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Adventuring Party

14:04, Today: Arek rolled 6,7,11,12,10,8 using 4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6, dropping the lowest dice only.  stats-3.

14:04, Today: Arek rolled 9,15,7,17,10,13 using 4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6, dropping the lowest dice only.  Stats-2.

14:04, Today: Arek rolled 14,16,12,13,11,12 using 4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6, dropping the lowest dice only.  Stats-1.

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Adventuring Party
Dwarf Thief 7/Psionicist 7
Kit: Untutored One [Dark Sun kit, Dragon #194]

WPs: TWF, Shortsword, light x-bow --[0/-2 offhand]
armour: X.
Shortbow proficiency: bonus Skill gained with "Manual of Skills" [SenZar; 50k GP cost-equivalent/FMV 500,000 silver stars]

Str 12 --24 with belt
Dex 18 ---22 with gloves
Con 13 (26 w/ belt)
Int 22 (Reason 21, Knowledge 23 e.g. +12 NWPs)
Wis 18
Cha 18 [kingly bearing, long beard]

Hit Points: 35 -- as if Con bonus +2/die, reduce without amulet.
AC: 16 [bracers]
THAC0: +3
Shortswords +3/0 [d6, crit/d6]; x-bow +2 [d8]
Shortbow +3 [d6+1], 2 attacks

Item - Bow of Speed [CardMaster]- Rogue can make 2 attacks, from front or second rank. XP value 500.; T&T added +3d/+12 adds.
[equivalent to Shortbow +1 after T&T bonus dice; fire both attacks on the characters' turn, but only 2 attacks total still]

Total PSPs: 140
Wis 18, Con 18: +3 bonus to psionicist level limit (=11th); +1 for Wish
Kit benefit - bonus wild talent
12:58, Today: Arek rolled 4 using 1d100.  wild talent roll.
Feel Light- 27 PSPs, Wis-3; [7, 5/rd]; added directly to PSP total. [no bonus for lvls]
Base PSPs 26, +7 Int, +78 for 6 levels advanced (L7 =[10+3 Wis]*6, +2 Con (amulet).
No psionic defense modes, -3 reaction to normal psionicists, -1 all others.
Psychoportation (primary), psychokinesis, metapsionics; 4 sciences/12 devotions.
Sciences - Teleport (Int); Banishment [5 yds], Teleport Other; Telekinesis [Wis-3]
Devotions- Dimension Door [Con-1 base], +1 for extra Devotion slot, Dream Travel [Wis-4], Time Shift, Time/Space Anchor, Teleport Trigger, Dimension Walk [Con-2,8+4/turn, 21 miles/turn), Soften (TK), Molecular Agitation (TK), Control Body (Con-2), inertial barrier (Con -3, 3 yard diameter), cannibalize (+8/Con point)  (wanted- 'wrench')
Researched a "temporal protection" power (see notes). (psychoport dev).

NWPs (4+7 Int+1 3rd level): Appraising (1), Read/Write [psionicist](1), Fungus Identification (Complete Dwarf)(1 slot, Int +3), Survival (underground) (1, Int+0), Underground Navigation (1, Int+0), Locksmithing (1 slot, +10% OL), Modern Languages - Common (1), Engineering (bonus Craft, Int-3), Foraging (Wis)(1 slot), Mining (Wis,1 slot), Danger Sense (Wis+1, 2 slots), 3rd level - Religion (Wis+0, 1 slot; psionicist)
Add (Int gain at L5): Meditative Focus [Wis+1, 12 hrs meditation], Musical Instrument (Lute; Dex-1).
Bonus: Rejuvenation, Endurance.
1 NWP slot [6th level] - Fantasy Physics [as Serraine [Mystara] general skill; learned in Spelljammer universe however; gnomish texts]
Add - Int gain +3/+3 slots at L7: Arduinian Common, ?, ?
[speaks T&T Common in T&T universe - 1 language per Int point over 12]

Immune to poison (Naked Doom).

Background: shunned due to psi powers (grey dwarf ancestry). Lived underground for awhile in more boring part of the undercity

=== Detection Proficiencies [5] === [check bonuses, WIS increase]
18 - Grade/Slope in Passage [1 slot]
18 - New Tunnel/Passage Construction [1 slot]
16 - Sliding/Shifting Walls or Rooms [1 slot]
14 - Stonework Traps, Pits, and Deadfalls [1 slot] [+1 extra slot, 6th level]
15 [Wis -1 +1 xtra] - Approximate Depth Underground [1 slot], +1 extra slot 3rd level
[+1/3 levels, as priest for psion]

Other S&P advantages/disadvantages:
Dwarf package (45)- hill dwarf (40) + rollover 5 into advantages.
Obscure Knowledge (Int check to use); 4 pts.

Thief skills (Dex penalties) - trap guy!: pick pockets 25%, open locks 45%, find/remove traps 95%, move silently 55%, hide in shadows 40%, read languages -5%, climb walls 50%, detect noise 15%.
(+ adjustments for no armour) ? may need to audit thief skills. + for level7 added.


GP: 2375 personal (not listed in party treasure)
shortsword (10)*2, thieves' picks (30), 10 torches (1 sp), belt pouch, studded leather (20), clothes
Listening cone - +5%, mesh
False scabbard
50ft silk rope (8 lb),
light x-bow (d8)+ box 20 quarrels

-added 3d+12 adds to bow of speed
-shortsword +3d+12, permanent dragon's venom
-added 3d+12 to shortsword [treat as +1 in D&D]
-added 3d+12 to shortsword [treat as +1 in D&D]
-4 dirks 5d+13 [treat as +1 in D&D]

Hat of Difference [value: 8000 GP, set to cleric; cleric 3, Vergadain - dwarven god of wealth/luck - slightly pious] [rogue pretending to be a cleric, using the hat!]

Pair pale blue satin gloves (+4 Dexterity)

Girdle of Hill Giant Strength (19)
Yuurk (100 hits T&T/10 D&D per round, non-magic)
Amulet of Krepmn (3 uses)

*Mirror of Memory (XP value - 3000, cleric only: reflects medusa's attack)

"Night Finger of Kharkoram" [copy] - Black jade ring carved with mystik runes. Immune paralyzed, mesmerized or turned to stone.

Dwarf-sized Boots of Silent Stealth (as elvenkind?)(Howling Tower)
Blue Jade and Opal Ring ("see all invisible")
Parts of space suit - helmet and oxygen tank
2 x gold Antaeus statue (50 gp ea.)

Deluxe Staff (i.e. indestructible stick) - never used for magic.
Staff of Revelation - unlimited use, no ST cost, as Revelation spell.
Spectacles of Omniscient Eye - unlimited use, no ST cost, as Omni-eye spell.
Bracers of Defense (Fire-resistant) -- AC 16 ["AC 4"]

Staff of Curing (3d6+3, 2/day to diff people; 3 charges used)

-modified 'Bigger is Better' spell from Mdme Chayalla

Temporal Protection: researched using guidelines in Dragon #204. Modification of time/space anchor that protects vs. temporal energy. Self or other - 1 PSP/hour to use. Int roll.
Set at 3000 GP research cost (assume devotion 1-5, science 6-10, midpoint).

Ring of Fortitude (value: 5000 GP. See thread for construction notes. Adds +4 to Constitution for purpose of magic resistance, including resurrection survival %.)

Silver ring - 100% fire resistance.

Blue Jade ring (invisible for 10 minutes per day)
(worn instead of Fortitude ring when needed, otherwise not; put on chain around neck).

2 x Amulet: demagnetizes anything touched/carried.

Bag of Holding I (value: 25K; wgt 15 lbs; holds 250 lbs of gear)
Magic backpack - can carry 330 lbs, items up to 8' v 4' with weight 50 lbs.

19:54, Today: Arek rolled 7,18 using d10,4d10.  Height, Weight Ant.
Height 50 inches, weight 148 lb-- teleport 1/5 = 30 lbs

BSP-7: added +1 to all stats (equivalent to a Wish). Int gain from pool (+2). Pool of greatness +2 Str, Dex, CHa.
Initial stats:
Str 9
Dex 10
Con 14 (Health 12, +3 to saving throws); Fitness 16 (+2 hp/lvl)
Int 17 (Reason 16, Knowledge 18 e.g. +7 NWPs)
Wis 15
Cha 7...6 as dwarf

22:32, Today: Arek rolled 3,4 using d6,d6.  Antaeus hit points.
22:22, Today: Arek rolled 7 using 1d6+2.  antaeus thief-2 hit points. (before halving)
23:48, Today: Arek rolled 5,4 using d6,d6.  Antaeus psion-2, thief-3 hit points (simultaneous).
20:35, Today: Arek rolled 7 using 1d6+2.  Antaeus L3 psion hit points.
20:38, Today: Arek rolled 3 using 1d6.  Antaeus HP thief 4. [add 2, /2][=+2]
18:07, Today: Arek rolled 3 using 1d6+2.  Antaeus L4 psion hit points.
12:52, Today: Arek rolled 3 using 1d6.  Antaeus Psi 5 HP roll.
20:05, Today: Arek rolled 6 using 1d6.  Antaeus thief 5 hit points.
23:44, Today: Garek rolled 2,2 using d6,d3.  Antaeus - stat raise. [+2 int] [pool]
22:48, Today: Garek rolled 2,1 using d6,d6.  thief, psionicist L6 hit points. [1,+2 con]
Pool of greatness: +2 to Str, Dex and Cha.
"Star" card, Deck of Many Things: gain +2 to Wis (18).
Cha was 9 (10 to dwarves) - raised to 18 with Throne card.
21:18, Today: Garek rolled 4 using 1d6+2.  Antaeus extra HPs. [psionicist 7]
-1 Constitution (dead due to Citadel of Thunder trap "Z").

Dex 13
Con 15 (Health 13, +3 to saving throws);
Fitness 16.1 (+2 hp/lvl) (20 w/ amulet)
rearranged to Dex 15, Con 13

11:33, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d4.  Int gain Antaeus (time piece on standby).
11:33, Today: Garek rolled 3 using 1d4.  reroll - Int gain.
[using Int +d4 potion - partly as useful for teleport, also since died in the adventure]
+1 Con due to incantation (Halls of Beol-Dor)
+1 added to psionicist level limit with a Wish (Halls of Beol-Dor)
15:53, Today: Garek rolled 8 using 1d6+2.  Antaeus thief 7 hit points.
[/2 for multiclass, plus 4 for thf7]
--converting Dex x 7 (Hela to +3 Dex in D&D)

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Adventuring Party
[Alt] Belt of Hercules
Value: 27,000 G.S. Composition: Steel wire mesh, gold, Hydra leather, and
brass. size: Fits all waists 30" to 40" in size. Weight: 10 Ibs. Age:
10,000 years. Magic Powers: The wearer is given a strength of 25, plus six;(+6)
dexterity and agility and has their constitution doubled. This works only while
worn, and it does have on small drawback: plus ten (+10) to the wearer's ego!

Nevermiss: heavy crossbow [5d T&T / d10 D&D] - teleports bolts up to 100 yards to the intended target, hitting automatically. [Arena of Khazan weapon, bought of protege for 45K GPs]. [would bypass GW force field or equivalent barrier?] No attack roll so proficiency irrelevant; ROF approx. 1/2 D&D i.e. normal reload time, two-handed.

The Time Piece
Value:∑ 25,OOO G.S. Composition: Adamantine, oricha1cum, mithril, gold and
red diamonds (the clear case is of a thin sheet of white diamond). Age: 2,000
years. Size: 3 1/2" across. Weight: 1 lb. Magik Powers: The owner/wearer of
this amulet is 100% protected from all "Time Related" magik and can, once per
day, set their "Time' Piece" back up to one full minute, thus giving themselves
only, the ability to "re-try" or "re-live" that minute. Oh, it also tells time
very accurately.

Hand of Doom (magic cestus)(glove slot?) - 40,000 GS value. 50,000 years old. Attacks as +5 maul.
4 beasts - store 25 damage each [Unicorn cold, Dragon flame, Lion sonic, Serpent acid]. Useable 1/day, 3% chance
of detoning carved figure and harming wearer. Can be fired in combination.
[pairing with the Time Piece to allow for reset in case of detonation]

Helm of Comprehending Languages and Reading Magic (90% - all or none)(copy - also party treasure)

Saving throws:
ftr 1-2 : poison 14, polymorph 15, rod 16, breath 15, spell 17
ftr 3-4 : poison 13, polymorph 14, rod 15, breath 14, spell 16
ftr 5-6 : poison 11, polymorph 12, rod 13, breath 12, spell 14
mage 14, 13,11,15,12
thief 5th- 12,12,11,15,13 (+dwarf) + 12, 13,9,15,14 psionicist

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NOTE - recommended use of "Central Casting" is to roll a random Adulthood event for one character in between adventure.  Randomly determine character: d7 on char list

Known World List

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Power Score: Int
Initial Cost: 10 +
Maintenance Cost: na
Range: infinite
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: personal
Prerequisites: none
Teleport is the essential power within this discipline. It allows the
psionicist to teleport to a familiar spot. The destination must be a place that
the character knows and can picture mentally - even if heís never actually been
there. For example, a psionicist may still know a location that he has seen
through a crystal ball, via a sight link, or even by scanning someone elseís mind
for the information.
The psionicist can still teleport to a place even if it has somehow changed
from the way he pictures it. For example, if a room has been rearranged, or is
currently on fire, such changes won't affect the teleport.
Teleports always take characters to a fixed location. For example, if a
character tries to teleport into a gypsy wagon which is on the move, he'll arrive
at the wagonís location when he last knew it. The wagon itself may be miles away
by then. Also, if the character was picturing the wagonís interior, he will
teleport to the space corresponding to the wagonís interior - which is several
feet off the ground! Because the wagon itself has moved, the teleporter will
fall when he arrives (imagine teleporting to a room on the fifth floor of a
tower, only to discover the tower has been razed by marauders since your last
Teleportation is instantaneous. The teleporting character simply ceases to
exist in his previous location and springs into being at the destination. There
is a slight, audible ď popĒ at both ends, as air rushes into the sudden vacuum
or is instantly displaced.
Restraints do not affect teleportation. A character who is tied up,
shackled to a wall, or buried up to his neck can still teleport. The restraints
remain behind.
Clothing, on the other hand, does accompany a character who teleports. He may also carry small items in his grasp or wear equipment (e.g., armor) on his person, not exceeding one-fifth of his own body mass. If he doubles the amount of PSPs expended, he can carry up to three times his body mass, or take along one or two other characters on whom he has a firm grasp.
A character can teleport any distance, but as the distance increases, so does the chance of failure and the cost in PSPs. Ranges, point costs, and power score modifiers are shown below.
If the teleportation die roll is a 1 or 2, the character and anyone else with him are momentarily disoriented by the jump. They can do nothing during the round which immediately follows the teleport. After that, they suffer a 2-point penalty to the following for 1d6 rounds: initiative die rolls, psionic power checks, and attack rolls.

Initial Power Score
Distance Cost Modifier
10 yards 20 +1
100 yards 20 0
1,000 yards 30 -1
10 miles 40 -2
100 miles 50 -3
1,000 miles 60 -4
10,000 miles 70 -5
planet to planet* 100 -6
* Players with the SPELLJAMMER boxed set should note that interplanetary
teleports are possible only within the same crystal sphere. It is impossible to
teleport between crystal spheres or different planes of existence.
Power Score - The PSP cost is reduced by 20 percent, rounded up
20 - No effect.

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Dimensional Door
Dimensional Door
Power Score: Con -1
Initial Cost: 4
Maintenance Cost: 2/round
Range: 50 yards +
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: na
Prerequisites: none
Like teleportation, a dimensional door takes a character from one location
to another. The similarity stops there, however. With dimensional door, the
psionicist opens a man-sized portal which leads to the edge of another dimension.
The edge acts as a lightning-quick transit system, carrying travelers to a
destination chosen by the psionicist who uses this power.
When the psionicist uses this devotion, he creates a door leading into the
alternate dimension. The door is a vaguely outlined portal, which appears in
front of the psionicist. At the same time, an identical portal appears wherever
he wants it, within range (see below). The door can have whatever orientation
the psionicist chooses. If someone (including the psionicist) steps into either
portal, he immediately steps out of the other. Both doors remain in place for as
long as the psionicist maintains the power.
The dimension accessed by this power is not fully understood. Clearly, it
has very different qualities of time and space, such that motion is greatly
accelerated. For many years this transit was thought to be instantaneous, but
arduous experiments by Larue díjar Azif of Dhaztanar have proved that a very tiny
bit of time does elapse. What this means is still unknown.
Travel via this power is disorienting. Presumably, exposure to the
alternate dimension traumatizes the body in some way. As a result, a traveler is
dazed and cannot attack or move for one round after stepping through a
dimensional skip portal. Quick transit is advisable. People who shove only an
arm through a portal suffer intense pain. Fools who poke their head through a
portal must make a system shock roll; failure means they lose 50% of their
current hit points and pass out.
Inanimate objects are not affected by exposure to the dimensionís edge. In
fact, a character can throw or fire objects through a portal, and they'll come
out on the other side. Attackers suffer a -4 penalty on their to-hit rolls
against targets on the other side of the dimensionís edge.
Range: The normal range of this power - i.e., the maximum distance between
the two portals - is 50 yards. The distance can be extended only with severe
reductions to the characterís power score, as shown below. Increasing the range
does not increase the PSP cost, however.
Distance Power Score
Between Doors Modifier
50 yards 0
75 yards -2
100 yards -5
150 yards -8
200 yards -12
Power Score - Transit does not cause disorientation.
20 - The psionicist is momentarily exposed to the transit dimension and is
disoriented as if he had stepped through the portal.

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Dream Travel
Dream Travel
Power Score: Wis -4
Initial Cost: 1/25 miles
Maintenance Cost: na
Range: 500 miles
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: personal
Prerequisites: none
Dream travel is a powerful but unreliable means of getting from here to there. The traveler journeys in his dreams, and awakes wherever his nocturnal wandering carried him. The psionicist can even take other characters with him, although itís more difficult than traveling alone (see "Passengers" below).
To use dream travel, the psionicist must be asleep. Once asleep, he begins fashioning a dream that involves traveling from his present location to his intended destination. At the beginning of the journey, the DM secretly makes a power check for the character. If the check succeeds, the psionicist will reach his destination. If the check fails, the character will fall short 10% for each point that the die roll exceeded the power score.
If the DM wants, this power check is all thatís required to handle dream travel during a game. However, itís far more satisfying to actually role-play the dream. The player creates the setting and describes his intentions, with the DM interrupting to change things arbitrarily and throw obstacles in the characterís path.
If the player overcomes the obstacles and solves problems inventively, the
DM is justified in giving a bonus to the characterís power check. If the dream
is dull and lifeless, the DM can also penalize the power check.
The DM should remember that this is a dream; terrain on the journey may not resemble actual terrain, the character may be completely different, and the world may be completely strange. The length of the dream journey should be approximately the same as the real distance, however, and the final destination should be at least similar to the real destination. Such dream adventures should minimize combat and maximize problems, puzzles, and surreal atmosphere. If combat does occur, it has no effect on the character physically, but if he is killed, he wakes up, right where he started.
A dream journeys take approximately eight hours to complete, successful or
Passengers: The psionicist can bring other characters along with him in the dream. His power score is reduced by one for each passenger he carries.
Passengers must also be sleeping. A single power check launches everyone on the dream journey. If the check fails, they still attempt the dream journey but fall short of their target. The psionicist must pay the PSP cost of the trip individually for each character accompanying him in the dream.

Control Body
Control Body
Power Score: Con -2
Initial Cost: 8
Maintenance Cost: 8/round
Range: 80 yards
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: individual
Prerequisites: telekinesis

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T&T stats - Antaeus
Str 75
Dex 357
Con 35 (55 for resisting spells, Ring of Fortitude)
Int 64
Luck 17
Cha 50

Psionic Powers: use AD&D psionics rules.
Hat of Difference - T&T wizard (L2); L1 spells + Restoration, Concealing Cloak.

Adds: +23
2 shortswords [6d]

was Str 25, Dex 17, Cha 11 before pool of greatness [now 33]
Raising Cha to 50 after Throne card (cf. Charisma Effects table)
treat +3 Int as +30 Int T&T (=54)

Dex x7 (51 to 357) - Hela's House of Dark Delights.

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T&T stats - Antaeus
Antaeus - backstab would be great if could DD and backstab in same round.
Not possible due to DD disorientation.
COULD time shift to move into backstab position (with an extra +4 bonus!).
Uses INT check.
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Tue 24 Apr 2018
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T&T stats - Antaeus
Marsa - can attempt to learn the 'Flash Point' spell (at least on Arduin).

? check Antaeus' Dex modifier to find/remove traps.

Psionic Power
Time Strength Score
Shifted Cost Modifier
1 round 3 ---0
2 rounds 6 --- -2
3 rounds 12 ---6
(using these though also says '16' in initial cost)

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T&T stats - Antaeus
Copy-A: Prison Dring (Ring of Inescapable Trapping). 100,000 yo. Mithril w/ adamantine bars. Traps a single sentient being within 30' if commands spoken. Existing prisoner ejected. No saving throw. Victims may be conversed with and in fact is totally alive, needing food and water, etc. [value: 100,000 g.s.]