14c - The Citadel of Thunder.   Posted by Garek.Group: 0
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Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 13:28
Room 1
Room 1 - picked up with life force detector:

The Guardians of this room are a mated pair.of Spigas (see AG I). The female is 6+1 HD, 54 HP, dext. 22 and the male is 5+1 HD, 45 HP and dext. 21. The female knows 3 spells: "Haraag's
Hellfire,H "Pyroman's Pinwheel" and "See all Invisible." The male knows but one: "Become
Invisible. H (Which he will be 50% of the. time).

HD: 5+1 to 24+1 AC: 2 to 2+5
Speed: 16” to 36” DEX: 18 to 24
Number: d4 % Liar: 95%
Attacks: 2 leg hits for d4 to 3d12, 1 bite for d6 to 4d12, a paralyzing venom that is half of the
Spiga’s HD, or 1 web (a 25’ to 90’ long by 15’ to 45’ wide cone). The web will hold anything
caught in it equal to its own HD plus 50%.
Looks: Spigas are metallic silver, gold, or blue giant armored spiders.
Notes: They are 50% magik resistant and 100% lightning, fire, poison, venom, and paralysis proof.
Cold does 50% more damage. They are cruel and intelligent and hate humans.

23:02, Today: Garek rolled 26 using 1d100.  50% likely to be invisible. - is invisible

23:01, Today: Garek rolled 30 using 1d100.  sage knowledge -spigas.
Sage actually has heard of!

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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 13:07
Room 1
spigas - assume only one so full-out melee assault.

Door opened - Garek
Gaynor - ready to do speed attack - notices there are two.
Already running in - speed attack

Dex 22 - female - spell: casting pinwheel (2d12 fire) (5' across) - concentration...
L4 spell means completes at Dex 18.
Dex 21 - male (invisible) - takes 16 damage. Web ?

pg 292 spells
Spiga - AC 2.
female - takes 47 damage. --+19 on initiative 20 = 66 damage - dead.
male - web up to 7 HD (treat as spell?) on harcourt, gaynor
gaynor - 19 save (lifts up above), harcourt - 3 (also can't see it) - stuck.
garek - can go in (Dex 20) with 'boots of bouncing'.

22:30, Today: Garek rolled 96 using 1d100.  spell fumble result.
'exact reverse of spell happens', 50/50 to target or to mage.
-cold damage "pinwheel".

22:31, Today: Garek rolled 48 using 1d100.  affect caster 50%. !
[body takes further 2d12 damage. Fades rapidly without concentration.
garek - saves (successful dodge) with 18.
-sage - is he 20' back? wants to run toward reverse-pinwheel.

-Gaynor's actual turn increases damage on male to 50 (dead).
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 13:13
Room 1
Missed Room 10 (could find with more exploring).
Continuing around - eventually reach Nine through west door.
dimension door + 2 fireballs - ineffective! + missile fire.
smog bomb dropped..[Marsa] - 36 damage each.

PCs going in door - starting combat.

16 damage  - male sunbear. - Gaynor
Harcourt - extra 46 damage drops the sunbear (#1 wpn just hits)

Garek - Dex 20 -

23:08, Today: Garek rolled 30,27 using d20+11,d20+10.  attacks.
23:09, Today: Garek rolled 40 using 2d8+30.  damage.
Kills #2 (female) bear before it can bite for unlimited damage.

23:14, Today: Garek rolled 74 using 1d100.  magic (masked magic) - ruby.
23:15, Today: Garek rolled 64 using 1d100.  magick sense - runaway regeneration.
-believe is regular ruby.

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Mon 4 Jun 2018
at 12:43
Room 1
22:12, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d6.  room safe overnight ? (ST using item YN qu).
Not 1 so OK
Recovering spells; using total healing; recovering PSPs

Stair "B" gets to 3rd level [L3, like L2, is 'mirror imaged' in the map].
Is there a 'map' somewhere of the whole complex - as there was in 'The Forgotten Tower'?
Y/N - no.
Can work out that 'echeloning' has occurred now - so stair down must [probably] be near one 'edge' of map.

As expecting L3 to be more of a challenge - using Time SHift to scout w/ dimension door.
7 guys on air sharks.
Dimension door: started major assault but single Fireball causes chain explosion of air sharks (hydrogen bladders). Bone Walker takes 82 damage in the chaos.

A huge (15~x10'x8') silver chest sets in the center of the room. It contains 50,000 silver

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Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 05:59
Room 1
Room 10:
Does it move; would it be safe for Garek to touch - metal skin so goo has no effect (as gems/coins unaffected). - 2 YN used.
Collected in metal box.
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Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 06:05
Room 1
Room 2: telepathy / life force detector no effect.

The small room has hiding in it, the two treasure guardians.
They are a pair of 5+1 HD, AC 2, dext. 19 Wraith Elves.
Their spectral swords attack at plus two (+2) and do 3D8
damage (from intense cold) to all they hit. All hit also
lose one (1) life level (no saving throw).

Revelation for traps - ?
Amulet of Eyes! - picks up Wraith Elves immediately. Telepathic recall.
Switching to undead-bane weapons (scimitars).

Init order (Dex 19) - Harcourt, Garek, Drax going first.

Garek - crit negated, lose 1 level plus 3d8 damage [17]
Harcourt - lose 1 level plus 3d8 damage [12]
1 wraith killed by Gaynor (+1 scimitar)
both hits (with all effects; 17 damage, 12 damage) negated. '57' critical hit negated.

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Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 07:29
Room 1

Gaynor - has taken 4 damage.

The Guardian is a single
9+1 HD, 81 HP, dext 22 "Bone
Wurm" (see the appropriate

-PCs know isn't undead as shows up on life force detector.
Gaynor - 17 damage
16:50, Today: Garek rolled 31 using 4d4+21.
1 nevermiss
16:54, Today: Garek rolled 19 using 1d8+12.  damage.

Garek - Ordryn would break except is +8 to damage. OFfhand - makes roll.
Gaynor - 15 damage on own turn (offhand)
Monster killed. damage. =83 damage

'l'ype: Demonic-human crossbreeding HD: 4+1 to 9+1' Size: 9' to 14' long AC: 2+2
Speed: 120' to 240' per tum. Dext: 18 to 23 Looks: See card front Nulllbers:
usually alone. Attacks: Two claws for lD6 to 31>6 each and one bite for 104 to 2D8
(special) Notes: Suffering fmm a bone dest mying affliction they DlUst eat their
own weight in the bones of others each month or perish! Thus all they bite are
injected with a saliva that causes the bones to become jelly like (so they can be
sucked out!). If a disease cure is not effected within, 5 minutes after the bite,
the process is totally irreversible.
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Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 07:42
Room 1
Portal opened [Gaynor]- includes 50,000 silver.

5 charges used from Rings of Before
Critical #1 (broken pear)
Critical #2 (broken pear)
Portal Use
Energy Drain
Energy Drain
re-ruled- broken amulet and energy drain as separate 'events'.

Note - plane shift scrolls for emergency travel.

Room 4 - lots of low-order mental activity. Cleared with 'smog' bomb.
Leaving silver bricks.

Room 8
are a trio of "Hell Fangs"
of 4+1 HD, 36 HP and 17 dexts.
(See the appropriate card).

Gaynor -kills first hellfang.

Garek stepping in since amulet broken..Gaynor on alert

Hellfang #2 - dead
Hellfang #3 attacks [confused - attack nearest creature - as a demon is superaggressive]
bite hits - yuurk absorbs damage so no paralysis

Gaynor equips spare pear; can get new Ring later.

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 02:02
Room 1
Room 5 - done (killed spiders)

Room 3 - 10 orcs.

The guardians are ten (10)
great Orcs wearing chainmail
with shields a~d carrying
battle axes. Each is AC 2+1
and has a dext. of l3~ They
are all 48 HP and 6 HD, and
have been magikally "fooled"
into believing the statue to
be their true Goddess. They
will fanatically defend her
to the death!

needs - 2-4 fireballs per 4 orcs (depending on saves) Avg. 2.5*3 =8 fireballs used; 8 charges per wand.

Located/recon'd Room Nine - solitary superwarrior, picked up with life force detector but not psionics ?? - leaving for now.

Room One - unable to deal with.

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 02:40
Room 1
Going down stair "F" (closest to edge).
Immediately goes to Room Four.

Room 4:
Giant beetle - 8 damage
fireball - fails.
confusions - fail
Whole party attack

12:14, Today: Garek rolled 9,3,12,3,15,3 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  Gaynor speed; Garek x2; Drax x2; Lynn.
12:15, Today: Garek rolled 20,14,17 using d8+12,d8+12,2d4+10.  Party damage.
=59 so far.

12:17, Today: Garek rolled 17 using 1d20.  Dex roll at 1/2.
12:16, Today: Garek rolled 72 using 1d100.  fumble.
! tilts trying to go a bit up stairs, lose next round

12:18, Today: Garek rolled 5,10,16,7,20,12 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  Gaynor speed; Garek x2; Drax x2; Lynn.
12:18, Today: Garek rolled 57 using 3d8+40.  minimum extra damage.

1,120 gold crowns.
In a false side compartment
are three small blue jade bottles containing
one dose each of potion. The 1st gives plus lD4 strength permanently; the 2nd gives
plus lD4 intelligence permanently and the 3rd gives permanent "Regeneration as if one
was a Troll."

Str potion -identified
Int potion - identified - Spellcraft also confirms
Regeneration ? - unsure what does.

12:26, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d6.  Garek, Gaynor, Drax - distribution of Str potion.
12:27, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d4.  Permanent Str increase - Gaynor.
12:28, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d4.  reroll increase (time piece).

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 04:42
Room 1
Trap logging - not placed. Probably can split into 4 quarters (1-13), (14-26)

ABCDEF - harmless
G [stairs]? - ball lightning
NOPQRS - harmless
T [stairs?]
UVWXYZ - V, Z are detect-sensitive traps; deadly to magick sense. Z is a 'heart tile' (-8 save); V is a statue that fires a 'disintegrate' (-6).

14:14, Today: Garek rolled 10,4 using d10,d10.  roll for near room ?
Z is near Room 4 - say empty room adjacent.

Would be next room explored:
14:25, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d20.  Save vs. death (Antaeus); -8.
target number (psionicist 7): 12+
Or Cleric 4+ :
Dwarf Con adjustment: as 24 Con (Ring of Fortitude, Amulet): +5
Total roll: equivalent to a '5'
-heart bursts out of chest and dies !!

14:41, Today: Garek rolled 69 using 1d100.  raise dead fully potion identification roll.
14:41, Today: Garek rolled 38 using 1d100.  resurrection survival - raise dead fully potion.

Taking an hour to recover.
YN questions - when worked out trap was triggered by a 'detect' - any more of those? - Yes.
More than one? No. In the area overlapping with level 3 ? ?? - no. (by my GM-calculations).
'10' should be in deepest section. Narrows down to 25% nonoverlapping area (far left).

Room Eight - done
Room One - radiation - 'Is it fatal?' - no. Garek going in (as radioactivist).

15:43, Today: Garek rolled 5,1,2,8 using d11,d11,d11,d11.  select arduin attributes.
Intelligence, Wisdom, Agility, Dexterity
15:44, Today: Garek rolled 4,4,3,3 using d4,d4,d4,d4.  Int, Wis, Agility,Dexterity.
-4,-4,-3 (using rolls as subability penalties for Dex).

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 06:29
Room 1
Not using Ring - probably full penalties taking time to manifest / waiting to see if mutations appear.
Room 5 - time shift scouting: treasure of a magik halberd and lots of gold bars? With a huge giant. So leaving for now.
Can't go through One but can bypass around long way.
Room 2 (via secret door).

Six bears.
Fireballs - probably 4 per 4 bears = 8 used = 8 charges per wand.
Room Seven - next to Two - recon finds sonic bats. May fly through portal.
attempting the vroat trick - portal into chest to see if anything falls out.
1800 gs + 200 royal sovereigns (misses false side).

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 06:48
Room 1
Room Nine - now in nonoverlapping zone !
[place statue trap in room 'above' Room 10]

16:20, Today: Garek rolled 13,3,16,15,10,18,4 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  First seven PCs - save vs. wail - in order.
Garek - OK,
Gaynor - runs
Antaeus - OK
Harcourt - OK (pfft)
Marsa - runs
Lynn - runs (automatic)
Drax - runs
Sage - out of range

16:25, Today: Garek rolled 4,11 using d20,d20.  Garek, Gaynor (agility rolls or fall over).

16:24, Today: Garek rolled 1,14 using d20,d20.  scimitars.
16:24, Today: Garek rolled 58 using 1d100.  fumble.
[Garek falls over while trying to run away]

16:26, Today: Garek rolled 17 using 1d20.  ghost save. - OK
16:27, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d8+9.  damage.
antaeus - ??
harcourt - misses though it makes save (15)
16:31, Today: Garek rolled 17 using 1d8+9.  damage.

16:33, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d6.  Garek out for how long.
16:33, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  mind bar (Int-2) check.

Antaeus - using Banishment to remove it for a round, so others can get ready.
16:36, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d20.  banishment - Antaeus.
-uses 40 PSPs..

16:37, Today: Garek rolled 6,7,10 using d20,d20,d20.  Marsa, Lynn, Drax. [turns of fleeing]

16:41, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d8.  damage - Gaynor. [+1 life level drain]
16:42, Today: Garek rolled 11 using 1d20.  save vs. life drain. - nup.

16:42, Today: Garek rolled 10,2,1,3,13,4 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  PC attacks.
16:43, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d20.  ghost save.

Results: looting room, taking bat and ball and going home.
Gaynor's life drain reversed with Ring. No leftover charges now.
Antaeus low on PSPs

ERROR - actually Harcourt's "before" wouldn't have worked - due to Time Piece - didn't remember to remove (only mostly identified). Assume kept going anyway, but life drain needs to be fixed in town.
-used another charge from new Ring of Before.

16:48, Today: Garek rolled 13 using 1d100.  detect magic on muck. [not found]

Total issues found: need
-protection from energy drain
-faster reloading on Nevermiss
-able to deal with traps TRIGGERED BY detect magic
-detecting undead in general
-able to use psionicist class & true seeing helm at same time

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 07:21
Room 1
Teleporting to their inn in Talismonde using Trap Z (the heart trap).

16:52, Today: Garek rolled 57 using 1d100.  buying another ring of before ?
Immediately use 1/3 to fix Garek's radiation exposure.

XP !
repair Bone Walker - visit techno's guild HQ.

New 'session'
Y/N questions - any cursed items - yes. More than one - yes. Is it in the scrolls - yes
(But could be in the scrolls and then also somewhere else).

Are any currently equipped - no.
2 cursed items? - no
3 cursed items? - no

More than 5 cursed items - yes
Six cursed items - no.
Seven cursed items -yes (!!)

Cursed Wish Ring
Scroll (blinds elves)
Spyder Helm (drawback)
Ruby of Runaway Regeneration
Boots of Time
Scroll - burning as if in hell
Mithril ring that makes nonelves fumble (in keep, hidden in spices).

So many that PCs have to go through at a line-item level. Individual Y/N questions will to go 'is this cursed' eventually pull out the six items.
'Any items we put in the keep already cursed - yes? [probably assume flying carpet]

Unsure of specifics of curses, however.

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Thu 7 Jun 2018
at 13:54
Room 1
16:52, Wed 06 June: Garek rolled 57 using 1d100.  buying another ring of before ?

Good note on why Dex doesn't apply to AC: higher DEX gives option to parry, so the bonus is otherwise represented.

Curse item proceeds at about 1/hr - so over about 3 or 4 days.

Running curse detection scrolls over cursed items.
11:13, Today: Garek rolled 35 using 1d100.  curse detection scroll (90+ needed).
Ring of Three Wishes
11:14, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d10.  their level.
11:13, Today: Garek rolled 73 using 1d100.  masked magic detection (hired wizard).

Ask again if its cursed - still getting 'yes'.
Psychometry item ??

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Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 01:49
Room 1
11:18, Today: Garek rolled 28 using 1d100.  sage - silver weapons.
[e.g. wraiths]
scimitars - presumed to work on undead (albeit badly if incorporeal) since are magic. Silver-coating - may actually prevent a 'touch'.

11:23, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d20.  Charisma check - willing to sell.

11:22, Today: Garek rolled 68 using 1d100.  Ring of Remembering.
-using Ring, can determine history of the magic ring - can see it being forged by evil and past times where someone who put it on betrayed their party.

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Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 02:19
Room 1
From being nearly-indestructible and key to the party, Garek now feeling he's more and more dispensable :(

Spending 2000 GP on magic item identification and 1000 on partying.
-say 10,000 GP taken in tax (10% of value for sale of harp; done prominently in Talismonde, probably with traders guild and possibly to Elric).

Torc - technically should count as an 'amulet' rather than a 'hat'.
Problem for - Garek [critical amulet].
Harcourt - critical amulet, Time Piece - given to Marsa.
Gaynor - critical amulet . Not worn due to Helm (mostly) also.

-not really a continuity problem as 'psionicist' powers not used - apart from instance where gaynor used mind bar but was 'out' for a couple of rounds anyway and monster Banished.

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Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 05:56
Room 1
15:23, Today: Garek rolled 41 using 1d100.  Looking for - troll ring.

After a week - going home for awhile (can use the back Gate to go to Trollworld when ready)
Plan to restock "Smog" bombs.
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
at 11:21
Room 1
20:50, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d7.  CC - choose character.
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
at 11:25
Room 1
20:52, Today: Garek rolled 2,4 using d4,d10.  random event.
d3 additional events
20:52, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d3.  d3 significant events.
20:53, Today: Garek rolled 2,10,4,10 using d4,d10,d4,d10.  events.
20- character has a religous experience (L)
40- character develops jaded tastes for exotic and possibly expensive p1easures. Roll a d6. On a result of 5-6, the character is addicted to one of the "pleasures" (drugs, sex, etc.). [D]
20:55, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d6.  addiction check.

20:58, Today: Garek rolled 13,3 using d20,d8.  random roll, random Cu roll.
War god.

21:00, Today: Garek rolled 3,2,6 using d10,d3,d20.
21:00, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d20.  addiional d20.
3 - curiosity - goes to investigate.
2 events - 6,14 - joins the religion
-intensity 5: devoted follower of principles of faith.
21:04, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d10.  religion level.
14 - joins a holy war sponsored by the god's religion.
T&T War God.

09:10, Today: Garek rolled 32 using 1d100.  scarab of protection possible to buy (Rock of Bral).

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Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 01:45
Room 1
 potions of healing (GP sale value: 100)
Other Potions: extra-healing, climbing, flying, polymorph self, potion of levitation (400)
#2 potion of climbing (smells salty)
#3 potion of climbing (eyes turn red when used)

Potion of Heroism
Potion of Frost Giant Strength
Potion of Healing

heroism with healing, extra-healing, climbing, flying, polymorph self, potion of levitation (400)
#2 climbing, #3 climbing
11:08, Today: Garek rolled 52,78,52,88 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  rolls.
11:09, Today: Garek rolled 11,97,99,38 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  rolls-2.
11:10, Today: Garek rolled 24,2 using d100,d100.  heroism (50% or less) or other potion.
Heroism permanent with levitation or climbing

frost-giant str with other six - nup.
11:11, Today: Garek rolled 89,28,84,49,75,76 using d100,d100,d100,d100,d100,d100.  frost-giant str with other six.

1-day elven night vision with frost giant str, healing
11:12, Today: Garek rolled 63,13 using d100,d100.  1-day night vision with frost giant str, healing. - nup.
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Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 02:58
Room 1
Garek and Gaynor each receive an Omniflex.
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Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 06:32
Room 1
Antaeus visits the salve island:

After applying luckstone modifiers (if want salve):
01-26 roll twice
27-43 gold statue
44-57 scimitar
58-94 salve
96-00 storm bird

Cost: 150 GP
15:55, Today: Garek rolled 36,31,14,83,62,71 using d100,d100,d100,d100,d100,d100.  Salve.
Gold statue (50) *2, roll twice, salve, salve, salve

15:56, Today: Garek rolled 72,82 using d100,d100.  roll twice. - salve, salve

15:57, Today: Garek rolled 71,98,16,43 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  reinvesting statues.
salve, storm bird, roll twice, statue
15:58, Today: Garek rolled 100,75 using d100,d100.  roll twice.
-storm bird, salve
15:58, Today: Garek rolled 15,91 using d100,d100.  reinvest statue.
roll twice, salve
15:59, Today: Garek rolled 93,13 using d100,d100.  roll twice.
salve, roll twice
15:59, Today: Garek rolled 67,40 using d100,d100.  roll twice.
gold statue, salve
16:00, Today: Garek rolled 52,54 using d100,d100.  reinvest statue.
scimitar, scimitar

Totals: -150 GP
salve x11, scimitar x 2,
units bought: 6+4+2+2:
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Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 07:10
Room 1
16:34, Today: Garek rolled 67 using 1d100.  amulet of the cairn hills. - nope

16:36, Today: Garek rolled 94 using 1d100.  axe +1 with quirk - unbreakable (13%).
16:37, Today: Garek rolled 65,75,6,43 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  quirks (17% chance of unbreakable).
16:39, Today: Garek rolled 84 using 1d100.  random weapon type.
-Sword of Sharpness (35,000 GP)
16:41, Today: Garek rolled 85 using 1d100.  sword type.

Garek, Gaynor - switching weapons.
Battleaxe of Speed safer with Garek - less likely to break - while Ordryn is more durable.
Gaynor using Sharpness broadsword (-1 nonproficiency) and Ordryn
while Garek uses Speed weapon and Sharpness weapon.

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Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 14:02
Room 1
sensing undead - helm of brilliance would be useful?
23:31, Today: Garek rolled 46 using 1d100.  helm of brilliance availability (the rock).
Value - 60,000 GP (ouch).
Worth actually searching one out - adventure?