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a "Sunstone,"
a fancy ivory and silver walking stick, a
"Shimmer Shield" - not magickal, acts as displacer cloak in lighted areas
and a rolled "Cloak of Never."
3000 GS.
 small ivory and silver
snuff box (it matches the walking stick)
that has a "Ruby of Runaway Regeneration in it
wrapped in red silk.The silk, when opened has
a "Rune of Insanity" on it that effects all who
see it within 10'.

-Wardroid in Prison Dring-B. weapons can shoot through bars. Pointing ring at wall - left in Ground-9 currently.
may be able to

50 gold bars that are 1,000 ounces each.

(l,OOO G.S. J and 62 1/2 lbs. each!). Laid atop them is a magik two handed sword named "Valiant Fire." It is +3/+3 and flames in battle for 1d8 extra heat damage. Its ego and intelligence are 10 each, it speaks: Neutral and Dwarvish and is lawful-good in alignment.

"Pouch of Powders - 1/day [roll on table of d20 randomly]-potion chart. 12,500 GP value. disappears after 25 hrs [1 day].
Ring of the Titans  -become random giant, 3 x daily. 10%, 25% and 50% chance will be permanent [ring vanishes]
2x "Saddlebags of Holding" [7500 lbs each; weighs 200 lbs]
Bag of assorted gems - 89,980 G.S.

"Staff of Black Wizardry"
CE, gnarled black oak staff.
Withering, Dimension Door, Wall of Ice, Ice Storm, Darkness (10 radius), Fear, Confusion, Fly, Striking (for d8 points) [20 charges]
Insect Swam, Web, Magik Missile, Elementals [each 1/day]

pouch of red silk containing a vial carved from a 33 carat
Rainbow Diamond. In that vial is a single "Golden Drop of Heavenly Essence."
Value: 100,000 GS per drop Charges: none
Looks: pale, translucent golden liquid
Effects: One drop will totally restore any dead being, regardless of damage or how little of said being is left. It will cure any disease, insanity, or amnesia. In all cases, there is only a 1% chance of failure. It is so rare that only 21 drops have been seen in the last 1,200 years! Remember, there must be at least a particle left of the said being with which to work.

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In the southwest corner is hit for IDlO strength damage extxi
a 10' by 6' by 4' chest of silver (12,000 G.S. They are led by a 10+1 RD, AC
value) with two locks. The left lock, 1 tamp- 2 (+4 for dext.). 90 hit point,
ered with, spews a fatal contact poison Phraint with a dext. of 48 (he is
(if a "save" is made, the person still loses magikally speeded up). He carrys
permanently ID6 off all attributesl) The right three maximum power Javelins of
hand lock, if tampered with, fires three con- Devastation a~d fights with a
secutive spells at the tamperer: Morgorn's +1/+1 magik bastard sword in each
Spell of the Red Death, Disintegrate Magik hand. The swords have a lOB "aura
Ketal, and The Curse of The Hounds of Tindal- of intense coldfl for extra damage
os! In the chest is 100,000 G.S. and the fol- but are otherwise non-magikal and
lowing magik treasure: ten tins (10 doses have DO sentience. They work as a
each) of Golden Centaur Salve, A Wind Staff, pair and are called "Snicker" and
three maximum power javelins of Devastation "Snack." The Phraint telepathicaand
a Wand of Wizardry (15 charges each of: lly controls the "Drop Wall."
Angborn's Abyssamal Itch, Torozon's Slippery
field and Querdloe's Clumsy Field).