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Mon 21 May 2018
at 06:32
Back to the keep
Travelled back now.

Using Ring of Before - last charge - to restore Marsa's height.
Beginning identification of last few scrolls.

Find limited wish ring.

XP: none awarded for GPs.
Potion doses: 173 = 17,300 XP  (includes cards)
scrolls - 12 +1 ring = 1300
33 other items (+1 to +3) - -- x125 for +1...=40*100 = 4000

XP 22,600

Traps etc. - 100 per room x 35 rooms = 3500

Monster xp - say 30 monsters at 250 xp each - 7500
Howling tower XP also allocated - most characters levelled up in at least one class.

Total XP: 33,600
Divide by 7 characters = +4800 xp (less than estimate for 'Howling Tower') - oh well.
Say 5000; low balled as some items more than +1 value.

10:14, Today: Garek rolled 18 using 1d100.  Does elf want to leave party (75%)?

10:14, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d100.  Does elf wanted Elfeneld ? (33%).
leaves with +4 weapon that makes you kill cthulhu priests (he's a paladin).

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Tue 22 May 2018
at 00:52
Back to the keep
Unlimited Revelation - at least 9000
Unlimited Omniscient Eye - at least 10,000
Could argue for say x2 cost bastardness multiplier.
can afford now...

Jaws - market value of 39,500 GS.
Probably - could do a 'swap' for above items with Wizard's Guild - who can't use but can see is powerful and ancient item.
-Trip to T&T world for a week.
-non-dangerous enough that can go via DE and spend a week having a party in Khosht.
-deducting 500 GP

Also sell 10 suits orcish full plate @ 250 each [=2500]
Bought 4 'smog' potions (bombs)(11*4*100 =4400 GP each).
While we're here - any possible T&T adventures that are useful ?

Sage: giving him poison resistance (Naked Doom)
12:17, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d6.  random monster check. [just him + Antaeus - no cave dragon which is good]

-Heaven Harp (100,000 GS) - sell in Arduin world to get that price.
-'Ordryn - +1/+8 weapon - reformat into other weapon type (Kelarn trip)

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Thu 24 May 2018
at 01:16
Back to the keep
After remainder of a week going to Kelarn - finding mage with Steal Enchantment again.
[Revising Ordryn to battleaxe]
10:45, Today: Garek rolled 79 using 1d100.  % chance of magic surviving (85%).

10:45, Today: Garek rolled 12 using 1d20.  save vs steal enchantment.
11:08, Today: Garek rolled 80 using 1d100.  transfer enchantment - 85% survival.
11:08, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d20.  magic item saving throw - chainmail.
10:45, Today: Garek rolled 79 using 1d100.  % chance of magic surviving (85%).
10:45, Today: Garek rolled 12 using 1d20.  save vs steal enchantment.

Threats: character weak points
Yuurks: 100%  - vulnerable to magic
Poison: 100%
Fire: Antaeus 100%, Harcourt +7 to save + Energy Containment, reroll save 1/day, Lynn 50%, Drax resistance (activated, 3/day)

Critical hit immunity most primary fighters.
Lynn: only one attack/round. Autofail saves

HPs: Garek 76, Gaynor 71, Harcourt 72, Lynn 87, Antaeus 29, Drax 25, Marsa 15

Spartakkan's belt: can only be used w/ chain because Str 24 breaks most other weapons.
-need to keep track of breakage rolls

Kelarn - purchasing potions (nothing useful re. permanentcy ?)

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Thu 24 May 2018
at 02:51
Back to the keep
12:21, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d8.  random char - CC event.
Gaynor affected.

21:14, Today: Garek rolled 1,3 using d4,d10.  Gaynor event.
Character has a misadventure on another planet. Select details on Table 522: Otherworld Events. [R]

-rerolling as inapplicable

21:21, Today: Garek rolled 3,4 using d4,d10.  revised event.
The character has a romantic encounter. Go to Table 18: Ah Love to find the details of his romance. [R]

21:26, Today: Garek rolled 2,11 using d3,d20.
21:26, Today: Garek rolled 11 using 1d20.  second event.
21:28, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d20.  reroll duplicate result.
-beloved is of a different social status (roll); already married to another
21:30, Today: Garek rolled 69 using 1d100.  social status. [+7 if 'decadent' -
probably a merchant's daughter in T&T world, etc.

21:37, Today: Garek rolled 97 using 1d100.  Likelihood Lynn is OK with sharing (25%).
-under circumstances (partying in Khosht) - everyone is drunk, Gaynor bangs a merchant's daughter. Results in severely hurt feelings on Lynn's part.
-children thing causing friction in relationship already
21:40, Today: Garek rolled 20 using 1d20.  Marsa - Cha check to prevent PTA from disbanding.
Result that Lynn and Gaynor can't continue in same party. Garek - can see his side of it, but also she's his sister.
Marsa: burning a 'fate point' - edits die roll automatically to a "1".
As otherwise he'd be likely to retire permanently to T&T world.
-although with complication she (likewise) has a husband.

-Lynn is actually consistently unreasonable when she has the chance (like the original).
-using Cha..
Assume they quarrelled and then Gaynor picked up, offending her.

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Mon 28 May 2018
at 03:28
Back to the keep
Garek, Lynn primary backup
Note: telepathic scanning much harder without Gaynor.
Given a week to cool off; would realize he is a huge asset to the party, including monster killing, telepathy, and other stuff...
Huge profits to be made.

Returning: want to sell Heaven Harp in Talismonde (100,000 GC value).
-teleports again to inn in Talismonde over 2-3 days.

15:55, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d100.  Ring of Before available (75%).
-yes, 2 of them..

15:56, Today: Garek rolled 68 using 1d100.  Buyer for Heaven Harp (75%).
Gaining 2 rings, +80,000 GP excess.
-using 2 disease salves
added 6000 xp to Antaeus for teleporting (600 PSPs approx).

20:54, Today: Garek rolled 4,5 using d6,d6.  encounters to rumble town.
20:55, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d6.  ship travel to 1000 thunder falls.
20:56, Today: Garek rolled 12 using 1d20.  sea encounter.
20:57, Today: Garek rolled 29 using 6d10.  mermen.
20:59, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d12.  monster reaction.
'the monsters stand around and debate what to do' - assume friendly encounter.

Entry Level map = page 12.
Pg 11 - rooms 1-3, page 10 room 3-6, pg 9 room 7-10.
Exploring left - room Seven first.

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Mon 28 May 2018
at 12:34
Back to the keep
Type:, Genetic Mutation HD: 1+1 to 3+1 Size: 3' diameter (not including
the 3' long mouth stalks) AC: 6 Speed: 75' per tum (on any solid surface).
Dext: 9 to 14 Number: 1 to 100 (colony) Looks: see illustration Attacks:
one to' twenty sucking bites for 1d4 each. For each four that hit, one (1) life
level is drained (blood sucked) from the victim. Notes: they track their targets
by the vibrations of air molecules caused by movement.
FR/SL/LD/CH/CF/S - immune fear, sleep, life drain, charm, confusion, sonic
(looks exactly like a Draeden!) - may be mindless.

-SN check fail - Revelation staff shows. Low DX - shutting door!.
2 fireballs (24, 48, 48) - ice destroyed by it, releasing poison gas also.
Will probably kill remaining devourballs. (yes - 35 damage)

Found stairs "B", "G".
Room Nine (from 'above')(which way is north on this map ?)

22:34, Today: Garek rolled 63 using 1d100 with rolls of 63.  fumble roll garek.

22:33, Today: Garek rolled 1,20 using d20,d8+12 with rolls of 1,8.  other attack.

22:33, Today: Garek rolled 2,21 using d20,d8+18 with rolls of 2,3.  Garek, Ordryn.
-full stumble; no one else currently in room.

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Mon 28 May 2018
at 13:29
Back to the keep
Room Five
Black lions - found with telepathy, killed with arrows + 2 fireballs (charges deducted) - portal in ceiling.
Stole gold bars.
-Garek opening portal; deposited 80,000 GP worth of gold into the Keep.

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Tue 29 May 2018
at 06:27
Back to the keep
Room 2

Type: Undead Hydra. HD: 7+1 or 13+1 AC: 2+3 speed: 20' per turn
per turn per liD in size. Dext: 17 to 22. 'Liar: 90% Attacks: one
bite per bead for lD8 or 2D8 each plus either lD3 or lD6 life drains per
bite. Once per day each head maYt instead of biting, "breath" a bolt of
black lightning that does either 3D8 or 6D8 electrical and b,l••ts either
1 or 2 life levela. Theae bolt. are 10' long by l' vide per Up of the
~ydr.. Looks: Ttle are translucent black with silver sparkles throughDut
and bave ghostly greeD glOWing eye.. Notes: These Hydras have been
ugikally rendered the undead equivalent ~f spectres. However they. do have
corporeal bodys (which only silver or magik harms). They move totally
silently Uld wail, banshee like, in combat.
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Tue 29 May 2018
at 06:34
Back to the keep
Party - opens door, closes immediately.
Hydra - commences breaking down door.
Say breathing 1-2x plus forcing body through into corridor.
Essentially would count as about four of its attacks.
Garek, Gaynor in forefront.
16:06, Today: Garek rolled 2,1,8 using d20,d20,d20.  attacks on Garek (bites).
2 - miss (7 HD). 1 - roll fumble.
16:09, Today: Garek rolled 39 using 1d100.  fumble result. - 'flexible weapon entangles itself' (stuck in door d3 turns)
Scimitar attacks..

16:12, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d20.  Garek scimitar.
16:12, Today: Garek rolled 11,6 using d20,d20.  gaynor scimitars.
16:13, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d20.  saving throw.
[nat1; Vokal's scimitar destroys totally. Should work as undead - 'as magik']

Room 10
Danger sense - 17.
Danger sense detects danger in room. Telepathy useless, and sage fails; wracking brains to study room, life force detector registers slime as a life form.
20:49, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d20.  Antaeus - danger sense check on ring.
'exotic magical traps or illusions'...may circumvent
20:50, Today: Garek rolled 96 using 1d100.  detect magic lie (roll of 91+).
--finds 'masked magic' but NOT a magic lie.

Pg 289:
8. If a mage uses a Detect Magik spell on an item, then he cannot use a Detect Masked Magik
or Detect Magik Lie spell on the same object. The reverse also holds true.
9. An item that has masked magik about it may accidentally be detected in the course of doing a normal Detect Magik spell, if the percent rolled for how much you found out equals or exceeds 90%. At that time, the DM will not only tell you that you have detected a magikally masked object, but you may roll again to determine how much of the masked magik you find.

Compleat Arduin: specifies that 3 rolls made, but 73% on reroll.
Wish ring: may seem slightly unguarded considering ? However, found lots of treasure lying around.
If Antaeus wears: 20% chance of malfunction (dwarf). He would be likely to get (level limit increase) though anyone might want.

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Wed 30 May 2018
at 12:07
Back to the keep
Room 4
Telepathy finds air sharks (4).
Investigate - time shift /dimension door. Revelation - secret doors.
Exploring adjacent chambers to see if connect - one uncharted.

First shark - 19 damage from speed attack, then bowls over Gaynor (18 to hit, d8 damage absorbed by Yuurk) ..continues past down corridor.
2nd shark - moves over the top also - Garek hits for 42 damage, killed. (was trying to just attract its attention)
3rd shark - can go where it wants. Attacks:
4th shark - ditto.

22:04, Today: Garek rolled 4,7 using d8,d8.  shark attacks 3,4.
going for Harcourt, Drax
harcourt dex 17 - goes first
Drax 17 - goes first ? - [modules don't seem to be using armour mods for NPCs]

Broadswords: +12 [2d4+7+1 level drain/ +10 [2d4+9]

22:09, Today: Harcourt rolled 27,12,17,17 using d20+12,2d4+7,d20+10,2d4+9 ((15,4,1,7,4,4)).
-29 damage, saves vs. level loss
-crit narrowly avoided (Yuurk, fails to 'confirm')
-knocked over
Later in round -
22:19, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d10.  nevermiss to Harcourt's. - now on 1 HP

-Lynn kills shark #1 (Chain)

-Drax - 23 damage to his. - knocked over

Gaynor - stands up with remainder of his action.
Antaeus:  22:33, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d20. [misses with shortsword]

Garek, Gaynor can't really get to sharks.
Garek - fails to open dimension door.
Shark #3 (1 HP), Shark #4 (12 HP)
Harcourt - uses Smog bomb - kills both sharks

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Thu 31 May 2018
at 00:26
Back to the keep
Room 8
attack fighter - Gaynor takes 4 damage (speed attack misses)

Garek, Gaynor - both fail to hit
Control body - fails
Nevermiss - 3 damage.
Lynn- misses
Bad guy - 71 damage [10th level fighter - avg. 55, + Con ??]

illumination ? - magic sword may glow. No light sources mentioned.

10:14, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d100.  dispel magic - on armour.
Harcourt - dispel magic on shield - success (roll of 14%).
Drax - puts out torch in wall sconce. Magic sword starts to glow..

10:20, Today: Garek rolled 16 using 5d6, dropping the 2 lowest rolls with rolls of 6,6,4,3,4.
Say 71 HP

Gaynor - has taken 14 damage.-restored to 5 down with flask of cures, L1 spell.
Crit amulet - restoring w/ Ring of Before.

drop wall triggered (found in secet door detection).
Room Six.
Life force detector - fiddling with weight minimum shows something massive
telepathy - simple 'monster' thoughts; hungry, aggressive.
time shift scouting ? - no treasure visible. Revelation - causes glow that slowly fades which may remain slightly when scouting ends...telepathy shows its now angry!

10:41, Today: Garek rolled 19 using 1d20.  SN check - detect people outside door.
leaving for time being..

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Thu 31 May 2018
at 01:18
Back to the keep
Would find Room One next.

Type: Mythological bird-like dragon kind. HD: 5+1 to 9+1. AC: 2+5
Speed: 30' per turn (ground and 500' ,per turn (air). Dext: 17 to 22
% Liar: lO% Attacks: Two wing buffets for 1d4 to 2D6 each, 2 claws for
lD6 to 2d8 each and 1 bite for lD8 to 3d6 each turn. Looks: A birdlike
creature of flame and fire. Notes~ The beast is always aflame, and
all flammables it touches instantly (no save!) burst into flame! Its
own body fire does an additional lDl2 damage per hit. If, after its
death, its remains are subject to naked flame there is a 15% chance
per HD of said Flame that the creature will spring fully resurrected
from the flames! There is also a 5% chance the pbeonix will not attack
the person reasurecting it but instead grant them a wishl Ordinarily
though these creatures are capricious. treacherous and very, very

[this one: 6+1 HD, 54 HP, Dex 21]

Activating all fire immunities; Y/N qu determines poison works. Using another 'smog' spell.
-takes 27 points of damage. +16 speed attack.

11:29, Today: Garek rolled 4,4,3,9,10 using d8,d12,d20,d10,d12.  claw damage + fire, bite attack, bite damage + fire
Gaynor - takes 8 damage (Throfd worm armour stops external fire but not burning weapons entering your body, bonus damage). Claw misses. '15' misses as phoenix twists ankle.

11:31, Today: Garek rolled 19,11,13,19 using d20,d20,d20,d20.  Garek, Gaynor.
11:32, Today: Garek rolled 54 using 3d8+42.  damage.
Continued attacks beat crud out of it.

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Thu 31 May 2018
at 02:34
The wish problem
The DEX issue gives Garek an idea he'd like to wish up his DEX immediately.
Argument breaking out over the ring.

Garek: Int raising +3
Gaynor: Dex raising +3
Lynn: argues for doing something later (to spite Gaynor)
Antaeus: +3 level limit, but non-urgent. So agrees w/ Marsa.
Marsa: agrees with Lynn [diplomacy]
Harcourt - wants immediate distribution
Drax - not sure what wants. May split the wishes ??

Who has had wishes: Garek/ Gaynor - 2 wishes, + 2 limited wishes used. So they should be excluded from consideration.
Antaeus - basically had the equivalent, Deck of Many Things draws [Keep/18 Cha to save his marriage]
Result would be - roll between Lynn, Marsa, Harcourt, Drax - to see who doesn't get a wish.
Leaving division until later though.
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Thu 31 May 2018
at 02:47
The wish problem
Returning to Scorpion room next.
web - probably won't work [best for human foes e.g. high-level fighters ? still '1 HD' base creature]

This room's sale guardian is a 15+1 HD, 135 HP, dext 19 Great Black Scorpion (see AG III for stats and the Illustration in this module for looks/size). It will always attack and pursue all who disturb i ts domain!

HD: 15 + 1 to 30+1 AC: 2 to 2+2
Speed: 24” – 48” per turn DEX: 11 – 26
% Liar: N/A Number: 1 (always alone)
Immunities: 100% acid; venom and poison do half damage; thunderbolts ricochet
off its chitin
Attacks: 3 attacks – 2 claws (2d20 – 3d30 each) and 1 sting (d10 – d20)
Looks/Dress: Great Black Scorpions are coal black, and have breathing holes on
top of tail sting which allow it to stay submerged in water.
Notes: Their venom paralyzes as well as
does d8 points of venom damage for
every 2 HD in size. Anyone in its claws
for 2 turns, begin the 2nd turn being
chewed up and eaten at 2d4 points per

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Thu 31 May 2018
at 06:13
17 damage to scorpion
Harcourt - goes at same time. - continual light.
12:41, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  save vs. continual light. [-4 to hit]

4,2,6 [claw,claw,bite]
15 HD = +15 to hit ?? -4 for blindness reduces to +11
14,12,16 - would all miss (with new +4 armour). Good news.

Rest of party - crowd in to pound it..

15:43, Today: Garek rolled 16,17,23,19 using d20,d20,d8+18,d8+12.  Garek. =42 damage
15:44, Today: Garek rolled 5,18,17,14 using d20,d20,d8+13,d8+13.  Gaynor more attacks. =32 damage
15:46, Today: Garek rolled 18 using 1d20+13.  Lynn - maul. [hits the AC just]
15:47, Today: Garek rolled 12,15 using d8+8,4d6.  damage. [=116]
15:48, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d10.  nevermiss. [120]
15:49, Today: Garek rolled 20,20 using d20+8,d20+7.  Drax longswords.
15:50, Today: Garek rolled 14,14 using d8+10,d8+9.  damage. [144]
-dead! [thankfully before Sage can try to lightning bolt it]

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Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 03:34
Room 3
11:08, Today: Garek rolled 33 using 1d20+13.  speed attack.
11:08, Today: Garek rolled 15 using 1d100.  critical hit.
11:09, Today: Garek rolled 19 using 1d8+13.  damage.
11:36, Today: Garek rolled 19,11,16 using d20,d20,d20.  morghoul attacks.
11:42, Today: Garek rolled 7,2 using d8,d6.  damage.
11:42, Today: Garek rolled 4,6 using d20,d20.  Garek.
11:43, Today: Garek rolled 0,0,1 using d2-1,d2-1,d2-1.  if coming to aid in round 2.
11:44, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d3.  gaynor, garek, antaeus.
11:44, Today: Garek rolled 11,6,19 using d20,d20,d20.  morghoul attack.
11:44, Today: Garek rolled 8,6,1,9 using d20,d20,d20,d20.  attacks.
11:45, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d20.  save.
11:45, Today: Garek rolled 0,1 using d2-1,d2-1.  more aid.
11:46, Today: Garek rolled 2,3 using d3,d3.  who to go for.
11:47, Today: Garek rolled 18,8,17 using d20,d20,d20.  attacks on Garek.
11:47, Today: Garek rolled 4,6 using d8,d6.  claw, bite.
11:47, Today: Garek rolled 11,16,15 using d20,d20,d20.  attacks on Antaeus.
11:48, Today: Garek rolled 5,2 using d8,d6.  damage.
11:48, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d20.  Garek.
11:48, Today: Garek rolled 82 using 1d100.  fumble result.
11:49, Today: Garek rolled 19,9 using d20,d20.  gaynor.
11:49, Today: Garek rolled 7,8 using d20,d20.  saves.
11:50, Today: Garek rolled 9,1 using d20,d20.  Harcourt - scimitar, dark angel.
11:51, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d20.  saving throw.
11:51, Today: Garek rolled 22 using 1d100.  fumble.
11:51, Today: Garek rolled 14,12,6 using d20,d20,d20.  last morghoul.
12:55, Today: Garek rolled 8,3 using d8,d8.  2 claws.
12:56, Today: Garek rolled 15,20 using d20,d20.  Garek.
12:56, Today: Garek rolled 17,17 using d20,d20.  saves.
12:56, Today: Garek rolled 3,10 using d20,d20.  gaynor.
12:56, Today: Garek rolled 11 using 1d20.  save.

Summary: Garek opens door, one morghoul visible - attacks Garek, takes artery crit (no effect). Garek kills with undead-bane scimitar. One secret door opens disgorging another -attacks Antaeus but >10 damage (stopped by Yuurk). Antaeus detects secret doors - 2 come out of another and attack him and Garek - Yuurks again absorb, scimitars destroy. Garek twists ankle.
Harcourt moves to last Revealed secret door - using broadsword to see in darkness + scimitar. Scimitar hit destroys one while normal attack fumbles and drops - can't see in dark (-4 to AC). Last morghoul hits with 2 claws - 1 damage getting through and starting rot. Others dispatch and apply a disease-salve to prevent more rotting. Total 2 damage.

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Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 03:46
Room 3
Entry Level Complete

Resources Tally:
Harcourt - 2 damage, continual light, dispel magic used. Used 1 disease salve.
Gaynor - 13 damage
YN questions: about 2.
2 smog bombs used.
1 charge from Before ring used (to negate crit amulet breaking)
PSPs used: Time shift about 4 times (2 rounds, 24 PSPs), DD about 5 times (20 PSPs).

Problem analysis: can't detect undead with either the life force detector or telepathy (screwed us up twice). Potentially 'gold finder' can notice treasure meaning monsters more likely, but only if other party members stay back.

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Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 04:10
Room 3
Stair "B" -tried- go to level 3.
Trying stairs "C" - go to level 2.

Stair "C" - goes down to 2nd level. [page 8]

 [from halfway to at back - echeloning]
map turned perhaps ? - so stair "A" is halfway across. - YES !!
-echelons across 12 squares.
'stairs to forever' - obvious trap as go 'up' beyond L1's mapped area ?

Room Seven is 'start'

Type: Magikal Creation (like a homnculus) HD: 3+1 Size: 4'tall AC: 3
Speed: 90' per turn (ground) or 250' per turn (air). Dext: 14 to 19 Looks: see
card front, usually bright red. Attacks: Two claws for 1d6 each, 2 wing buffets
for ID3 'each and 1 bite for ID4. Notes: They can use any first level magik but
only remember to do so 20% of the time. They are arrogant, greedy, cowardly and
cunning. They hate Hobbits, and can teleport once daily.

14:16, Today: Garek rolled 2,5 using d20,d20.  telepathy. [failed]
life force detector - positive.
'a mindless creature present' they think; possible traps
Giving Revelation item to fighter who can fly - so Gaynor.
14:20, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d12.  encounter roll.
Garek, Harcourt in room near door.
Demon - would attack Garek as find amulet (the geas). Holding - one axe + revelation staff.
flying monster...Garek would fly up; Lynn following

14:25, Today: Garek rolled 13,5,12,13,17 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  attacks. - bite for d4 deflected Yuurk.
him + hits from Garek finish off.

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Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 05:09
Room 3
Room 3 - autodetects, no challenges.
Room 2 next; then retrace to Eight. Battlebones - stationed at other exits.
Not sensed in advance; generate Dimension Door and use repeated fireballs (as no treasure apparent). 3 fireballs used, nevermiss, some arrows.
18,000 silver pennies left for now.

Eight - 2 razor snakes

Garek - behind, falls over (on sprained ankle).
39 damage to one snake.
1 for Harcourt - 4, miss
1 for Gaynor - 14 (+4 for 4 HD), miss.

16:11, Today: Garek rolled 16,19 using d20,d20.  Gaynor actual attacks.
16:12, Today: Garek rolled 16 using 1d8+12.  offhand axe Gaynor.
-1 snake killed, other takes 16 damage.

16:13, Today: Garek rolled 13 using 1d20.  Harcourt agility roll.
-takes another 16 damage
-Lynn kills with another 27 damage.

Problems noted: Nevermiss ROF 1/2.

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Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 06:52
Room 3
[amusing since sprained ankle made bump ally actually worse]
Room Five.
Hit with speed attack; Dragon bites and uses breath weapon (PCs align to avoid it lining them up - telepathy). 20 damage negated by save/Throfd worm armour. Harcourt kills (reroll attack power to avoid fumble on a 2) before Smog used by Drax.

Arguing over Belt of Hercules:
Belt of Hercules: overlaps Skull Amulet [Str/Dex], existing Girdle [Str] and Gauntlets [Dex] for Antaeus
-limited extra benefit as not a primary fighter, however.
Lynn -can't wear with Spartakkon's belt; her gloves give 1/2 the benefit and mostly can't be reassigned.
Drax - could use, but just got Amulet.
Harcourt - could use, already has a Girdle and Gauntlets.

16:44, Today: Garek rolled 9,11,0 using d20,d20,d20-4.  Gaynor, Garek, Harcourt (at -4).
Rolls 9 (made by 4), 11 (made by 2), 4 (made by 5). [should've applied Harcourt penalty to TN, not roll]

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 NPC, 331 posts
Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 11:32
Room 3
Analysis - picked up 'see through things' property of amulet of eyes (84%)
Looking into astral sack sees 20 non-magic emeralds and a wand (?).

Note- dragons considered a 'hard' target (2+2 AC).
21:12, Today: Garek rolled 73,57,8 using d100,d100,d100.  dragon - weapon breakage (sharpness, harcourt).
Harcourt offhand weapon - breaks (+2 weapon = 14%)

Y/N questions - 'would mixing the nightvision potion with any other potion we're carrying make it permanent' - no.
21:28, Today: Garek rolled 52 using 1d100.  50% or less elven night vision is potion affected.

21:27, Today: Garek rolled 58,87,23,81,9 using d100,d100,d100,d100,d100.  rest of potions.

21:27, Today: Garek rolled 3,91,69,34,25,71 using d100,d100,d100,d100,d100,d100.  Any permanent - 91+.
-used Ring of Before to fix.

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 NPC, 332 posts
Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 12:13
Room 3
21:41, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  Int check - stairs to nowhere.
Realizes they are beyond where last level ends.
Magic detected by Amulet of Eyes
21:41, Today: Garek rolled 68 using 1d100.  detect magic. 'some sort of dimensional magic'
Y/N - should we go up there?- no.

Room Six
Found with telepathy - dimension door recon opens gate up to ceiling - shooting repeatedly.

Room Four - water with octopus
21:48, Today: Garek rolled 9,4 using d20,d20.  Room Four telepathy. - no
life force detector shows something - as octopus rises within range.

Looks pretty big; using crystal ball to recon to see if there's treasure (though could be behind secret door..) and finds chest 120ft down.

22:45, Today: Garek rolled 19 using 1d20.  Teleport power check.
22:46, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  Teleport power check - back.
Antaeus - teleports down and grabs, then back, while PCs distract it by throwing junk into the water.

resting 1 hr [recovers 48 PSPs]

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 NPC, 333 posts
Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 13:28
Room 1
Room 1 - picked up with life force detector:

The Guardians of this room are a mated pair.of Spigas (see AG I). The female is 6+1 HD, 54 HP, dext. 22 and the male is 5+1 HD, 45 HP and dext. 21. The female knows 3 spells: "Haraag's
Hellfire,H "Pyroman's Pinwheel" and "See all Invisible." The male knows but one: "Become
Invisible. H (Which he will be 50% of the. time).

HD: 5+1 to 24+1 AC: 2 to 2+5
Speed: 16” to 36” DEX: 18 to 24
Number: d4 % Liar: 95%
Attacks: 2 leg hits for d4 to 3d12, 1 bite for d6 to 4d12, a paralyzing venom that is half of the
Spiga’s HD, or 1 web (a 25’ to 90’ long by 15’ to 45’ wide cone). The web will hold anything
caught in it equal to its own HD plus 50%.
Looks: Spigas are metallic silver, gold, or blue giant armored spiders.
Notes: They are 50% magik resistant and 100% lightning, fire, poison, venom, and paralysis proof.
Cold does 50% more damage. They are cruel and intelligent and hate humans.

23:02, Today: Garek rolled 26 using 1d100.  50% likely to be invisible. - is invisible

23:01, Today: Garek rolled 30 using 1d100.  sage knowledge -spigas.
Sage actually has heard of!

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 NPC, 334 posts
Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 13:07
Room 1
spigas - assume only one so full-out melee assault.

Door opened - Garek
Gaynor - ready to do speed attack - notices there are two.
Already running in - speed attack

Dex 22 - female - spell: casting pinwheel (2d12 fire) (5' across) - concentration...
L4 spell means completes at Dex 18.
Dex 21 - male (invisible) - takes 16 damage. Web ?

pg 292 spells
Spiga - AC 2.
female - takes 47 damage. --+19 on initiative 20 = 66 damage - dead.
male - web up to 7 HD (treat as spell?) on harcourt, gaynor
gaynor - 19 save (lifts up above), harcourt - 3 (also can't see it) - stuck.
garek - can go in (Dex 20) with 'boots of bouncing'.

22:30, Today: Garek rolled 96 using 1d100.  spell fumble result.
'exact reverse of spell happens', 50/50 to target or to mage.
-cold damage "pinwheel".

22:31, Today: Garek rolled 48 using 1d100.  affect caster 50%. !
[body takes further 2d12 damage. Fades rapidly without concentration.
garek - saves (successful dodge) with 18.
-sage - is he 20' back? wants to run toward reverse-pinwheel.

-Gaynor's actual turn increases damage on male to 50 (dead).
 NPC, 335 posts
Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 13:13
Room 1
Missed Room 10 (could find with more exploring).
Continuing around - eventually reach Nine through west door.
dimension door + 2 fireballs - ineffective! + missile fire.
smog bomb dropped..[Marsa] - 36 damage each.

PCs going in door - starting combat.

16 damage  - male sunbear. - Gaynor
Harcourt - extra 46 damage drops the sunbear (#1 wpn just hits)

Garek - Dex 20 -

23:08, Today: Garek rolled 30,27 using d20+11,d20+10.  attacks.
23:09, Today: Garek rolled 40 using 2d8+30.  damage.
Kills #2 (female) bear before it can bite for unlimited damage.

23:14, Today: Garek rolled 74 using 1d100.  magic (masked magic) - ruby.
23:15, Today: Garek rolled 64 using 1d100.  magick sense - runaway regeneration.
-believe is regular ruby.

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 NPC, 336 posts
Mon 4 Jun 2018
at 12:43
Room 1
22:12, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d6.  room safe overnight ? (ST using item YN qu).
Not 1 so OK
Recovering spells; using total healing; recovering PSPs

Stair "B" gets to 3rd level [L3, like L2, is 'mirror imaged' in the map].
Is there a 'map' somewhere of the whole complex - as there was in 'The Forgotten Tower'?
Y/N - no.
Can work out that 'echeloning' has occurred now - so stair down must [probably] be near one 'edge' of map.

As expecting L3 to be more of a challenge - using Time SHift to scout w/ dimension door.
7 guys on air sharks.
Dimension door: started major assault but single Fireball causes chain explosion of air sharks (hydrogen bladders). Bone Walker takes 82 damage in the chaos.

A huge (15~x10'x8') silver chest sets in the center of the room. It contains 50,000 silver

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 NPC, 337 posts
Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 05:59
Room 1
Room 10:
Does it move; would it be safe for Garek to touch - metal skin so goo has no effect (as gems/coins unaffected). - 2 YN used.
Collected in metal box.
 NPC, 338 posts
Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 06:05
Room 1
Room 2: telepathy / life force detector no effect.

The small room has hiding in it, the two treasure guardians.
They are a pair of 5+1 HD, AC 2, dext. 19 Wraith Elves.
Their spectral swords attack at plus two (+2) and do 3D8
damage (from intense cold) to all they hit. All hit also
lose one (1) life level (no saving throw).

Revelation for traps - ?
Amulet of Eyes! - picks up Wraith Elves immediately. Telepathic recall.
Switching to undead-bane weapons (scimitars).

Init order (Dex 19) - Harcourt, Garek, Drax going first.

Garek - crit negated, lose 1 level plus 3d8 damage [17]
Harcourt - lose 1 level plus 3d8 damage [12]
1 wraith killed by Gaynor (+1 scimitar)
both hits (with all effects; 17 damage, 12 damage) negated. '57' critical hit negated.

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 NPC, 339 posts
Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 07:29
Room 1

Gaynor - has taken 4 damage.

The Guardian is a single
9+1 HD, 81 HP, dext 22 "Bone
Wurm" (see the appropriate

-PCs know isn't undead as shows up on life force detector.
Gaynor - 17 damage
16:50, Today: Garek rolled 31 using 4d4+21.
1 nevermiss
16:54, Today: Garek rolled 19 using 1d8+12.  damage.

Garek - Ordryn would break except is +8 to damage. OFfhand - makes roll.
Gaynor - 15 damage on own turn (offhand)
Monster killed. damage. =83 damage

'l'ype: Demonic-human crossbreeding HD: 4+1 to 9+1' Size: 9' to 14' long AC: 2+2
Speed: 120' to 240' per tum. Dext: 18 to 23 Looks: See card front Nulllbers:
usually alone. Attacks: Two claws for lD6 to 31>6 each and one bite for 104 to 2D8
(special) Notes: Suffering fmm a bone dest mying affliction they DlUst eat their
own weight in the bones of others each month or perish! Thus all they bite are
injected with a saliva that causes the bones to become jelly like (so they can be
sucked out!). If a disease cure is not effected within, 5 minutes after the bite,
the process is totally irreversible.
 NPC, 341 posts
Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 07:42
Room 1
Portal opened [Gaynor]- includes 50,000 silver.

5 charges used from Rings of Before
Critical #1 (broken pear)
Critical #2 (broken pear)
Portal Use
Energy Drain
Energy Drain
re-ruled- broken amulet and energy drain as separate 'events'.

Note - plane shift scrolls for emergency travel.

Room 4 - lots of low-order mental activity. Cleared with 'smog' bomb.
Leaving silver bricks.

Room 8
are a trio of "Hell Fangs"
of 4+1 HD, 36 HP and 17 dexts.
(See the appropriate card).

Gaynor -kills first hellfang.

Garek stepping in since amulet broken..Gaynor on alert

Hellfang #2 - dead
Hellfang #3 attacks [confused - attack nearest creature - as a demon is superaggressive]
bite hits - yuurk absorbs damage so no paralysis

Gaynor equips spare pear; can get new Ring later.

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 NPC, 342 posts
Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 02:02
Room 1
Room 5 - done (killed spiders)

Room 3 - 10 orcs.

The guardians are ten (10)
great Orcs wearing chainmail
with shields a~d carrying
battle axes. Each is AC 2+1
and has a dext. of l3~ They
are all 48 HP and 6 HD, and
have been magikally "fooled"
into believing the statue to
be their true Goddess. They
will fanatically defend her
to the death!

needs - 2-4 fireballs per 4 orcs (depending on saves) Avg. 2.5*3 =8 fireballs used; 8 charges per wand.

Located/recon'd Room Nine - solitary superwarrior, picked up with life force detector but not psionics ?? - leaving for now.

Room One - unable to deal with.

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 NPC, 343 posts
Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 02:40
Room 1
Going down stair "F" (closest to edge).
Immediately goes to Room Four.

Room 4:
Giant beetle - 8 damage
fireball - fails.
confusions - fail
Whole party attack

12:14, Today: Garek rolled 9,3,12,3,15,3 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  Gaynor speed; Garek x2; Drax x2; Lynn.
12:15, Today: Garek rolled 20,14,17 using d8+12,d8+12,2d4+10.  Party damage.
=59 so far.

12:17, Today: Garek rolled 17 using 1d20.  Dex roll at 1/2.
12:16, Today: Garek rolled 72 using 1d100.  fumble.
! tilts trying to go a bit up stairs, lose next round

12:18, Today: Garek rolled 5,10,16,7,20,12 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  Gaynor speed; Garek x2; Drax x2; Lynn.
12:18, Today: Garek rolled 57 using 3d8+40.  minimum extra damage.

1,120 gold crowns.
In a false side compartment
are three small blue jade bottles containing
one dose each of potion. The 1st gives plus lD4 strength permanently; the 2nd gives
plus lD4 intelligence permanently and the 3rd gives permanent "Regeneration as if one
was a Troll."

Str potion -identified
Int potion - identified - Spellcraft also confirms
Regeneration ? - unsure what does.

12:26, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d6.  Garek, Gaynor, Drax - distribution of Str potion.
12:27, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d4.  Permanent Str increase - Gaynor.
12:28, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d4.  reroll increase (time piece).

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 NPC, 344 posts
Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 04:42
Room 1
Trap logging - not placed. Probably can split into 4 quarters (1-13), (14-26)

ABCDEF - harmless
G [stairs]? - ball lightning
NOPQRS - harmless
T [stairs?]
UVWXYZ - V, Z are detect-sensitive traps; deadly to magick sense. Z is a 'heart tile' (-8 save); V is a statue that fires a 'disintegrate' (-6).

14:14, Today: Garek rolled 10,4 using d10,d10.  roll for near room ?
Z is near Room 4 - say empty room adjacent.

Would be next room explored:
14:25, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d20.  Save vs. death (Antaeus); -8.
target number (psionicist 7): 12+
Or Cleric 4+ :
Dwarf Con adjustment: as 24 Con (Ring of Fortitude, Amulet): +5
Total roll: equivalent to a '5'
-heart bursts out of chest and dies !!

14:41, Today: Garek rolled 69 using 1d100.  raise dead fully potion identification roll.
14:41, Today: Garek rolled 38 using 1d100.  resurrection survival - raise dead fully potion.

Taking an hour to recover.
YN questions - when worked out trap was triggered by a 'detect' - any more of those? - Yes.
More than one? No. In the area overlapping with level 3 ? ?? - no. (by my GM-calculations).
'10' should be in deepest section. Narrows down to 25% nonoverlapping area (far left).

Room Eight - done
Room One - radiation - 'Is it fatal?' - no. Garek going in (as radioactivist).

15:43, Today: Garek rolled 5,1,2,8 using d11,d11,d11,d11.  select arduin attributes.
Intelligence, Wisdom, Agility, Dexterity
15:44, Today: Garek rolled 4,4,3,3 using d4,d4,d4,d4.  Int, Wis, Agility,Dexterity.
-4,-4,-3 (using rolls as subability penalties for Dex).

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 NPC, 346 posts
Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 06:29
Room 1
Not using Ring - probably full penalties taking time to manifest / waiting to see if mutations appear.
Room 5 - time shift scouting: treasure of a magik halberd and lots of gold bars? With a huge giant. So leaving for now.
Can't go through One but can bypass around long way.
Room 2 (via secret door).

Six bears.
Fireballs - probably 4 per 4 bears = 8 used = 8 charges per wand.
Room Seven - next to Two - recon finds sonic bats. May fly through portal.
attempting the vroat trick - portal into chest to see if anything falls out.
1800 gs + 200 royal sovereigns (misses false side).

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 NPC, 347 posts
Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 06:48
Room 1
Room Nine - now in nonoverlapping zone !
[place statue trap in room 'above' Room 10]

16:20, Today: Garek rolled 13,3,16,15,10,18,4 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  First seven PCs - save vs. wail - in order.
Garek - OK,
Gaynor - runs
Antaeus - OK
Harcourt - OK (pfft)
Marsa - runs
Lynn - runs (automatic)
Drax - runs
Sage - out of range

16:25, Today: Garek rolled 4,11 using d20,d20.  Garek, Gaynor (agility rolls or fall over).

16:24, Today: Garek rolled 1,14 using d20,d20.  scimitars.
16:24, Today: Garek rolled 58 using 1d100.  fumble.
[Garek falls over while trying to run away]

16:26, Today: Garek rolled 17 using 1d20.  ghost save. - OK
16:27, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d8+9.  damage.
antaeus - ??
harcourt - misses though it makes save (15)
16:31, Today: Garek rolled 17 using 1d8+9.  damage.

16:33, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d6.  Garek out for how long.
16:33, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d20.  mind bar (Int-2) check.

Antaeus - using Banishment to remove it for a round, so others can get ready.
16:36, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d20.  banishment - Antaeus.
-uses 40 PSPs..

16:37, Today: Garek rolled 6,7,10 using d20,d20,d20.  Marsa, Lynn, Drax. [turns of fleeing]

16:41, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d8.  damage - Gaynor. [+1 life level drain]
16:42, Today: Garek rolled 11 using 1d20.  save vs. life drain. - nup.

16:42, Today: Garek rolled 10,2,1,3,13,4 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  PC attacks.
16:43, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d20.  ghost save.

Results: looting room, taking bat and ball and going home.
Gaynor's life drain reversed with Ring. No leftover charges now.
Antaeus low on PSPs

ERROR - actually Harcourt's "before" wouldn't have worked - due to Time Piece - didn't remember to remove (only mostly identified). Assume kept going anyway, but life drain needs to be fixed in town.
-used another charge from new Ring of Before.

16:48, Today: Garek rolled 13 using 1d100.  detect magic on muck. [not found]

Total issues found: need
-protection from energy drain
-faster reloading on Nevermiss
-able to deal with traps TRIGGERED BY detect magic
-detecting undead in general
-able to use psionicist class & true seeing helm at same time

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 NPC, 348 posts
Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 07:21
Room 1
Teleporting to their inn in Talismonde using Trap Z (the heart trap).

16:52, Today: Garek rolled 57 using 1d100.  buying another ring of before ?
Immediately use 1/3 to fix Garek's radiation exposure.

XP !
repair Bone Walker - visit techno's guild HQ.

New 'session'
Y/N questions - any cursed items - yes. More than one - yes. Is it in the scrolls - yes
(But could be in the scrolls and then also somewhere else).

Are any currently equipped - no.
2 cursed items? - no
3 cursed items? - no

More than 5 cursed items - yes
Six cursed items - no.
Seven cursed items -yes (!!)

Cursed Wish Ring
Scroll (blinds elves)
Spyder Helm (drawback)
Ruby of Runaway Regeneration
Boots of Time
Scroll - burning as if in hell
Mithril ring that makes nonelves fumble (in keep, hidden in spices).

So many that PCs have to go through at a line-item level. Individual Y/N questions will to go 'is this cursed' eventually pull out the six items.
'Any items we put in the keep already cursed - yes? [probably assume flying carpet]

Unsure of specifics of curses, however.

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 NPC, 349 posts
Thu 7 Jun 2018
at 13:54
Room 1
16:52, Wed 06 June: Garek rolled 57 using 1d100.  buying another ring of before ?

Good note on why Dex doesn't apply to AC: higher DEX gives option to parry, so the bonus is otherwise represented.

Curse item proceeds at about 1/hr - so over about 3 or 4 days.

Running curse detection scrolls over cursed items.
11:13, Today: Garek rolled 35 using 1d100.  curse detection scroll (90+ needed).
Ring of Three Wishes
11:14, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d10.  their level.
11:13, Today: Garek rolled 73 using 1d100.  masked magic detection (hired wizard).

Ask again if its cursed - still getting 'yes'.
Psychometry item ??

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 NPC, 351 posts
Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 01:49
Room 1
11:18, Today: Garek rolled 28 using 1d100.  sage - silver weapons.
[e.g. wraiths]
scimitars - presumed to work on undead (albeit badly if incorporeal) since are magic. Silver-coating - may actually prevent a 'touch'.

11:23, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d20.  Charisma check - willing to sell.

11:22, Today: Garek rolled 68 using 1d100.  Ring of Remembering.
-using Ring, can determine history of the magic ring - can see it being forged by evil and past times where someone who put it on betrayed their party.

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 NPC, 352 posts
Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 02:19
Room 1
From being nearly-indestructible and key to the party, Garek now feeling he's more and more dispensable :(

Spending 2000 GP on magic item identification and 1000 on partying.
-say 10,000 GP taken in tax (10% of value for sale of harp; done prominently in Talismonde, probably with traders guild and possibly to Elric).

Torc - technically should count as an 'amulet' rather than a 'hat'.
Problem for - Garek [critical amulet].
Harcourt - critical amulet, Time Piece - given to Marsa.
Gaynor - critical amulet . Not worn due to Helm (mostly) also.

-not really a continuity problem as 'psionicist' powers not used - apart from instance where gaynor used mind bar but was 'out' for a couple of rounds anyway and monster Banished.

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 NPC, 353 posts
Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 05:56
Room 1
15:23, Today: Garek rolled 41 using 1d100.  Looking for - troll ring.

After a week - going home for awhile (can use the back Gate to go to Trollworld when ready)
Plan to restock "Smog" bombs.
 NPC, 356 posts
Mon 11 Jun 2018
at 11:21
Room 1
20:50, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d7.  CC - choose character.
 NPC, 357 posts
Mon 11 Jun 2018
at 11:25
Room 1
20:52, Today: Garek rolled 2,4 using d4,d10.  random event.
d3 additional events
20:52, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d3.  d3 significant events.
20:53, Today: Garek rolled 2,10,4,10 using d4,d10,d4,d10.  events.
20- character has a religous experience (L)
40- character develops jaded tastes for exotic and possibly expensive p1easures. Roll a d6. On a result of 5-6, the character is addicted to one of the "pleasures" (drugs, sex, etc.). [D]
20:55, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d6.  addiction check.

20:58, Today: Garek rolled 13,3 using d20,d8.  random roll, random Cu roll.
War god.

21:00, Today: Garek rolled 3,2,6 using d10,d3,d20.
21:00, Today: Garek rolled 14 using 1d20.  addiional d20.
3 - curiosity - goes to investigate.
2 events - 6,14 - joins the religion
-intensity 5: devoted follower of principles of faith.
21:04, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d10.  religion level.
14 - joins a holy war sponsored by the god's religion.
T&T War God.

09:10, Today: Garek rolled 32 using 1d100.  scarab of protection possible to buy (Rock of Bral).

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 NPC, 359 posts
Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 01:45
Room 1
 potions of healing (GP sale value: 100)
Other Potions: extra-healing, climbing, flying, polymorph self, potion of levitation (400)
#2 potion of climbing (smells salty)
#3 potion of climbing (eyes turn red when used)

Potion of Heroism
Potion of Frost Giant Strength
Potion of Healing

heroism with healing, extra-healing, climbing, flying, polymorph self, potion of levitation (400)
#2 climbing, #3 climbing
11:08, Today: Garek rolled 52,78,52,88 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  rolls.
11:09, Today: Garek rolled 11,97,99,38 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  rolls-2.
11:10, Today: Garek rolled 24,2 using d100,d100.  heroism (50% or less) or other potion.
Heroism permanent with levitation or climbing

frost-giant str with other six - nup.
11:11, Today: Garek rolled 89,28,84,49,75,76 using d100,d100,d100,d100,d100,d100.  frost-giant str with other six.

1-day elven night vision with frost giant str, healing
11:12, Today: Garek rolled 63,13 using d100,d100.  1-day night vision with frost giant str, healing. - nup.
 NPC, 360 posts
Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 02:58
Room 1
Garek and Gaynor each receive an Omniflex.
 NPC, 361 posts
Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 06:32
Room 1
Antaeus visits the salve island:

After applying luckstone modifiers (if want salve):
01-26 roll twice
27-43 gold statue
44-57 scimitar
58-94 salve
96-00 storm bird

Cost: 150 GP
15:55, Today: Garek rolled 36,31,14,83,62,71 using d100,d100,d100,d100,d100,d100.  Salve.
Gold statue (50) *2, roll twice, salve, salve, salve

15:56, Today: Garek rolled 72,82 using d100,d100.  roll twice. - salve, salve

15:57, Today: Garek rolled 71,98,16,43 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  reinvesting statues.
salve, storm bird, roll twice, statue
15:58, Today: Garek rolled 100,75 using d100,d100.  roll twice.
-storm bird, salve
15:58, Today: Garek rolled 15,91 using d100,d100.  reinvest statue.
roll twice, salve
15:59, Today: Garek rolled 93,13 using d100,d100.  roll twice.
salve, roll twice
15:59, Today: Garek rolled 67,40 using d100,d100.  roll twice.
gold statue, salve
16:00, Today: Garek rolled 52,54 using d100,d100.  reinvest statue.
scimitar, scimitar

Totals: -150 GP
salve x11, scimitar x 2,
units bought: 6+4+2+2:
 NPC, 362 posts
Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 07:10
Room 1
16:34, Today: Garek rolled 67 using 1d100.  amulet of the cairn hills. - nope

16:36, Today: Garek rolled 94 using 1d100.  axe +1 with quirk - unbreakable (13%).
16:37, Today: Garek rolled 65,75,6,43 using d100,d100,d100,d100.  quirks (17% chance of unbreakable).
16:39, Today: Garek rolled 84 using 1d100.  random weapon type.
-Sword of Sharpness (35,000 GP)
16:41, Today: Garek rolled 85 using 1d100.  sword type.

Garek, Gaynor - switching weapons.
Battleaxe of Speed safer with Garek - less likely to break - while Ordryn is more durable.
Gaynor using Sharpness broadsword (-1 nonproficiency) and Ordryn
while Garek uses Speed weapon and Sharpness weapon.

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 NPC, 363 posts
Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 14:02
Room 1
sensing undead - helm of brilliance would be useful?
23:31, Today: Garek rolled 46 using 1d100.  helm of brilliance availability (the rock).
Value - 60,000 GP (ouch).
Worth actually searching one out - adventure?