned
Spell learning - level 6
16:03, Today: Garek rolled 77,48,2,6 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  Harcourt - Infravision, Invisibility 10' radius, Slow, Fireball.

Learns Invisibility 10', Slow, Fireball.
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Mon 25 Jun 2018
at 01:44
Carried but not worn items
4 x Green ring (T&T, originally Gaynor's: doubles effectiveness of weapon in that hand/ D&D: adds +1 weapon enhancement)(modified from originally only helping daggers; estimated 1000 GP upgrade with 8000 required for inherent magic 'battery' effect using 7E rules). Non-cumulative with magic.

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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 04:39
Body Control
Body Control
Power Score: Con -4
Initial Cost: 7
Maintenance Cost: 5/turn
Range: 0
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: personal
Prerequisite: none
This power allows a psionicist to adapt his body to a hostile environment.
The change must be keyed to a specific surrounding: water, acid, extreme heat,
extreme cold, an elemental plane, etc. If the power works, the psionicist not
only survives, he fits in like a native organism. He can breathe and move
normally, and he takes no damage simply from being in that environment.
An attack in any form does not constitute an environment. For example, a
character who can survive subarctic temperatures is still vulnerable to a cone of
Power Score - The psionicist can adapt himself to a new environment while
maintaining the power.
20 - The character becomes even more vulnerable, and the environment causes
1d4 points of damage per round (a second use of body control halts damage).