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Wed 4 Apr 2018
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Futuristic space station; assume GW costs
Translator unit (Lexicon, Computer) - cost 600 domars (120 GP) - x5 = 600 GP
6 hr duration.
Envirolyzer (1) - 740 domars
Life Force Detector - [800/5 = 160]
5 Hydrogen power cells [ 750 gp]
2 communicators [1000 km range, cost 100 GP each]
weapons trading: may generate questions - say 75% likely!
-couldn't buy gunnes; more primitive so not produced.

Total cost: 600+160+750+200+150 = 1900 GP

18:01, Today: Garek rolled 24 using 1d100.  weapons trading illegal - 75%.

after finishing there - returning home with another plane shift (to castle).
From there can go to 3P and so elsewhere again if desired.

? Potentially - want another Portal leading from the castle to e.g. uninhabited planet, to become a domain ?
Could take over say a small moon in the Spelljammer universe.

Hat of Difference: tinker gnome
Can build time travel devices.
Probably shouldn't allow items with size >20.

Antaeus - ? ideally Dimension Door + attack in same round somehow ?
[needs second action to pull off]

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Tue 10 Apr 2018
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In reply to Garek (msg # 1):

Arduin: say heard about the place...probably in T&T (T&T/Arduin having a crossover).
Its known to have its own dimensional portals.
Throwing in 'hook' for this using GM pterogative..want to do the adventures.

Gating there from 3P
Once there - can read rulebooks (but not adventures).

Taking: 25,000 GP in jewellery, 3000 GPs, all listed items/equipment.
exploitable resources - Hat of Difference to duplicate local Professions.

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
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In reply to Garek (msg # 2):

[see "Different Worlds #2 for example of someone arriving in Arduin;
likely to welcome travellers, but expect them to join a guilt at listed costs}

dimensional instability in Elven kingdom of Arduin; portals likely to appear there at 'weak point'.
The Ebon Gates:
"I stand shakily between cyclopean ebon pillars atop an immense stairway and stare at the grove of trees that surround me, trees that soar 500 feet and more into the achingly blue sky."

Appearing at top of great stairway
Met by guards.
Guild fees:
Guild fees: Techno 25/level, Mage 100/level, clerics 20/level, thieves 10/level.
300+500+500+300 Drax + 60 (Ant)+30(Drax) = 1690 GP
--deducted 2000 GP for living expenses (paid in coins, converted gems in town later - local currency

Lifts going down a mile; can look over forest.
Low Town - "garbage pit" - below the Lifts.

Guilds control cities; nobles countryside - 2 axes of power
"under cities"  - e.g. "Dirty Dorgs" under capital of Talismonde- criminal element dominates along with slvery, evil religions; orcs, goblins, trolls, ogres, black mages, a young dragon or vampire or two supping and carousing.

would-be ambushers.

main roads have fortified Inns.

arrival time:  12:59, Today: Garek rolled 11 using 1d24.  Arrival time - treat 24 as 12 midnight.  About 11:00, so everything "open" - midmorning, only slightly later than probably when left.

These fees are paid whenever adventurers come into Arduin from
"elsewhere. • The monthly cost is paid by all guild members. The
monthly dues entitles the payee to Guild hall hospitality (room '
board), legal counsel, library priviledges and the like.
Failure to pay results in legol inebilility to practice one's
own profession. Practicing said profession w1thout paying results
in being outlawed by the guild, with all attendant penalties.

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
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Asking around - joining guilds costs of up to 100/level.

Suggested Order of Adventures:

Arduin Adventure: "Forgotten Tower".
Howling Tower lvl 1-4
Citadel of Thunder lvl 5-8
Caliban level 8+
Death Hart (level ??) - may go before Caliban, only some encounters harder.
[Mostly adventures compatible with the Grimoire system, rather than '2e', compleat arduin]
Default to 'Arduin Adventure'.

Probably want to visit the capital before they find out about the dungeons (beyond what they know already).
?? Death Hart map doesn't interface with Different Worlds #2 map.

Seeing their leader struck down, the evil army of Orcs and other foul beings lost heart, broke and tried to run. Few escaped the victorious warriors, now inspired, that swept over the plain like a flood. Peace once again came to the land and Kharkoram’s memory slipped away like some long-past nightmare. Decades, centuries, passed and even the legend became dim and the land forgot.

Then one day, a dusty traveler in an Inn told a story of how he and three companions had come through on old, forgotten mountain pass in the north. He spoke of the strange, black tower of polished stone they had found and of their venturing through its massive iron gate. He hesitates then, gulping his wine to steady his shaking hand and tells of the treasure they found, but only he lived to speak of it. Showing a small, carved figure of fabulous black jade to prove what he has spoken, he mumbles something about “monsters, horrible howling monsters,” and refuses to say anything more except this:
“I would not venture again to that foul place for all the treasure in the land. But, for a small price, I will draw you a map so that you can!” Now it is up to you. Dare you
seek out the Forgotten Tower?

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
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Low Town:
15:45, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d20.  Bad random event chart.
(pg 371 in Trilogy book) - pick pocketed.
15:46, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d7.  random target.
15:47, Today: Garek rolled 12 using 1d100.  lose # GS.

15:48, Today: Garek rolled 98 using 1d100.  their % to accomplish roll.
15:48, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  punching you in the face roll.
[poor roll - treat as shoving an urchin into the wall for some damage, rather than pulping them]
[telepathic voice] <<Try that again and you'll be a head shorter>>.

It is 50/50 which Random Event Chart must be rolled on each month. However, each chart must be rolled on at least three times a year. Remember, the above charts are only a guideline, and the final arbitrator is always the DM.

Getting to Talismonde ?
-probably flying carpet.

NOTE - pg 431 - bandit group led by "Auri Wirinnaen" has flying carpet.

16:19, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d4.  season - summer, autumn (fall), winter, spring.
The Summer has an average mean temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with highs somewhere in the upper 90’s.
avg. about 25 degrees C (comfortable).

16:22, Today: Garek rolled 40 using 1d100.  summer weather table. ['no change in the weather'] - treat as default.

**Assume female PCs (=8 total characters including Vasri, 3 girls) shame Garek into not consorting with any of the women of ill repute in Low Town.

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
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Watch town
[thought was called 'watertown' initially - dodgy accents]

avoiding pickpocketing - Watchtown (looks like "Watertown" on the map)
Watchtown and Low Tower separated by a bridge over Crystal River.
Pretty - very close (at worst half an hours' walk).
Horn sounds at sunset.

!map - covers 2 pages only visible in DIfferent Worlds, scrolling view.
Talismonde 1/2 way across map.
River goes from here to there - Bright Water and Highbridge along the way.

leaving Low Town to go to Watchtown
Watchtown has 3 inns:
Fabulous Falcon (***, Wazat Tyme, on White Fence Lane. *** = 0.5 GS/night (4 GS for 8 characters).
The Silent Serpent is *, The Golden Apple ** - both Cliff Gate Square.

20:15, Yesterday: Garek rolled 16 using 1d20.  Garek - Cha check to get laid.

[failed cha roll - sneaking back to low town [dimension door]. Using a salve.
-1 salve (deducted)
! sister especially is REALLY going to tease him about the salve
(spreading on to cure disease)

Looking for people who know the area in Watchtown:
16:02, Today: Garek rolled 85 using 1d100.  sage availability - 15% chance. - hell no

16:03, Today: Garek rolled 56 using 1d100.  servant/helpers (50%).
-all possible seem REALLY dodgy. - nope

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
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Watch town
Forgotten Tower (Grey Nose) - listed as in "The bone wood" in original map, not far from Talismonde? Although the description puts it 'going through a pass in the mountains to the north' ??.
-can't be in Bone Wood.

25-hr days.

Three moons - Silver, Red, Blue. 12th of Torvaen is "Triangulus".
453 day year.
18:40, Today: Garek rolled 441 using 1d453.  Day of arrival.
Appearing in Khoros (Endyear month). Last 3 days are 'Tai Taowyn' (Endyear), 'non time'.
30 days per month - 421-450 being Khoros; appearing 11 am on the 21st of Khoros.
Upcoming festival for Winter Solstice...

! Problem that 'summer', already rolled, limits to 3 month period. Divide 441 by 4 = 110, plus 'start' of summer...day 227 is midpoint with 112 day spread. Nearing end of summer i.e. 227+[110 of 112]/2 = 227+55= 282nd day of year.
Equals 12th day of 10th month [270 = 9*30, plus 10]. 10th of Torzar.
Slightly missed 'founding of Arduin' festival on the 9th.
Ghast 1 is 'Harvest Festival', 1st day of fall. [officially - I think their calculations are off and it should be slightly earlier]

-rechecking: Winter is last 25 days of old year and first 100 days of new. Spring 125, Summer 125, Fall 75 days.
Eh, close enough.

RPG motivation: be in Talismonde for Midwinter festival, about 5 months time.

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
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Watch town
Arduin HPs question: whether we need monsters to use Revised HP system, and if so what revised HPs are.

?Does the revised HP system appear in vol. III, hence monsters published before and 'should' be updated?
PROBABLY just using HD for monsters - notes is a new 'character' system - 'the fighters have 3x the HP of the dragons they face'..doesn't make sense to also change the dragon's HD. Appears in book III; new monsters in book III still use HPs, although Arduin Adventure monsters largely have fixed HP totals listed.
-Maybe need to look up 'Compleat Arduin' to resolve if (designer of that) believes they should be provided.

Note: original system (book III) as written there usually adds +1 hp/level for first three levels (beyond 1st so to 4th), but in addition to usually +1/level (less for nonwarriors).

Both maps - dungeons map has probably smaller scale. No overlap with overland map! Except for mention of Thousand Thunder Falls. Moon wood may be 'wood of the moon'. Whole area is a lake on overland map (?).

Skull Tower - in Bone Wood Forest
The Howling Tower - on Roaring Rock in the Lake of Mists
Thunder Hole (Citadel of Thunder) - behind Thousand Thunder Falls.

Forgotten Tower: go with 'in Bone Wood near No Name Swamp' - despite contradictions, best location.

[with a sinking feeling realize the old guy's map has little to do with his story!..hmm]
Can use a Y/N question to confirm its where the map says.

overall conclusion - have to go to Talismonde - ok, probably flying.
King of Talismonde - Elric - obviously 'the' Elric (shameless copy)

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
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Watch town
2 x [Large] Flying Carpet: An enchanted, colorful carpet that can fly at a speed
of 30 mph (48 km). 10 hrs of light in 25-hr day - in that time could cover 480 km.
=300 miles.
Distance - ??
Strong potential to meet flying monsters.

Area of Arduin in the "Arduin, Bloody Arduin" article - 40,000 square miles.
= 200 miles x 200 miles ?

Say 2 days meeting people, learning about the world (rest of first day, plus the whole next day). On evening of first day, get map to Forgotten Tower.
Could go straight there, pretty well..in a day would get 1.5x across the map although we could be very wrong about scale (!).

Say a day of flying = 10 random encounter checks.

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
at 10:46
Watch town
Misty sea - Talismonde on the 'coast' - very large inland lake.
Maybe need to visit Talismonde - land a distance away and go in.
Still could use a local guide; also, makes it memorizeable as a Teleport destination.

-unsure of scale, so, say 10 encounter rolls to get to Talismonde.

Travel on a regular road through a civilized country or area
should have very little chance of danger. The DM should roll percentile, and a result of 10% or less in an encounter. Then to determine the nature of the encounter, the DM should roll a d12 with the following results: a roll of 9 – 12 means that some of the country’s own troops or sheriff, etc., has been encountered; a roll of 5 – 8 means that some of the area’s own population may have been met (a farmer on his way to the market or fellow travelers…); and a roll of 1 – 4 means the encounter is of an inimical nature. If this is rolled, the DM should roll one final time to determine what has been encountered, using any encounter chart or table desired.

Default ovrland rate 1 in 6 /hr.
21:54, Today: Garek rolled 38 using 10d6 with rolls of 5,3,4,4,5,3,1,5,5,3.  Random encounters.
22:01, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d20.  general overland monster chart.
22:02, Today: Garek rolled 51 using 8d8.  number of orcs below.

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Wed 11 Apr 2018
at 12:58
Overland encounters
Using 1 fireball (discovering doesn't work very well).
Arrows kill a bunch more orcs - a few may have bows, limited return fire and most of party have 'Yuurk' protection from non-magic attacks.
Arduin Adventure - orcs average 34 HP so most take a couple of arrows without dying, after fireball fails!
Orcs likely to scatter ('not as brave as men') but PCs demoralized by general mehness.

22:29, Today: Garek rolled 55 using 1d100.  % noticed. - nup.

8d8 = average 36..
'Arduin Adventure' orcs appear in numbers of from 1 to 20.
! Balanced for revised HP system ?
51 orcs would 'map down'. Statistically: is probably less than 5% likely.

22:45, Today: Garek rolled 46 using 1d100.  keep number of orcs constant (33%).
nvm, as encounter non-significant will leave at existing number
Though is an weird gamesystem-conversion error.
-consider to be some sort of warband.

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Thu 12 Apr 2018
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Ring of Before (10,000)
2 additional Bags of Holding (3500)
-17000 from Marsa's gem supply. [deducted]
[brought along since vaults seeming 'exposed' in her opinion]

15:53, Today: Garek rolled 67 using 1d100.  rolling in Talismonde - sage available (15%). (No)
15:54, Today: Garek rolled 96 using 1d100.  General helper (guide) (50%). - No!

Check cost of - things of elvenkind - D&D.
Boots - 5000. Cloak - 6000.
Can 'flip' for more gold on the Rock (to the Arcane)
[cost - 250; x ] = 44000 GP
Go get: a yuurk - allocate Gaynor [critical hits!], like 30 more anti-disease salves
Drax - can be primary fighter (has a Yuurk)
Garek, Lynn - still don't have Yuurk's.

Pool of greatness: wearing the Ring of Before, Lynn could try using the Pool of Greatness.
! 1 in 6 failure due to magic resistance. allergy is non-magical (not autofail)
! Might take multiple charges - cancelling could also fail due to 15% magic resistance.

Antaeus - teleport
Note- now immune to poison - bird only 1 hp damage.
-can also make contact poison now??
Salve joke - gets like 50 vials of salve, 'just in case'.

Transport: Say another 3 days in Talismonde before leaving. Transport in - Gaynor [2 days to recharge]. Transport out - Garek - back to Rock; can use 3-P to get to Rhaelph. Spending only 2 days there before Gaynor can recharge.

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Thu 12 Apr 2018
at 06:15
Rock / T&T
The Rock
4 sets elven boots (500 GS) - Compleat Arduin [Resources] - 95% silent
4 sets elven cloaks (250 GS).
5000/6000 GP value each - 44,000 GP added to inventory.

Random potions (roll to see for miscibility) - ESP, sweet water, human control, delusion - meh.

12:54, Today: Garek rolled 17 using 1d100.  able to sell bag of holding (25% full, 50% 10K).
Selling Bag for 25,000 GP.

15:58, Today: Garek rolled 41 using 1d100.  availability - amulet of life protection (15% base) - the Rock. - Nope.
23:25, Today: Garek rolled 33 using 1d100.  Girdle of dwarvenkind (10%).
16:18, Today: Garek rolled 33 using 1d100.  Amulet of Life Protection (5%). [Scarab of Protection]

naked doom - dimension door in:
15:45, Today: Garek rolled 100 using 1d100 with rolls of 100.  15% magic resistance.
15:44, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 2d6 with rolls of 4,2.  Lynn - constitution check vs. pool of greatness.
18:30, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d6.  naked doom random encounters.
--Dimension door out.

Salve getting:
Antaeus - see post after next.

Antaeus - buying Deluxe Staff (as trap stopper)
Distributing anti-undead scimitars.

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