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Tue 3 Jul 2018
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14f - Death Heart
Returning through the Ebon Pillars; again cost 1 oz of silver each..
It has been almost a month (nearly a week at home; a week in T&T world; two weeks searching for a 'magic detector' ) - with Arduin's 25-hr days, slightly fewer 'days' back there.

-can easily drop through the Rock first to get flying carpets etc.[have 3 now]
Despite problems basically best solution.

Unknown distance: could be say 5 days by flying carpet (these are fast)!)
So, 5 rolls on overland travel map.

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Tue 3 Jul 2018
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14f - Death Heart
In reply to Garek (msg # 1):

First arrival date: 282 of 453-day day year [sometime in summer, 10th of Torzar].

Arduin days - 25 hr just to be annoying.

Want to - be in Talismonde for Midwinter festival in 5 months time.

Before Forgotten Tower: a week there, selling bags/boots on the Rock, rest of week on Rhaelph
-found Sage. [=1]
Most of another week to do Howling Tower; pulled plug w/ Planar travel [petrification]. [=1]
Time at Kelarn, then the Rock and Khosht [buying items]. [=1]
Week in Talismonde + Howling Tower. [=1]
Leave Tower for keep; return from there to T&T world (gearing up etc.) - unlimited Revelation/Omni. Eye items.
Kelarn then return to Talismonde. [=2]
Citadel of Thunder; a week in Talismonde (used portals in the dungeon so 2 weeks). [=2]
Spending: week in T&T universe, Week on the Rock, [=2]
Halls of Beoll-Dur: 2 weeks [=2]
2 weeks in the Nexus and alternate-Nexus (incl 5 days travel time) [=2]

-can't calculate exact hour-of-day arrival since on multiple worlds with unknown (different) time zones.

Total time elapsed since arrival: 14 weeks approx. [=98 days = 94 days Arduin time.]
Gives current day of 376

-can arrive at a reasonable time using the 'Time Piece' to track.

16:45, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d100.  2nd Ring of Before available (50%)?
Extreme yes; buying 3 of these.

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Tue 3 Jul 2018
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14f - Death Heart
Location - valley is 'within the mountains of madness'. Not shown on main kingdom map.
Ardaemus' tower's location relatively known, however (just not mapped on known maps).
"Death Hart" overland map inconsistent (irreconcilable) with known Arduin maps.

Maybe to the east (---->) of the plateau of forever?
Further up since cold/mountainous (if northern hemisphere assumed).
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Tue 3 Jul 2018
at 12:54
14f - Death Heart
22:18, Today: Garek rolled 4,11,10,4,11 using d12,d12,d12,d12,d12.  Overland encounters.
22:20, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d12.  Encounter day 2.
22:21, Today: Garek rolled 6 using 1d12.  encounter day 5.

-potential to encounter things at night but probably not these (water sprite; mercenaries easily noticed/avoided and who would also be camping at night).

-moving onto 'local overland map': coming in between mountains to between Dragon's blood marsh/Dim Doom Forest.

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Tue 3 Jul 2018
at 13:11
14f - Death Heart
22:34, Today: Garek rolled 49 using 1d100.  10% chance - Silver Slyth.
22:40, Today: Garek rolled 75 using 1d100.  chance of black fog - 80%.
22:40, Today: Garek rolled 55 using 1d100.  chance of kraken.
[good news - was either 10% or 50%]

Landing - encounter for immediately outside.

22:45, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d8.  local encounter.
"Red Rot" contracted by ?
22:46, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d8.  Party member.

22:49, Today: Garek rolled 15 using 4d6.  roll damage.
-'cure disease' can fix (spores of the red lotus on the wind)

22:51, Today: Garek rolled 15 using 3d6+3.  Staff of curing.
Randomly choosing: rear entrance (opposite double entrance), and going in.
[theoretically: statistically most people will go in front two entrances so forces more likely concentrated there?]


Exploring - LHS is explores few rooms near to exit - sage mapping. Gets to Room 1 (using telepathy, life force detector, Revelation staff, magic analyzer). And Helm of Brilliance before going through any doors.

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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 11:17
14f - Death Heart
Time Shift/DD recon:

AC 5, HD 8 to 10, Dex 12 to 16, 2 claws d10 to 2d8, bite d8 to d10,
both claws - 50% of 'hug' for 2d8 to 4d6 or 20% kick d10 to d12. Can also throw. Centaur-gorilla.
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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 11:45
14f - Death Heart
Up to date figures:

Gaynor - Dex 30
Harcourt - Dex 22
Garek - Dex 20
Antaeus - Dex 19
Drax - Dex 19
Marsa Dex 18 [suede gloves?]
Lynn - Dex 11

Attack/damage compiled:

Harcourt - battleaxe of speed +3 [+13, d8+5+4d6]
Dark moon (+2) [+11, 2d4+2+4d6]

Gaynor -
Orodryn - 2 attks, +12, d8+20
sharpness broadsword [indestructible] [+1] [+10, 2d4+2d10+1, 18-19 crit]

Rod of Lordly Might (+4 battleaxe) - +13, d8+14
Mace "Terror" (+4 to hit) - +12 to hit, 4d8+8 (ignores immunities)

Drax: rapier, 2 attacks, +7, - d6+8.

Lynn: [+4 hit/+8 dmg maul]- +13 to hit - d8+8+4d6,

Or duality - 2 laser pistols +7 to hit, 2d8/2d8,

20:51, Today: Garek rolled 11,5,2,17 using d20,d20,d20,d20.  Harcourt, Garek - #1 gorilla
20:52, Today: Garek rolled 12 using 1d20.  harcourt speed attack.

20:52, Today: Garek rolled 6,4 using d20,d20.  Gaynor #2.


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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 11:54
14f - Death Heart
Damage: harcourt hits x3, garek - both,
21:19, Today: Garek rolled 37,23,6,51 using 2d8+27,2d8+10,2d4+2,12d6.  Damage.
! - kills #1.

gaynor - Orodryn only [23 damage, #2]

21:21, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d20.  agility roll (15?).

21:20, Today: Garek rolled 56 using 1d100.  fumble.

21:20, Today: Garek rolled 1,15 using d20,d20.  attacks on Gaynor.
21:21, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d20.  agility roll (15?).

21:22, Today: Garek rolled 11 using 2d8.  claws.

21:23, Today: Garek rolled 17,12,3,9,13,14,16 using d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20,d20.  Harcourt (3), Garek, Gaynor.
-killed; Gaynor regenerates 11 damage in 11 rounds.

search room - revelation.
analyze items.
-using 1 YN question (Harcourt's) to determine if infravision potion is what it says it is - yes.
-drinking immediately.

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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 12:48
14f - Death Heart

Resources used:
Harcourt 1 YN question
Gaynor - portal use.

room 5 - whisper wasps too small for life force detector + probably mindless.
Invisible nest - Gaynor can see as soon as enters the room; also Drax with Amulet of Eyes.

22:06, Today: Garek rolled 4,1,11,11,7 using d12,d12,d12,d12,d12.  wasps.

22:06, Today: Garek rolled 12 using 1d12.  wasp attack.
22:06, Today: Garek rolled 4,1,11,11,7 using d12,d12,d12,d12,d12.  wasps.
Only Harcourt fast enough - kills 2 of 3 wasps.
22:08, Today: Garek rolled 20,3,13 using d20,d20,d20.  Harcourt attacks.
22:09, Today: Garek rolled 13,10 using d20,d20.  wasp attacks. [wouldn't hit any main fighters]
-Drax fireballs nest.
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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 13:10
14f - Death Heart
Room 5 - no scouting.

Room 6
undead detected with Helm
Antaeus doing time shift recon (3rd time).
- empty.
suspecting incorporeal undead ? - So far so good.

Using save of "14" vs. scimitar; -1 per 3 levels.
! Should be 2d10 not d20 rolls.
roll of 7 = lowest 35% of results - similar.

22:22, Today: Garek rolled 17,17 using d20,d20.  Harcourt attack.
22:23, Today: Garek rolled 16,14 using d20,d20.  saving throws.
22:23, Today: Garek rolled 8,30 using 2d8,8d6.  damage.

22:39, Today: Garek rolled 16 using 1d20+7.  bite vs. Harcourt (2d8 + energy drain).
Miss due to Ring of Protection.
Later attacks delayed (staggered).

Room 7 - telepathy finds guy who's crazy

Room 3 - undead (13 zombies).
Recon; dimension door then laser fire through dimension door...lasers a sort of fire so not working...hmm. Regular arrows work. Visibility through fog a problem, except for Drax (amulet of eyes).
Going in through door with scimitars.

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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 13:31
14f - Death Heart
Room 8 - Horragus is mindless, but shows up as 'very big' with life force detector.
Recon - Antaeus comes back looking shaken (30' long alien THING).
Iron chest apparent.

Moving up to Room Two.
Recon - 'slime slug'.
OK lets do it.

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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 13:39
14f - Death Heart
Room Ten - Doomguard (animated armour) - as construct doesn't trigger any sensors; PCs open the door.

23:10, Today: Garek rolled 20 using 4d10.  Damage.

23:09, Today: Garek rolled 17,13 using d20,d20.  attacks on -harcourt.
-10 Yuurk = 10 damage.

Harcourt first (speed) attack.
23:12, Today: Garek rolled 13,18 using d8+5,4d6.  damage.
2nd attack - fumble - roll d100

23:12, Today: Garek rolled 49 using 1d100.  % breakage for Speed weapon (low bad).
23:13, Today: Garek rolled 93 using 1d100.  fumble.
23:14, Today: Garek rolled 91 using 1d100.  magic weapon breakage 25%. - OK.
2nd attack - miss.

23:16, Today: Garek rolled 19,21 using d20+12,d20+10.  Gaynor attacks. [both miss - AC 22]

23:17, Today: Garek rolled 21,17 using d20+13,d20+11.  Garek. - two misses
Drax - friendly fireball - no effect.
23:18, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d10.  Nevermiss.
[total damage to 35]

23:20, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d20.  Antaeus - control body.
23:20, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d20.  Doomguard opposed Str roll. [defender wins tie]
23:23, Today: Garek rolled 18 using 1d20.  Lynn attack.
23:23, Today: Garek rolled 15,19 using d8+8,4d6.  damage.
[total damage to 69]

-teleports behind Lynn and attacks

23:26, Today: Garek rolled 18,16 using d20,d20.  Doomguard attacks.
23:26, Today: Garek rolled 24 using 4d10.  damage.
[after Yuurk: 14 damage to Lynn]

23:26, Today: Garek rolled 1,12,10 using d20,d20,d20.  Harcourt.
23:27, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d100.  fumble.
'lose next attack'
23:28, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d20.  offhand attack. [miss]

23:29, Today: Garek rolled 10,13 using d20,d20.  Garek. - both hit.
23:29, Today: Garek rolled 36 using 2d8+27.  damage. - killed

23:30, Today: Garek rolled 4,32 using d100,d100.  weapon breakage - rod, weapon breakage - sharpness.
[04 - 14% chance of breakage]

-"Ring of Before" - I think actually shouldn't be able to affect items (retcon).
COULD use the 'time piece' to reset ['themselves' implying no other characters - presumably opponent doesn't 'come back to life' however weird that is.

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Thu 5 Jul 2018
at 03:09
14f - Death Heart
Going for broke:
do we want to wait for recharging on stuff ?

11:44, Today: Garek rolled 16 using 3d6+3.  staff of curing - Harcourt.
11:46, Today: Garek rolled 11 using 2d8.  healing - lynn. [2 CLW spells - Antaeus, hat]

The Horragus problem:

Horragus: 'would its treasure be good enough to justify attempting to kill it' ?
"Yes" [+5 maul that 1/day deals up to 125 damage as 5 separate energy blasts]

Does fire work on it? - yes.
Does poison work on it? - no.
Possibly mindless (not detecting with telepathy).

Actually not feeling comfortable sleeping with that thing nearby.
To start with - 2 fireballs.
ball lightning 'wand' - 'does lightning work on it?' - yes.

Attack 'macro' - dimension door and hitting with 2 fireballs + ball lightning wand [Drax, Marsa, Harcourt]
May not kill it. Leave door open and continue hitting it - causes it pain if puts tentacle through.
Meanwhile - Garek/Gaynor work on door opening [double doors].
Magic-users are: around the corner (toward room Three).

OK lets do it.
Horragus - Dex 17.
117 HP:

Antaeus - DD in 'surprise' round, initiates.
Drax - 6d6 fire, save 1/2 (wand) - Dex 22
Harcourt - 6d6 fire save 1/2 (wand) - Dex 19
Marsa - Dex 15 [borrow Lynn's gloves; Dex 18]

12:16, Today: Garek rolled 11,6 using 2d10,2d10.  saves - lightning, fire (both wands).
Total of: 69 damage (but its fine).
On 17 it would put a tentacle through the portal - recoiling
12:17, Today: Garek rolled 53 using 1d100.  move toward PCs (90%) - can burrow through stone with its move...[=movement]
next attacks would be on - 14,11, etc.
Fighters can move to engage before then.

12:20, Today: Garek rolled 27,18 using d20+13,d20+11.  Attacks.
-hits with Rod only; checking (14%) chance breakage.
12:21, Today: Garek rolled 16 using 1d100.  weapon breakage. - just!
12:20, Today: Garek rolled 15 using 1d8+14.  damage.
Total now: 84

12:22, Today: Garek rolled 29,20 using d20+12,d20+10.  Gaynor - Orodryn, sharpness broadsword.
12:22, Today: Garek rolled 25 using 1d8+20.  Orodryn damage.
Total of: 109; regenerated 2 already to 107.

Lynn -delayed (no gloves); sage basically running away with Nevermiss.
Other mages - moving back!

12:27, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d8.  damage.[Horragus tentacle #2]

12:27, Today: Garek rolled 93 using 1d100.  weapon breakage.

12:29, Today: Garek rolled 32 using 1d20+13.  tentacle #3.
12:29, Today: Garek rolled 2 using 1d8.  bash. - also absorbed by Yuurk.

12:30, Today: Garek rolled 16,8 using d20+7,d20+7.  Lynn - lasers.
12:30, Today: Garek rolled 15 using 1d100.  fumble.
'weapons entangled; lose next attack, 25% to drop weapon.

Monster - remaining attacks - 2 left. 5% chance of tail crush
12:34, Today: Garek rolled 93 using 1d100.  tail crush.

-Gaynor takes 5 crush damage.
13 more fire damage...drops the thing..
PCs - replying in kind

PCs - would keep stabbing it. Cutting the 'head' off with indestructible sharpness broadsword.
Still regenerating??!
Unsure how to kill it properly...Garek opening portal to the Negative Material Plane, pushing remains through.
-using 1 charge of "Before"ness to recharge portal use.

"dude, that was tense"..
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Thu 5 Jul 2018
at 03:09
14f - Death Heart
12:39, Today: Garek rolled 5 using 1d100.  Would Lynn let Marsa have her gloves (10%).
'keep them' - not helping her much, mostly out of shame due to fumble.
Gaynor rubs salve on where the thing touched him, just in case.
-deleted 2 anti-crit amulets (retconning ring of before).

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