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Tue 24 Apr 2018
at 13:13
14b - The Howling Tower
Waiting a full week in Khosht buying devices, spells, etc.
Afterward - gating to The Ebon Gates.
Time - aiming for 11 am again, go through bridge to Watchtown and go to the inn there.
Sage - would probably like a day or two to catch up with people.
Garek - is off using salve (2 doses).

22:48, Today: Garek rolled 74 using 1d100.  10% chance of misfortune. - OK.
Antaeus - using Teleports to move to city of Talismonde.
[near to Howling Tower as 'lake of mists' is the main sea]

Howling Tower: on ROaring Rock in the Lake of Mists.
Comments - hidden by fog and mists.

total to go: 6 other chars + equipment, + elf, sage. = 8

11:49, Today: Garek rolled 13 using 1d20.  teleport (2 chars, 2 bags). 120 PSPs
11:53, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d20.  15 or less, teleport back. 60 PSPs
11:53, Today: Garek rolled 19 using 1d20.  teleport (2 chars) - fail, 60 PSPs
12:43, Today: Garek rolled 15 using 1d20.  teleport 2 (retry). - power score, 96 PSPs
12:46, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d20.  teleport back. - 60 PSPs
12:46, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d20.  teleport 2. - 120 PSPs
12:47, Today: Garek rolled 12 using 1d20.  teleport back. - 60 PSPs
12:47, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  teleport 2. - 120 PSPs
transported: 8

PSPs expended: 696
XP gained (psionicist): 6360
PSP recovery at 12/hour = 58 hours = 3 days approx.

useful since random encounters are deadly.

09:57, Today: Garek rolled 53 using 1d100.  more Di bags available (70%).
Remaining another 3 days in Talismonde to recharge planar portal.
Book passage on ship to get to The Howling Tower- 50 mile trip along the lake of mists?
[is the lake freshwater??]

11:29, Today: Garek rolled 2,1,2,1,5 using d6,d6,d6,d6,d6.  sea encounters.
[how does anyone survive on this planet?]
11:44, Today: Garek rolled 16 using 1d20.  sea encounter. [elasmasaur]
11:44, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d4.  3 elasmasaurs.
11:47, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d12.  reaction. - monster is frightened off

11:48, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d20.  more monsters. [d4 pirate ships]
11:49, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d4.  # pirate ships.
11:55, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d12.  encounter reaction. - for whatever reason, pirates not attacking [as 'intelligent foe'].

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Thu 26 Apr 2018
at 07:36
14b - The Howling Tower
Party could really use: poison gas, since mostly immune to poison.
Time shift/dimension door - can do scouting for 3 minutes while immune to damage.

Howling Tower - processing

"Compatible with most FRP systems" - can use whatever we want.
Stats are D&D ish ?

Room 10 - Gaynor opening..
3d10 damage - Yuurk absorbs most - taking 6 damage

-14 destroyed (impact on skin/Yuurk)
leaves 106
Flast Point spell - 20ft radius so about 1/2 of room.
May not kill all - if some outside radius.
Probably would move toward doorway when opened however [roll within 1/4 swarm amt = 30]

16:32, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 2d10.  damage.
16:27, Today: Garek rolled 5,10,1 using d20,d20,d20.  attacks.
16:32, Today: Garek rolled 3,18,1,10,12,17 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  tengs - gaynor.

16:27, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d10.  # that could attack.
16:27, Today: Garek rolled 5,10,1 using d20,d20,d20.  attacks.
16:32, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d30.  surviving Tengs.

all clear...
continuing exploring - emptry room next to 10.

17:02, Today: Garek rolled 29 using 2d8+24.

17:01, Today: Garek rolled 18,16 using d20,d20.  Garek - backstab .

17:01, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d20.  dimension door.

killed ogre.
released poison gas - OK.

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Thu 26 Apr 2018
at 11:58
14b - The Howling Tower
Secret doors - suggests 1-in-6 chance. Takes a turn per 10x10 area.
Tapping may find hollow spaces (may be unlinked corridor).
-party just slowing down drastically to search everything because so many SD's being found.

Antaeus - used 34 ST - passing magic items to someone else!!
Garek - used 4 ST
20 PSPs.

Room 6
monsters - telepathy finds - can tell both that they're hiding in secret doors 50' up and that treasure is under trapdoor.

-killed first three with DD Ambush - flying back.

-Garek following - disoriented.
-Marsa reloading

2 left from SD-3, +3 others from last hidey hole.
22:03, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 2d4.  sleep.

Harcourt: uses Sleep, both knoblins fall 50' and die.
Lynn - moves through DD and is disoriented.

Kills 1 knoblin with axe; 2 left - 1 killing nearest inanimate object [digging at secret treasure cave]

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Thu 26 Apr 2018
at 12:58
Room 2
Located stair A1 - leaving for now - tower probably the hardest...

Room 2:
22:19, Today: Garek rolled 94 using 1d100.  traps.
chest not trapped but glow behind chest!

22:26, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d7.  sz: elf 1-2, human 3-4, halfling 5-6, dwarf 7.

retracing steps - if going to explore unexplored territory, do it near the entrance.

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Fri 27 Apr 2018
at 03:07
Room 2
Need to upgrade - ranged abilities.
Also get - poison gas!
Sage - 'here, reload this for me'. Or he could use it.

Flask of Cures - Garek now down 1 HPs.
Y/N questions used - 4.
Antaeus: +12 PSPs used.
-Garek/Gaynor can also DD

Lynn: now rear guard for party - Gold Finder has to be 30' away from any gold (including other PCs) to work - 80% chance.

Antaeus - can find/remove traps now with 16 Dexterity.

Currently: 10 minutes per room. Cycling between Garek, Antaeus, Gaynor, Harcourt, and Drax (and the Sage?) for Revelation - used on every room, no one ever more than 4 STR down.
Using: Omniscient Eye - Drax [-10 ST]

2 x scroll - permanent 1st level spell
roll up notes
11:12, Today: Garek rolled 83 using 1d100.  20% of 1-2 Arduin spells.
11:12, Today: Garek rolled 20,48 using d100,d100.  random level 1 (3E table) spells.
[lesser confusion, identify [!] - 2E identify however, -8 Con :(?
Druid scroll - Raise dead, fully - horses - 7 uses.

Rooms done - 2,3, 4,5,6,7 (monsters not killed but looted aside from scrolls), 8, 9.
Room 1 found eventually.


09:27, Today: Garek rolled 30 using 8d6 ((6,1,4,6,4,4,1,4)).
SD in room above room 10 - yes.

Exploring adjacent area - makes easier to find secret passages.

09:29, Today: Garek rolled 25 using 8d6 with rolls of 1,4,1,6,1,3,4,5.  SD  in room above room 10 (next).

Passing Revelation stick to Garek.

*****Found Stairway "A".
grey horrors likely to scuttle out on their turn.

found - drop wall in room 4.
propped ovep with DELUXE STAVE. Can retrieve later by making a Dimension Door under the staff, letting wall close.

10:04, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d100.  find/remove traps.
10:04, Today: Garek rolled 66 using 1d100.  find/remove traps.
Trap connected to "R" lock mechanism - disabled.
no treasure with octopus.

failed to find SD from 'R'.
Found SD into room below.
Door up into area adjoining room 7 (left of 7).

dimension door into chest - out falls 2500 sp, and a

Retracing to Start; right side.

10:34, Today: Garek rolled 33 using 8d6 with rolls of 2,6,6,4,2,5,3,5.  secret doors. - nope.
locating secret door to Room 8.

Perilous - unsure if monster or trap.
Telepathy? - sensing two monsters. Some sort of acid monster.
sage: no idea, could be lots of things. Dragons? [roll of 68]

Potential resources: poison may work (knoblin bows). Fire may work.
Garek/Gaynor - throfd worm silk armour puts them in the lead.

Fireball! - may hurt lead one. Not realizing otehrs are in tunnel.
1st one - killed with speed attack.
2nd one - sprays Garek/Garynor (throfd worm, luckily)
before Garek kills it (Dex 18, still slower!).

3rd Yellow Peril - killed with 2nd fireball (save of '3') + nevermiss.

Found SD to room #3.
Ferrets - fireballed.
No trap on chest.

11:28, Today: Garek rolled 23 using 8d6.  search secret doors. - elf finds room at bottom left.
Moving around for long time - eventually hitting Room Nine.
telepathy - doesn't find wizard (+10 vs. !). With zombies.
Seems invisible dude when opens door, plus zombies.

-priest takes 39 damage (made both)


Type: Metamorphed human(oid) HD: Always 6+1 Sizes: As per Human(oid) AC:
5 base but variable by magikal protects, robes etc. Speed: 90' per turn.
NU11Wer: Usually alone but never more than thirteen. Looks: See illustration.
generally grey-green and tentacle faced human{oids). Attacks: Two (2) magikal
attacks per tuznl Or one (1) hypnotic mesmerizing attack usable against any .
single entity within 30'. Those thus psychically attacked must save at minus
five (-5) or become zombie-like servents of the dread priests for 1020 melee
rounds t Level: They can be any level but are seldom seen under 6th level.
Notes: 'nlese are evil beings who have sold their souls to the "Dark and
Elder Gods" of prehistory and in return have been granted the ability to use"
magik at twice the normal rate and speed. They can use all levels of normal
magik and clerical and druidical magik up to- the 13th circle. They prefer
spells like: rr~rgom's Spell of the Red DesthU and "Haraag' s Hell;fire."
They practice human sacrifice. bestiality and cannibilism and are feared
throughout the multiverse. They never have more than thirteen servants or
guardians, and prefer those types which are horrific to look upon. They get
a plus ten (+10) save va psychic probes and/or attacks. Cold only does 1/4
damage to them but "holy wa tern burns them like fire/acid at 206 per vial in
potency (they hate it!).

11:39, Today: Garek rolled 10,4,16,15,14 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  saves 2.

11:38, Today: Garek rolled 16,15,15,1,19 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  saves 1.

Use same 'saves' (x2) - identical wands
results half, half,half, full,full,full,full,half,half,half
5 have 24 damage.
36 +9 killed.

11:41, Today: Garek rolled 11 using 1d20.  guardian save.

12:05, Today: Garek rolled 68 using 1d100.  disable trap (80%).

12:04, Today: Garek rolled 66 using 1d100.  find trap O.

Room 1 - using magnetic field generation to drag metal things toward door to stir up activity.
Gaynor - drinking potion of invulnerability. As battlebones come to door, killed with undead bane scimitars.

SPEND ENOUGH TIME HERE TODAY - Calling it a day and beating a retreat before the howling starts.
Recovering Deluxe Stave on the way.

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Fri 27 Apr 2018
at 05:08
Room 2
14:37, Today: Garek rolled 4,6 using d6,d6.  night encounters (1-2, 1-2).
-recovering ST, spells, etc.
Note - treasure in party treasure thread (end).

Rooms done - Room One, Room Seven.

no night encounters
finished recuperating.
Returning - down to level 'A'.
trap M disabled - haven't found secret doors along corridor.
found room 7 - suspiciously contiguous
Revelation on empty room opposite 7 (corridor with M in it).
Danger sense - "why is this chest unlocked??" - know there's danger here.

Party does a Revelation spell - secret door glows.
Using crystal ball to look inside chest.

14:52, Today: Garek rolled 40 using 1d100.  identify itchies. - 'some sort of bug'.
Sage exhausted for 1 hour.
Leaving alone. Can't flood (would destroy scrolls). May be poisonous in which case non-dangerous.
Ideally - suffocate bugs.

Resting 1 hour upstairs.
Checking out Room One.
-found guardian monster w/ telepathy.

15:09, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d20.  confusion.
15:09, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d20.  dimension door (100 yards up).
15:09, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d20.  saving throw.
-approx 200ft fall (dies). [--ties for Dex [16] but has to move]

Bat cloak.
In a secret floor compartment is a
single scroll. On it are six spells (random)
of the 3rd level. Each may be used thrice.
However who ever breaks the seal on the scroll
must save vs magik at minus four (-4)
or be shape-changed into a random human
sized monster. This change has a 75% chance
of p~rmanence otherwise it lasts lD20 days.

15:13, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d20.  danger sense.
-may also glow w/ Revelation.
-dispel magic.

15:15, Today: Garek rolled 45 using 1d100.  dispel magic (50% base).
Omniscient Eye - on bat cloak.
Y/N to see if dispel works - yes.

Dimension Door - note problem that someone has to be next to them to use it.
-invis ring?

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Mon 30 Apr 2018
at 06:33
Room 2
Used 2 more Y/N - is it safe to put in bag - yes, are room 10 monsters immune to fire.
Antaeus: 28 PSPs + Time Shift cost + Control body cost.

Room Nine - two descriptions? Use dragon for top, orcs for bottom (say drop wall is down).

Illusory dragon - Garek ignores with Helm of True Seeing. Neither can sense with Telepathy.
Uses Revelation to look for traps/doors.

Room 4
10:38, Today: Garek rolled 62 using 1d100.  can we get monster to stay there?
10:39, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d20.  telepaths - charisma check. [best possible result]
-assume is following PCs
Revelation to find secret doors shows it has 24 x 500 GS blue diamonds in collar.
think barely sentient/doesn't value.
14:52, Today: Garek rolled 96 using 1d100.  would it like collar off (50%). - NO.
Doesn't like people coming near its neck. If didn't want on could phase it off.

Torvil has Ring of Cat Control ?

Room 5 -- skorpoon
Antaeus - use time shift, dimension door twice to see what's in the room without affecting anything.
Giant scorpion/baboon hybrid (damn wizards).

14:59, Today: Garek rolled 17,13 using d20,d20.  dimension door in/dimension door out.
[only possibly due to high power score - as otherwise could be trapped when duration runs out]

15:04, Today: Garek rolled 9 using 1d100.  sage roll. - can tell they have no other special powers.

Initiative summary
Gaynor - speed attack
Garek - Dex 18
Harcourt - Dex 17 w/ gauntlets
Antaeus -Dex 16 w/ gauntlets
Drax - Dex 16 (adjusted) - 17 with -1 for armour
Marsa - Dex 14 (adjusted) -- 15 with penalty for elf chainmail [nevermiss]
Lynn - Dex 11
Gaynor - Dex 10 (remaining attacks)
Elf - Dex 10 -bow last a bad combination. With a +5 shield, could give him melee weapon.

'animals hate you'
15:15, Today: Garek rolled 83 using 1d100.  animals hate you roll.
Phandelyon hates the elf but allowing modifier of a couple of % in that it 1) isn't exactly an animal and 2) natural 1 on reaction.

Stabbing: Dimension door again ?

15:24, Today: Garek rolled 9 using 1d20.  dimension door power roll.
Attacks at -4 (AC 2).

15:39, Today: Garek rolled 19,3,12,9,10,15,11,8 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  fireball saves (48/24).
Fireball saves - 2 pass (24 damage); 6 fried;

Found Stair "C" going down.
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Mon 30 Apr 2018
at 21:42
Room 2
Gaynor using planar gateway to make gate back to castle. [could 'recharge' with Ring of Before].
10 orc bodies in plate armour
Both flying carpets
Third flying carpet just found
2000 SP.
Scabies box [moving carefully!]
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Tue 1 May 2018
at 06:59
Room 2
Done - Room 2, 7, 1, 3

-sage doing mapping.

Dimension Door/Time Shift recon.
10 PSPs + Time Shift cost (3 rds = 12 PSPs); time shift 2 rds (6 PSPs).
Garek - 3 damage (total)
Antaeus - uses 2 CLW spell slots.
used 20 ST for 4 uses of Omnipotent Eye item (-20 Garek, -20 Gaynor)

Room 2 - uncovered via search in wide corridor next to Stair "C"
Uncovers secret door; entry from main corridor.
Entrance - Garek.

finding - 4 lions.

[can *maintain* the dimension door so no risk of being trapped]
can just use to look in.

Room One: Throon - already done.
Room Seven - itchies - already done.

moving around to explore large empty LHS area.
eventually Room 3.

bad telepathy rolls - not detected. Opening normally (as if corridor).
Dex 22 - Breathing fire (6d6) over Garek (immune), Antaeus (immune) and Garek (immune).

11:35, Today: Garek rolled 19,17,1,7,6,3 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  Gare, Gaynor, Harcourt.
11:35, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d100.  critical result.
11:35, Today: Garek rolled 20 using 1d20.  Garek crit confirmation.

11:37, Today: Garek rolled 24 using 1d100.  fumble result. - Gaynor loses one axe.
11:39, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d10.  nevermiss.
Damage so far: 50.

11:40, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d100.  squeeze.
11:41, Today: Garek rolled 13 using 3d6.  Gaynor - fire squeeze.
-healed CLW

Room Six - telepathy scan gets 3 or 5 'things' (mindless ferocity).
Dimension door recon !
7-headed hydra !!
20' ceiling. Big - can probably get heads through roof.

14:53, Today: Garek rolled 97 using 1d100.  sage roll.
-bogus info ?? 'I think they can breathe fire' (dragonhydra confused with).

-too large to fit through dimension door.

Initiative summary
Gaynor - opens door & speed attack
Garek - Dex 18
Harcourt - Dex 17 w/ gauntlets - Lightning Strike
Antaeus -Dex 16 w/ gauntlets - Dimension Door

Drax - Dex 16 (adjusted) - 17 with -1 for armour -Lockjaw
Marsa - Dex 14 (adjusted) -- 15 with penalty for elf chainmail  - Nevermiss
Lynn - Dex 11 - attack
Gaynor - Dex 10 (remaining attacks)

HPs - 22 current [2 heads left; 1 with Lockjaw ?]
1 bite Garek - neutralized by Yuurk.

Room 8 - telepathy - some sort of [very evil] wizard and an animal
Plans - lightning bolt feasible [should kill a wizard}?

Room 2 - Garek - 1 on speed attack, 87%, with luckstone - twists ankle rather than hitting friend (half Dex).
22 damage to wizard
Garek - fumble - 'take blow not meant for you' - 3/4 damage = 24 damage from Lightning bolt!
stunned d10 rounds [2]
Dex 17 - moon dog howls (fear up to 4th level - no one affected); bite misses Gaynor.
Mage - web on everyone filling area next to door and corridor immediately outside.
Dex 16 - Antaeus - save ? - treat as D&D spell.

Antaeus - teleport taking Drax and Lynn into the room (40 PSPs, power check of 5).
Lynn - fumble, twists ankle...loses attack
Drax - kills wizard.

Garek - can't move?
Gaynor - can't move
moon dog - closes with Drax
Garek hobbles over and kills him.

2 twisted ankles (Lynn, Gaynor)
Garek - has taken 24 electrical damage.
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Thu 3 May 2018
at 00:39
Room 2
[4 hr shifts]
shift1: Garek [using total healing], Lynn, the elf
shift2: Drax, Harcourt, the sage
shift3: Marsa, Gaynor, Antaeus, [phandelyon]

-Gaynor and Garek switched above to allow for total healing.
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Thu 3 May 2018
at 01:31
Room 2
Used: about 5 YN questions.

09:59, Today: Garek rolled 1,6 using d6,d6.  encounters.
-know of beforehand.

10:00, Today: Garek rolled 18 using 1d20.  encounter.
12d4 gnorcs
10:03, Today: Garek rolled 30 using 12d4.  gnorcs.

HD: 2+1 to 4+1 AC: 4
Speed: 10 (charge at 12) DEX: 7 16
% Liar: 80% Number: 20 220
Immunities: 100% fear proof
Attacks: 1 claw (d8) or by weapon
Looks/Dress: Gnorcs are a cross between Gnolls and Orcs.
Notes: Usually, they attack anything they see regardless of size! They are very much like berserkers.
True chaotic, they hate everyone!

Attack in shift 1

10:09, Today: Garek rolled 11,11 using d20,d20.  lynn, elf - SN rolls.
-noticing forward scouts ?

10:10, Today: Garek rolled 13,2 using d20,d20.  telepathy.

10:10, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  garek telepathy (duality).
-will quickly notice there's a lot of them.
WAKE UP! [telepathic]
-good news; no one actually wears armour.
Garek - still injured.

overall - monsters surprisingly close. Were warned by YN question however.

Initiative summary
Gaynor - speed attack
Garek - Dex 18
Harcourt - Dex 17 - Flash Point (wand)
Antaeus -Dex 16 w/ gauntlets - ?

Drax - Dex 16 (adjusted) - 17 with -1 for armour -fireball
Marsa - Dex 14 (adjusted) -- 15 with penalty for elf chainmail  - fireball
Lynn - Dex 11 - attack
Gaynor - Dex 10 (remaining attacks)
Sage - loading Nevermiss
Elf- attack with bow +2.

LITERALLY generate 3 fireballs in round 1.
average results

Down to: 6 gnorcs.

0:15, Today: Garek rolled 17,18,17,10,14,8,14,14 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20 ((17,18,17,10,14,8,14,14)).
Save #: Orc - Wand - 17.
5 killed/3 injured.
4 killed/4 injured
5 killed/3 injured
6 unaffected.

attack at range.

Confusion - Garek fails, Gaynor result of 'attacks nearest inanimate object' [unaffected orc at rear]
killed one with speed attk, 2 by Garek - in lead.
Antaeus on 16 ?- misses
Lynn on 11...flying up, hit with chain
rolling 7+4 str +4 maul +4 enforcer - kills one undamaged one [3 HD].

10:35, Today: Garek rolled 85,2 using d100,d8.  crit. - face, both eyes destroyed.
10:37, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 2d8.  damage.
10:37, Today: Garek rolled 18 using 1d20.  second chance of crit.
could treat 20 as 'double damage' if any hits scored crit applies.
A 'miss' due to damage absorption - could reroll similarly to miss due to AC.
18 - is pretty good - compromise and treat as slash across one eye ?

end of round...Gaynor
elf - misses.

Round 2.
Garek - attacks, DD "20" results in disorientation this round (can't move/attack).
Harcourt - sleep
10:52, Today: Garek rolled 3,3,3 using d2+2,d2+2,d2+2.  HD. --should've been d3+1. Mapping.
10:53, Today: Garek rolled 5,6,6 using d6,d6,d6.  1-4 2 HD, 5-6 3 HD.

Antaeus - n/a
Drax - sleep, 2 HD, no effect.
Marsa - nevermiss
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Thu 3 May 2018
at 01:33
Room 2
Total: used 6 Y/N questions about ('will there be any more encounters').
Used Ring of Before to negate crit.
Healing up overnight otherwise.
Lion helps.
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Thu 3 May 2018
at 13:54
Level "B"

A,B lead up to ground floor.

Stair "C" first one found - near room 10.
Stair "D" also found.

start with stair "C"
Four way - one direction leads toward "D".



Map actually only works if level "B" is upside down compared to "A".
Unless stair letters are transposed.

B - page 5.
A - page 10

Starting with "D" as closer to edge of map.  Then want to explore "Down" to edge (up as previously

[though levels may not align exactly]

Revelation - finds secret down leading 'down' (as shown) to long perimeter 10' wide coridor.
Revelation on linked wedge-shaped area.
Entering - Room b-Nine.

chest: using Revelation.
Chest room #9 -
1 oz = 1 gp (Arduin rules)
each bar worth 1000 GP.
36,000 GP worth of gold.
Relocating - would have to use Planar transport again.- leaving here for now.

Room Six.
telepathy - half a dozen CE berserkers. Plan: dimension door, 2 fireballs.

22:06, Today: Garek rolled 19,4,6,3,1,3 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  fireball (48/24).
22:06, Today: Garek rolled 13 using 1d20.  dimension door.
1 survivor. [24 damage]

Garek dropping down through portal.
22:09, Today: Garek rolled 20 using 1d20.  berserker attack.
22:09, Today: Garek rolled 16 using 1d100.  critical.
22:11, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 2d8.  damage.
insufficient damage to get through DR, so rolling crit confirmation
22:12, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d20.  crit confirmation. - nope. [only hits 14, not normal AC]
would be arm - artery cut - but all damage negated.

[if not - could use bandages]

2 Omniscient Eye spells used.

Room One (huge!)

22:32, Today: Garek rolled 20,13,11,12,20,10,18 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  skyray - telepathy.
- thoughts remind him of mutant fungus he knew once (multiple 20s)

time shift reconnaisance - finds sky rays.
22:41, Today: Garek rolled 61 using 1d100.  sage roll. - fail

Room 1:
wizards - cast fireballs into the room - 2 separate sets of 2 targets (spread out)

22:48, Today: Garek rolled 2,5 using d20,d20.  fireball saves.
22:48, Today: Garek rolled 6,2 using d20,d20.  fireball saves.
speed attack kills injured one. - releases spores in area - Gaynor + both wizards hit.

spore cloud - using disease salve..

23:23, Today: Garek rolled 13 using 1d20.  Wis check (Danger sense) for cursed scroll.

5 x Omniscient Eye - Garek, Gaynor both at about -30 ST.

Exploring - finding commection to "Stair C" room.
Moving up to 'Room Two".
telepathy; dimension door - shooting down to kill dogs in about 3-4 rounds.

Room Three:
Red Troll: indefinite hit points! :(
Treat as Troll ??
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Tue 8 May 2018
at 03:34
Level "B"
PSPs used: 36 [DD 24, time shift 12] - includes new room.
Telepathy used on troll.
Time shift recon: finds red troll
planning strategy --
too large to DD
one target - no fireball
Just have to go beat it.

12:05, Today: Garek rolled 67 using 1d100.  troll identification. - nope

plan to DD to adjacent room if necessary. Melee.

12:08, Today: Garek rolled 63 using 1d100.  fumble - Gaynor.

12:08, Today: Garek rolled 18,11,11,1,6,16 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  Garek, Gaynor, Harcourt.
63 not on fumble table. Treat as generic 'lose next attack' ?

12:11, Today: Garek rolled 10 using 1d20.  Dex check or fall down. - OK
[similar to adjacent results]

Troll takes - 69 damage.
traditionally 6-HD - should do it.
Adventure - 7' tall, 40 HP. Compleat ARduin - 65 HP. So should be dead
12:18, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  attack. It misses.
Can kill with - 'death, no save' white ring.
Silver knife - prob. still have ? can't find in inventory, added to sage.

Spending a couple of hours recovering ST.
Continuing onward - Room Four.
No telepathy - morghouls ! - should've used hear noise...
critical hit  - fail due to Yuurk
extra damage (3 attacks) - gets through - 7 damage + paralysis. Plus 8 rotting damage.
rot for 1 hit/turn.

! - no damage - all ghouls still alive.
Antaeus pull back - Garek steps in w/ undead slaying scimitars.
12:47, Today: Garek rolled 89 using 1d100.  fumble - Garek.
12:48, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d6+7.  wrong target - 3/4 damage.
[hits Garek as being pulled back]

12:47, Today: Garek rolled 1,19 using d20,d20.  Garek.
-1 ghoul destroyed by scimitar.
-Lynn immediately applies disease salve to bite - should cure rotting. [deducted]

Garek - 7 damage including rotting (Yuurk prevents first claw)
-scimitar hits over 2 rounds destroys remaining Morghouls.

Gaynor - 23 - used 3 CLW for 17, flask 1 - 5 damage left
Garek - has taken 7. -d4 flask [4]. = 3 damage

13:04, Today: Garek rolled 1,4 using d4,d4.  Gay, Gar.

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Tue 15 May 2018
at 06:19
Level "B"
Room 10
Doing advance scouting with DD - locates 24 skull warriors.
DD can open into treasure chest - removing Magik Light Dart Engine.
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Tue 15 May 2018
at 06:52
Level "B"
Plundering Room 5.
2 fireballs, speed attack (miss), Garek's attacks - kills dune giant (82 damage)
Retreating from "B" level to sleep overnight a distance away.

additional YN questions - using Dear God item however (30 ST)
-is there a lower level we missed? - no.
-will we be attacked by monsters tonight? [if we rest in same campsite] - no.

Next morning: the actual tower.
-Done: Room 2. [Kill thingy easily, taking treasure]
Room 4: HUGE scorpion, only treasure some rubies - avoiding. --used PSPs to scan
Room with tiger - failed to find with telepathy - went in and found tiger hard way.
Amulet broken by critical - Marsa gave hers to Gaynor to replace.

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Mon 21 May 2018
at 05:13
Level "B"
Room 1 - telepathy finds guardian
Time Shift scouting notes the 'dragon orb'.
Y/N qu. used - would idol come to life - Y.
Looks extremely dangerous !!

Going up.
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Mon 21 May 2018
at 05:46
Level "B"
Level 2.
Room 2 - Killed snakes - rolled to check for crits, killed.
Room 1 - Killed Danelorn the Grim.

15:10, Today: Garek rolled 73 using 1d100.  critical effect.

15:10, Today: Garek rolled 20 using 1d20.  speed attack.
First attack - Garek, Speed attack - roll of '20' - 'heart pierced, die immediately'.
Looted - fatigue as using Omniscient Eye to ID six items.

Ignoring goblin room

Telepathy - room 3, level 1 - telepathy finds him listening to us! (120' audio pickup)
Beating a hasty retreat...planning.

"Magik Light Dart Engine" - left in corridor outside Room 10.

-potentially - bypass that room and attempt Level 3.

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Mon 21 May 2018
at 06:31
Level "B"
Level 4 - finding room 1.
Can loot treasure using Dimension Door (opening gate below it and closing before squid attacks).

Getting out of here!

Using Dimensional Travel - back to the keep.
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Tue 22 May 2018
at 00:46
Level "B"
Erolith Elralei
2000 GP (after repaying 1000 GP debt). Hates dwarves.
22:54, Today: Garek rolled 27 using 1d100.  normal or special class - elf.
22:54, Today: Garek rolled 9 using 1d20.  random class. [Druid]
barred to elf.
23:13, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d20.  reroll - can't be druid. - dual-class
23:14, Today: Garek rolled 17,10 using d20,d20.  classes. --cleric/paladin

23:16, Today: Garek rolled 88 using 1d100.  elf - clerical specials table.
animals hate you and will attack 85% of the time.

09:39, Today: Garek rolled 93 using 1d100.  elf originally from offworld (90% unlikely). - yes, from somewhere else..likely few Arduin friends.
09:41, Today: Garek rolled 92 using 1d100.  statue >100 years old (50%).
-only there a few months
Detect secret doors. AC 5.

+5 magic kite shields - only paladins may carry (white unicorn on gold background).
Magic longbow (+3 to hit only, no exceptional strength)

Elf - Dex 2, Agil 6, Int 17, Cha 8
+12 points.
15:13, Today: Garek rolled 6,17,8 using d20,d20,d20.  Agil, Int, Cha.
Dex 10, Agi 8, Int 18, Cha 9

10:14, Today: Garek rolled 18 using 1d100.  Does elf want to leave party (75%)?

10:14, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d100.  Does elf wanted Elfeneld ? (33%).
leaves with +4 weapon that makes you kill cthulhu priests (he's a paladin).

His ability to find secret doors will be missed!

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