14g vacation time.   Posted by Garek.Group: 0
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Fri 13 Jul 2018
at 10:13
14g vacation time
Taking at least 2 weeks off after Death Hart to recover from assorted trauma.
Pick a planet: Rock of Bral is a risky place to spend time (treasure being splashed around being noticed).
Basically have the rogue they rescued keeping house for them.

Things to do:
-identify thunderthing: GW rules apply so need to see a complexity ?
Crazy amounts of treasure in fortress now - need to start improving defenses.
Kelarn - steal enchantment into 'Death Tongue'?

Roll a between-adventures event:
11:28, Today: Garek rolled 54 using 1d100.  likelihood of some sort of Rock problems (50%). - no, despite time away all good. Its just a house.

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