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Gaynor (V2)
Race: Altered Human/Human
7th level fighter [wilderness warrior]

Str 24 -[+4/+10 or +2d10 Arduin]
Dex 15 [30] - 14 base, +1 for magic hand, doubled with Skull Starr
Con 13 [treat as GW character]
Int 11    - 9 base +2 dual brain.
MS/Wis 11
Cha 13
SN 13

Spd 12m, fly 14m (12 + MP mod)
Health: 10
AC 19 w/ +4 chain (23 including Dex, AD&D not Arduin);
base AC of 16 [metal skin, doesn't stack]
Hit Points: 71 [dies at -13]
Potions: has drunk permanent "Regeneration as if one
was a Troll." potion [Arduin, 1 hp/round]
-permanent potion of Heroism [absorbs 1 life level drain]

-extra HPs from L6+ as GW char (d6, no Con modifier)
-starting to have serious weapon breakage issues !

Attack: +12 to hit [d8+20] [+6 base THACO, +4 Str, +1 weapon, +1 specialization]
Primary weapon: Orodryn [+1/+8 dmg] [+10 str, +8 wpn, +2 specialization
specialized, 2 attacks]
offhand indestructible +1 sharpness broadsword --+10 to hit, d8+11
[dmg: +10 Str, +1 weapon][attack: +6 level, +1 wpn, +4 str, -1 nonprof] - sharpness on '18-20'. [D&D 'sharpness']
Or 'Kill Serpent' [+3 flail, -2 nonproficiency]; +11, d8+13 + d3 snakes doing 3d8 poison + confusion (-3 attk/defense for d6 rounds).

[can use two weapons as one action, plus extra Duality action with dual brain; duality can also negate -1 to hit for different combat manuevers]

Blonde hair, green eyes (naturally blue, redone after joining)
Skin bronzed (metallic). Hgt 6'0" (as Gaynor)(was 6'4" as Arek; facet of appearance)

Body Modifications:
-Madame Chayalla's modified "Bigger is Better" spell.
-Diamond Hand (worth 5000 GP, if cut off will die; glows, d8 damage magic weapon)
-Fists: RH deals d4 damage [metal]; LH d8, diamond).
-Metal Skin [BSP-17]- takes 12 hits.  Assume probably looks 'bronzed';  no CHA modification).
Base body weight quadrupled [+600 lbs to wgt carried]; reduced to +0 [+1oz] with armour enchantment (Palladium Fantasy, cost 15,000 GP).; skin inscribed/inlaid with runes that sustain the enchantment.
-Gills (Xixchil)
-Eye colour changed to violet (Xixchil).
-Immune to poison (Naked Doom). Can't accept further xixchil modifications.
-permanent potion of "elven night vision" (Arduin)(elf eyes - don't mutate to radiation)

Hgt: as Gaynor. Each wing =old hgt (2m wingspan)
[consider as 'ability', plus for skin to fit]

Physical Mutations
Dual Brain - periodic amnesia (D), Total Healing* (MP 13, +1 mod = 6/hr)
(Imagining dual brain being due to neural gene expression in liver so it works as a brain, badly. Total healing via releasing chemicals etc.)
Wings* [MP 16] - flying speed of 12 + MP mod (2)
Carapace* [MP 10, mod 0=base AC 15][Partial; rear only] - removed xixchil surgery

Gifts: Lucky (+1 on d6 rolls, as the Viking gift)(e.g. confusion, secret doors)

Mental Mutations
Planar Travel [control due to wish; see below]
Magnetic Control* [MP 12] - 3d6 damage vs. machinery
Telepathy* [MP 18] - scan for minds within 7 km; no examiner bonus.--+3 MHAC.
Confusion* [MP 14][MHAC +1]

Robot Recognition: 15 [20 base as human, -2 wings, -2 metal skin, -1 gills]

-can make saving throws vs. magic as AD&D character
-radiation resistance as GW character; can mutate if exposed to radiation
-would have to exist fully within one set of physics rules (of native dimension). Picking AD&D (loses Str mod). HPs just toughness, mutations work due to express wish wording; loses 15% magic resistance and ability to sustain use of GW devices which were not 'his' exactly.
-Str 20 gained from potion mixing (Stone giant Str potion). Was 13 previously.
-could use psionic powers as a Duality action (e.g. dimension door) + physical attacks.

23:42, Today: Garek rolled 3,2 using d6,d3.  Stat raise. [+2 Wisdom]

20:47, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d10.  Gaynor L6 hit points.
21:29, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d6, rerolling ones.  Gaynor additional HPs (Con 13).

HPs: as GW character, recalculate as 7d6 rather than 13d6, instead of -2/die.

Fighter Skills :
Secondary Skill - Forester
Bonus NWP: Survival (Forest) (+5 proficiency bonus)(kit)

WPs: Axe tight group (2), Battleaxe specialization (1 slot), TWF, Ambidexterity, Scimitar

Languages: Common

09:48, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d6.  Gaynor L7 hit points. -treat as GW char
12:27, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d4.  Permanent Str increase - Gaynor.
12:28, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d4.  reroll increase (time piece).
Omniflex exchanged Int/Dex -was 16/10; -base Int 14, +2; base Dex 9, +1 hand.
+1 Str due to incantation (Halls of Beol-Dor) (24)
-reduce CON by 1/2 (from 13 to 6); Hela's House of Dark Delights
x7 Luck multiplier T&T - treat as the 'lucky' Gift in Complete Viking.

Before Hela (L7) - HPs 71 /dies at -CN [-12]

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Sat 3 Mar 2018
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Gaynor (V2)
Throwing axes (3), Quarterstaff
Green half-cloak
Amulet: demagnetizes anything touched/carried.
Pear-shaped onyx amulet - allows wearer to ignore one 'critical hit' automatically.

Dwarven Hammer of Retribution +2, (+5 vs Salamanders, 4-40 pts. damage.)

Boots of Elvenkind
Cloak of Elvenkind
'Throfd Worm' silk quilted armour [15 hits, immune to acid and fire] - made for winged creature.

+4 black chain armour; resized with 'limited wish' to fit Gaynor, over Throfd worm armour and despite wings.

2 x Scimitar [d8/4D ]-1 hit destroys undead [T&T] - allow D&D undead a saving throw.
[note Harcourt, Garek also own one]; [added +3d+12, Kelsa magic shop]

'Orodryn' -Battleaxe +1, +8 to damage
[Arduin, was halberd modified w/ "steal enchantment"]

'Alt-Orodryn' -same, copied with dimensional travel.

Kill Serpent: magic flail with living serpent heads; 30", 7.5 lbs, +3 hit/damage, target bitten d3 times: venom 3d8 damage and confusion (-3 attk/defense) for d6 melee rounds. Constantly hiss and snap at all but the weilder.

Sword of Sharpness [Broadsword]; 'quirk' that it cannot be destroyed short of 'excess of force' e.g. divine intervention.
Javelin of Lightning (Fire-resistant)
Sharpness battleaxe [SenZar]
-treat as like AD&D sharpness [optional sever on devastating critical in SenZar; 35K rather than 25K D&D sale value]
*added +3d+12 [T&T] Kelsa magic shop; D&D treat as +2 weapon.

2 x Yuurk (100 hits T&T/10 D&D per round, non-magic)

50ft hemp rope (20 lbs)

Amulet of Krepmn (3 uses) - teleports to Freegore. Useful Trollworld only; not worn.

Skull Starr (mystic amulet) - 48,500 GP value; age 10,000 years. Orichalcum and fire demon bone, emanates evil. Wearer: regenerates all damage at one point/turn, "True Seeing", ability to double Dexterity during combat.

Silver-chased Horned Helm of True Sight. Only Warriors can wear (others fall asleep).(mind bar: 75% resistance)(not worn - overlaps Skull Starr).

"Night Finger of Kharkoram" - Black jade ring carved with mystik runes. Immune paralyzed, mesmerized or turned to stone.
Ring of fire resistance
Ring of Fortitude (+4 Con for resisting magic)(not worn by default)

Silver neck band [25 GP] - protect 100% vs. sharpness/vorpal decapitation. Taken from hydra. - amulet slot. Not Worn - worn if not wearing Skull Starr/wearing Horned Helm.

Stone of Good Luck (Luckstone); +1 on saves including dodging, slipping, etc. [& ability checks]. +1% to +10% on rolls to determine magic items or division of treasure rolls. 25K GP value. [given by Antaeus] - same [amulet slot] as Golden Torc, silver neck band.

Double x-bow
African throwing knife

GW Equipment
Random artifact - geiger counter
2 Revolvers - cost 160 GP [800 domars].
2d8 damage, 6 shots. ROF 2. -ammo 4/6,4/6

hollow quarterstaff (10 gp, 2lb, compartment inside, -1 damage, dragon#273)

Vac suit (space suits) for humanoid - needs modification for wings

Bracers of Archery: proficiency or +2 to hit/ +1 to damage with bow (10K value; fighter-only item)

Bag of Holding (replaced)(Arduin, cost 3500 GP)

2 x Black Pearl - magickal - 1-use teleportation device.

12 jewels (T&T random)

Copy-B: Prison Dring (Ring of Inescapable Trapping). 100,000 yo. Mithril w/ adamantine bars. Traps a single sentient being within 30' if commands spoken. Existing prisoner ejected. No saving throw. Victims may be conversed with and in fact is totally alive, needing food and water, etc. [value: 100,000 g.s.]

Motivation - Central Casting - Possessions [D+2]
-12-obstructive - acts to block others' actions (in relation to possessions i.e. envy)
-37- immoral (lecherous) - [=3w4, vanity/envy]

*-ask 5 Y/N questions to GM per game session (as Dear God spell, T&T)
(wish screwing- duplicated ability so gains only once)

[assume wild talents/fighter skills are contained in dual brain; periodic amnesia may affect]

Wild talent (roll of 50) - attraction (Wis-4), mindlink(Wis-5), contact(Wis) - 87 PSPs - cost 3/rd contact, 8/rd for ML or AT.
(base 67+4 PSPs/lvl; no PSPs for first 5 Examiner levels)

Golden Torc: works as Hat of Difference but as psionicist class [Amulet slot]
Psionicist 3 [Telepath] (primary discipline); Psychoportation
Sciences - Mindlink, Domination
Devotions - Attraction, Contact, Truthear [Wis], Mind bar [Int -2], Awe
+2 secondary devotions: Dimension Door [Con-1], Time/Space Anchor [Int]
defense mode - empty mind. 30 PSPs + can use wild talent total [83]
*MD 13 (Gamma World); +2 save vs. enchantment/charm.
-carried but not worn; reattuned periodically to prevent possible power loss.

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Wed 14 Mar 2018
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Gaynor (V2)
Converted to NWP system (justified as: gaining skills as consequence of INT gain - 8 to 16 - as well as more life experiences.
Central Casting event adds Agriculture proficiency.
Ignore for Garek (overlaps, skill capacity reached, etc.)

NWPs (3+3 Int +2 L6): ?? [check Int mod]
Secondary Skill-forester (1 slot; 1E DMG conversion guidelines)(lumbering, tree type)
-Tracking (1 slot, Wis)
-Foraging (1 slot, Int-2)
Reading/Writing (Wizard/Priest, 2 slots total, Int+1)(assumed for SS chars)
Riding, Land-based (Horse)(1 slot, Wis+3)
Swimming (1 slot, Str)
Agriculture (1 slot, general)

[removed - Intimidation, 1 unfilled due to INT reduction]

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Thu 29 Mar 2018
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Gaynor (V2)

Indian pantheon world - human probably
Former bandit - stole Deck of Many Things from traveller and picked Void card
Imprisoned in the Beastlands (2nd layer of Brux) - Panana's domain for several years.
Begged for help; rescued by Gaynor after telepathic conference.
Still stuck in tiger form (not true petitioner, but equivalent stats - tiger with double Hit Dice - 10d8+10, 66 hit points). No spellcasting.
Human body almost certainly dead.
[if had corpse, could use a Resurrection spell]

18:54, Today: Garek rolled 13,14,17 using 4d6,4d6,4d6 with rolls of 1,4,4,4,1,4,5,4,5,1,5,6.  Stats-2.

18:54, Today: Garek rolled 16,12,15 using 4d6,4d6,4d6 with rolls of 5,6,2,3,5,2,3,2,1,6,6,2.  Stats.

Dropping lowest - 12, 13, 16, 14, 10,14
Allocating - probably Thief [bandit kit]
Say 4th level Thief [bandit]
Str 14
Dex 16
Con 13
Int 12
Wis 10
Cha 14

WPS- knife, flail, short sword
NWPs - survival (forest), alertness, intimidation, looting
+1 surprise in wilderness setting (kit), -2 reaction penalty with non-bandits.

08:54, Today: Garek rolled 80 using 1d100.  system shock.
polymorph other purchased/used to return to original shape
(equivalent to: con 17 w/ ring)
oops there: potential to return her to being an NE bandit?

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Fri 8 Jun 2018
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T&T stats
T&T Stats

STR: 167 - incl +5 monolith
DEX: 27 - reduce SR to hit with bows by 1 level--double to 54 with Skull Starr
CON: 28
INT: 21
LK: 413
CHA: 22
SPD: 16
WIZ: 19

Orodryn (12d, i.e. adds 8 dice for +8 D&D damage)
magic broadsword +1(4+4)
+fighter level in dice (7d)
adds: +598

Total 23 dice + 602

[note: basically same as Garek, but +30 for +3 Str in Arduin terms]
exchanged DEX/INT - was 18 and 30. Retain +3 Int for talking to Lorac as part of Int.
Monolith boost to Int now part of Dex.
Str includes potion effect +70,
+14 Lk for L7.
x7 Luck for L7 [Hela's House of Dark Delights]; 1/2 CON.
Con originally included [includes +5 for fight w/ soulsucker]


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Thu 26 Jul 2018
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HP recalculation
Hit Points:
22:52, Today: Soren rolled 51 using 12d6 ((6,6,5,5,5,3,4,4,1,3,4,5)).
=6,6,5,5,5,3 = base 30 for Con 6.

21:58, Today: Arek rolled 3 using 1d6.  Arek 2nd level HP.
21:54, Today: Arek rolled 3 using 1d6 ((3)).  [3rd level HP]
20:16, Today: Arek rolled 2 using 1d6.  Arek L4 hit points.
14:48, Today: Arek rolled 6 using 1d6.  Arek extra hit points
? L5
20:47, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d10.  Gaynor L6 hit points.
09:48, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d6.  Gaynor L7 hit points. -treat as GW char

Total HPs: 48

reset with Ring of Before.

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HP recalculation
City of Terrors 166 [pg 77]
You have just killed the toughest monster in this adventure. You now become the Steward of Time. From Cronus' head you take the Helm of Time, and from his neck you take the token of your new office: a chain and medallion. From his hand
you take the weapon, called a sare, that is used by the Steward of Time.

Being Steward of Time, you have three powers which concern
One, at the cost of 8 ST points, you may cause any metal weapon
to decay by speeding up rusting. The ST points will be regained
at one per turn, as magic-users regain ST.

Two, at the cost of 40 ST points, you can kill any single foe you face. You simply speed up the ageing process and he dies.
Three, at the cost of 15 ST points per combat turn, you may attack faster than your foe can for one combat turn. For example, for 45 ST points you can get three combat turns before your foe gets even one. As with the above powers, your ST will be regained at one per turn.

Also, you may meddle with the fabric of time. You should always inform the GM as to what is happening. For example, going back in time may inform you what a structure or device was used for.
- However: paradoxes must be avoided at all costs! A paradox will result in annihilation of all parties concerned and the loss of your abilities and your life as the gods take revenge for you overstepping the bounds of your office!

You receive 9999 e.p.'s for this adventure and 12 jewels from  the pouch on Cronus' belt. Roll for their value on the Jewel Generator in the T&T Rule Book or in the Rule Section at the beginning of this book.

However, being Steward of Time entails a certain responsibiltiy.
You must defend your title with honour hereafter. Although you
are permitted to leave the adventure now, you also must leave a
copy of the character's card at 223 and deal appropriately and
honourably with those who come against you.