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House Rules
Core rules: AD&D 2E + Completes + Skills & Powers
Skills & Powers - using class system, race system, subabilities, advantages/disadvantages.
Complete Fighter: all normal manuevers; multiclass warriors can use Int bonus proficiencies as WPs; single-class fighters gain max. HP at 1st level.

Standard psionics (not S&P)
Speed factors: not used
Weapon proficiencies: used
Kits: used (maximum 1 per character)
Secondary skills: can be rolled, become 1-slot-per-2 as per [1E Wilderness Survival Guide]
NWPs: normal (not using S&P proficiency check rules/costs). Hence, no CPs gained for level advancement. Class/Race leftover points can be used to buy advantages as usual.

Dragon magazine: in use.
[also brings 'online' Gamma World conversion rules /GW character permitted]

Initiative: roll once per combat (suggested in 'Dragon' countdown for 3E, #268 approx).

1E assassins acceptable (NPC, as evil-aligned and party currently good).

Not using 1E 'lose one plus per plane you move thru' on magic weapons.

Houseruling spelljamming helms (minor) down to 10,000 GP (not 100,000).

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Fri 11 Aug 2017
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House Rules
In reply to Arek (msg # 1):

Short bows d6, long bows d8
(instead of flight/sheaf arrows)

light x-bow d8 damage

Can buy proficiencies with XPs: Dragon #165 ?

Extra proficiency slots: each extra 'slot' gives another +2 check bonus (not +1).
[Dragonlance Adventure rule from 1E]

*Tried converting D&D hit points roll to T&T Luck - doesn't work if converting SN rolls for GW characters to Luck, since D&D characters should also have SN scores (at least when in GW they either roll or get a flat 10 / 13 if demihuman).

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House Rules
no individual xp awards
Rogues can have 50 xp/special ability use if they were in danger e.g. disarming trap/lock with trap.

Dungeon - 1 day [/wandering monster check] from small vilage.

Coins: using 3E weight of 50 per lb.
In coin form, it is generally described as “approximately the size and weight of a United States half-dollar coin” meaning 30.6mm in diameter and weighing 11.5 grams (approximately 40 to a pound).
-houseruled to 50/pound.

[using consistent GP values between systems, although T&T normally uses 10/lb and Arduin has 1 oz [16 per pound] coins].

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Drax - archived
Left adventuring party to join the elven navy.

-will be gone 4 years with 1 extra event

XP - Fighter 3769 / Thief 3428 / Mage 3428 --+10% to Ftr experience   

#1 Half-Elf Fighter 2/Mage2/Thief 3
Dilettante [Dragon #214] - integrate SS with Dungeoneer's Survival Guide ?

Str 16--18/50 Muscle, 14 Stamina-- +1 to hit, +3 damage...20% BB/LG
Dex 14
Con 13--fitness 15 (+1 hp), health 11.
Int 12
Wis 11
Cha 12 --appearance 14, leadership 10

HP: 11
THACO: +1 for ftr.

TWF, ambidexterity, longsword, short bow, club (Int slot), extra WP slot (rogue only).
("smart enough to know how to use a club");

Dilettante - d6 Secondary Skills.
15:45, Today: Arek rolled 2 using 1d6.  Random secondary skills.
15:47, Today: Arek rolled 26,46 using d100,d100.  secondary skill rolls.
Groom (animal handling); Navigator (astronomy, sailing, swimming, navigation).

NWPs: 3 extra NWP slots [4+3 Int+3 dlt=10]+1 for 3rd level.
Locksmithing [1 slot] +10% OL, SecSkills [1], Observation [Int-0] 1 slot, Read/Write 1 slot, Spellcraft 1 slot (Int-2), Musical Instrument (1, Dex-2)(flute),Fast-Talking (Cha, special)[1], Cartography (Int, 1 slot), Blacksmithing (1, Str+0), 1 WP slot (Int).
1 NWP slot (3rd level)

Special hindrances: A Dilettante may never devote extra proficiency slots to any
nonweapon proficiency to improve that skill. She also may never devote more than
five points (ten points at first level) per level to any single thief skill. Dilettantes
receive a -2 penalty to reaction rolls from any serious artist or scholar, as these
individuals are annoyed with the superficial dabbling of the Dilettante.

DSG [1E]; Characters who have earned Secondary Skills in their campaign should be granted proficiencies in these areas of skill. Converting Secondary Skills to proficiencies
requires one proficiency slot for every one or two Secondary Skills. Thus, characters with two Secondary Skills can earn proficiencies in both areas by using only one proficiency slot.

Fighter S&P: warrior privilege (ranger ability at +5 cost, empathy with animals as ranger, base 10). Heroes of cerilia. Limitations - thief weapons only [5; includes longsword but not longbow], [5 pts saved for abilities]
Wizard S&P [40 base]: reduced HP (-10) - d3, max. +1 per die; armour (15); wear any sort of armour, bonus spell (evocation)(10); can use spells of abj, alt, div, enc/charm, inv/evo, conj (30) - no illusion, necromancy; -5 barred magic item school (necromancy)
Thief: no S&P options

16:18, Today: Arek rolled 50 using 1d100.  Drax d100 percentile strength.

half-elf (25)- infravision (10), secret doors (5) - + reduced sleep (5, 4 hours sleep/night); no 30% sleep/charm resistance, saved 5 SP for advantages.

Advantages: allure (4), artistic ability (4). 5 race points used + disadvantages -  allergies (outdoors)(-3),
Psionic Wild talent (9, using 5 class points + 4 disadvantage points - Phobia (crowds)).
-taught psionics by dwarf friend Antaeus (badly).

Notes: +10% to Fighter XP earned [Str 16]

14:54, Today: Arek rolled 68 using 1d100.  Drax wild talent (which one).
Psychic Messenger [Con-4, 4 + 3/rd = 16 PSPs. 3-D image, 200 mile range. One way. Power score - can change messenger appearance.
+16 PSPs for four levels advanced across classes (+2 thf, +1 ftr, +1 ma).=32 PSPs
[! telepathy - makes sense for phobia, crowds...telepathy picks up psychic 'static' that makes crowds awful]

20 GP
Clothes, backpack, thieves' tools, set 3 lock chisels (BB/LG 20% + 1/5th OL %), crowbar (BB/LG+10% = 30%)
Shortbow (d6+2 Str; built for '18' Str only), quiver, 20 arrows
Longsword x 2 [d8/d12 large]
Magic longsword +1, +4 vs. reptiles.
Scroll - 2 wizard spells - Polymorph Self, Wall of Fog

Add 2242 GP (1/6 party treasure).

Plate mail (wgt 50) (+7 AC.)

Spells- Armor (+4 to AC i.e. 2e "ac 6"; lasts for 9 damage); cast prior day.
Sleep*, Shield* (evo), tenser's floating disk (evo), wall of fog (evo).

Thief skills: no Dex adjustment. Armour - must remove. Open locks 40% (NWP), move silently 30%, hide in shadows 30%, read languages 20%, climb 75%, find/remove traps 25%, pick pockets 30%, detect noise 15%.
distributed thief skills (+5/lvl)

Enchanted lake adventure: party have killed his 'mirror double'; is immune to Mirrors of Opposition.

22:24, Today: Arek rolled 8,6,2 using d10,d6,d3.  Drax HP.
22:00, Today: Arek rolled 5 using 1d6+1.  Drax thief L2 hit points.
23:35, Today: Arek rolled 1 using 1d10.  Drax L2 fighter hit points.
20:27, Today: Arek rolled 5,4 using d6+1,d4+1.  Drax thief L3 and mage L2 HP rolls (/3). Mage should be 'd3'(roll of 3 before Con mod is OK, keeping roll).9/3 = 3 extra.

Str 16--18/50 Muscle, 14 Stamina-- +1 to hit, +3 damage...20% BB/LG
Dex 14
Con 13--fitness 15 (+1 hp), health 11.
Int 12
Wis 11
Cha 12 --appearance 14, leadership 10

Note: Time Travel used to avoid the 'Hela's House of Dark Delights' CON loss/Cha increase).
That reduced to Con  7--fitness 8 (+0 hp), health 6; Cha 15 --appearance 17, leadership 13

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Rianna (archived) - former party member
halfling fighter 2/cleric 2/[equerry] -
demipaladin (halfling ftr/clr allowed in this case)
Kit: Equerry [req Wis 14+]
up to 1/3 xp can be allocated to special mount.
Starts with mount up to 4 HD.
[gains animal from 'something wonderful' event - definitely no need for extra quest - carnivorous beast that was attacking her herd]

Only 3 WP slots: short sword, short bow, dagger
(believes now should use bludgeoning weapons (fear of blood); -2 non-proficiency penalty.)

Jitte (parrying bar with hook) - similar to short sword so -1 to-hit penalty? +2 to block manuever, d4 damage S-M/d2 L.
Potion of levitation (in case of falling off eagle...), Potion of Human Control.

5000 SP

Rihanna: Fighter 2262 / Cleric 2262 / Screech 0  [up to 1/2 to companion]

female, red-haired

Str 12- Stamina 12, muscle 14
Dex 9- aim 9, balance 7 [0 mods]
Con 11 --fitness 8 [HP +0], health 11 [+3 saving throw modifier]
Int 13 - reason 11, memory 13
Wis 14- intuition 14, willpower 11
Cha 17 --appearance 17, leadership 16

Hit Points - 7

Tallfellow halfling: -1 Str, +1 Wis,
4' tall.
Speaks Elven.
Secret door 1 in 6, +2 surprise in forest/wooded terrain.

NWPs: +Observation (2 in 6 secret doors) ?

Central Casting

Spells- Cure Light Wounds x4 [includes 2 bonus 1st for Wis 14].

Deity: Arvoreen (LG, male, allows fighter/clerics in Demihuman Deities - FR/non-specific)
Kits: sheriff or marshal.
Religion (halfling) as bonus NWP.
Extra Spells- Blessed Watchfulness (L1), Warning Shout (L1, protection)

Dice rolls
22:40, Today: Arek rolled 17,11,9,13,13,13 using 4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6, dropping the lowest dice only ((6,6,5,5,2,5,1,4,2,3,3,3,1,3,5,5,6,6,1,1,3,4,3,6)).

-pick one subability, other is at +d4 ?

Secondary Skills: Herder

Animal Companion - giant eagle - Screech
4 HD [25 hit points; 4,2,7,6 ? but mount hd minimum of 6/die), claw/claw/bite d6/d6/2d6. Dive at +4 for double claw damage. Can't be surprised (1 in 10 at night or in lair). AC 13, move 3 (fly 48). THACO 17 (+3 to hit).

20:49, Today: Arek rolled 2,-2,-3,2,-3,-1 using d4,d4,d4,d4,d4,d4.  stat mods.
20:47, Today: Arek rolled 1,0,0,1,0,0 using d2-1,d2-1,d2-1,d2-1,d2-1,d2-1.  Str,Dex,Con,Int,Wis,Cha (1 = gain)

22:13, Today: Arek rolled 5,6 using d8,d10.  Rianna hit points.
22:52, Today: Arek rolled 1 using 1d8.  Cleric 2nd level hit points Rhi.
23:40, Today: Arek rolled 1 using 1d10.  Rianna Ftr2 hit points.

Note: when can cast L3 spells, cast Continual Light.

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Thu 2 Nov 2017
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Rianna (archived) - former party member
A demipaladin is a fighter/cleric who gains paladin-like powers from his deity after
completing special quests for his church. A demipaladin may be a dwarf, gnome, elf,
half-elf, or halfling. Any character desiring to become a demipaladin must be lawful good
from the character's generation and have all the ability-score requirements of paladins.
The character is allowed to gain a 10% bonus on experience in his fighter or cleric class
if his Strength or Wisdom score (respectively) is 16 or better (Charisma, of course, must
be 17 or better). The character must also adhere to all ethos requirements, such as
strictures, edicts, and so on, from the start of play.
The character attacks as per his fighter level, makes saving throws as either a fighter
or cleric (whichever class produces the better score), and gains weapon and nonweapon
proficiency slots for both of his classes as he gains levels. Experience is divided between
the fighter and cleric classes as per the usual rules. Cleric spells are gained as normal,
though the spells the demipaladin may use are restricted to those listed in this
supplement. A demipaladin turns undead as per his cleric level. The level limits for
demihuman fighter and cleric classes are as given in the DMG, pages 14-15 (see Table 7
therein), so a demipaladin has definite disadvantages at higher levels compared to a
human paladin.
Each demipaladin must take a kit as described in this text. The DM should rule on the
appropriateness of each kit...

The power-gaining quests given to the demipaladin must be undertaken immediately
whenever the character gains the ability to cast spells from a clerical level above the
first—e.g., at 3rd level when second-level spells are gained, at 5th level when third-level
spells are gained, etc. The nature of each quest must be determined by the DM, but each
should be challenging and full of peril. Some quests may require the demipaladin to
complete the tasks unaided or else assume a major leadership or combat role if helped by
other adventuring companions. Such companions must be lawful good, though not
necessarily of the demipaladin's race and religion.

If a quest is successfully completed, the demipaladin gains a single paladin-like
power of the DM's choice, taken from the following: ability to use paladin magical items
(such as holy swords); detection of evil intent; +2 saving-throw bonus; immunity to
disease; ability to cure disease; ability to lay on hands; aura of protection; bonded mount.
Racial level limits will restrict the number of special powers gained; e.g., halfling
demipaladins, who can achieve only the 8th level of ability as clerics, would thus gain
only three such special powers (at 3rd, 5th, and 7th levels).

Priestly Vestments: The clerical raiment of Arvoreen's Marshals includes silvered helms and suits of chain mail, dark blue tabards with the god's symbol displayed prominently in silver, and twin short swords. The holy symbol of the faith is a miniature silver buckler that is typically worn on a medallion hung around the neck.
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Thu 2 Nov 2017
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Rianna (archived) - former party member
3- ties to current country (raised in space)
61 - barbaric (CuMod 2)

wpn use rank 3 (melee), illiterate  ??

cu mod 4 (confy)
family head - nine (destitute) +d3 survival
2 siblings

'from' space -grew up as barbarian. Starship crash?
family home - bimod2
no unusual birth occurence

1 event youth - 19 - upheaval in family - head of household changes occupations (i.e. me) - barb. occupation 13- herder.
1 adolescence - 6 - something wonderful (Lightside trait - 41- friendly) - 1 - wild carnivorous beasts invade camp - command wild beasts. [=giant eagles attack herd; one becomes equerry mount]

1 adulthood - 29 - joins the military.
4 - Mistakenly though applying for other govt. job. [R] - no trait
14 - Heavy Cav. (i.e. recruited as eagle cavalry, Spelljammer)
2 military events - combat, disease

army serves - ruler of the land

15-6=9 - sees action, nothing noteworthy.
4 combat, - strategy (L2), shield, disarm. 1 forestry - making shelter.

LATER - BETWEEN ADVENTURES EVENT - gains phobia of blood.
21:52, Today: Arek rolled 1,3 using d4,d10.  phobia roll.
21:52, Today: Arek rolled 6 using 1d20.  exotic trait type.
21:51, Today: Arek rolled 23 using 2d20.  central casting event (between adventures).
21:50, Today: Arek rolled 6 using 1d6.  arek,ant, torv, gay,har, rhi - central casting event.
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Mon 13 Nov 2017
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Drax T&T stats
Drax - conversion

Drax: consider to be Rogue 4th level ?
ST 26
Dex 23
Con 17
Int 22
LK 37
CHA 22
WIZ 12
Adds: +48

Magical standard sword (5d, 8d vs. reptiles) - Str 12/Dex 12 required.

Scale mail [10 hits]

Talents - Roguery 40  (IQ, LK or Cha)


Modifications: removed Hela's modification (x4 Cha).

21:30, Today: Arek rolled 12 using 3d6.  Drax luck roll.
10:48, Today: Arek rolled 5 using 3d6.  WIZ roll for Drax.

Level-up bonuses - added 2nd, 3rd level raises to LK [+10]
Can't use second sword ??

Base - Str 17, Dex, 14, Int 12, Con 13, Lk 12, Cha 12
Adding racial mods - see below
1/2 elf stat multipliers (average of human/Deluxe elf).
Con = 5/6, Dex 7/6, IQ 5/4, Wiz 5/4, Cha 5/4
Added +7 to all for BSP-7.

*learned the 'war gauntlet' aliens visiting the planet. Go visit them with planar travel ??

Spells learned from wizard's guild with Indian Head pennies (use up to 3rd level) ...: Dis-Spell, Fly Me,  Vorpal Blade, Knock Knock. Assume equivalent to D&D spells (make % to learn at appropriate level = dispel magic, fly, magic weapon, knock. Can't use in T&T due to Wiz costs.

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Mon 13 Nov 2017
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Drax T&T stats

ST 6
DEX 18
CON 22
INT 13
LK 11
CHA 17
SPD 10
Devotion 5

adds: +3

Large combat dagger (2+3, St-req 5, Dex-req 7) --size range would include D&D 'short sword'?

Armour: T&T - studded leather (5)
Paladin: as 'rogue' for priestly magic, /w rogue weapon and armour use.

14:05, Today: Arek rolled 11,10,5 using 3d6,3d6,3d6 with rolls of 5,2,4,3,6,1,1,1,3.  Rianna T&T LK, SPD,Dev.

T&T 'heavy gravity' preventing full plate use.

Deathtrap Equalizer: 7 (killed by Haksum, revived Umslop), 15 (darkness room), 11 (treasure room), 13 (Vokal, also killed and revived Umslop). :(
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Wed 15 Nov 2017
at 11:30
Drax T&T stats
Central Casting - Adulthood - nearly always end up with a 'joins the army' result (2d20 roll v-curve) - using Heroes of Tomorrow d20 roll instead.
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Sun 24 Dec 2017
at 12:14
Drax T&T stats
Planar Gateway - lasts 30 seconds (treat as 3 combat rounds).
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Mon 22 Jan 2018
at 02:56
Drax T&T stats
Maximum one permanent potion effect per character?
That potion would be 'in effect' and so cause admixture problems when other potions administered.
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Wed 24 Jan 2018
at 07:30
Drax T&T stats
Updating to: FLAILSNAILS

-so, characters can do adventures of whatever D&D-esque (fantasy mostly) setting.
Subject to GM (i.e. my) interpretations of complex rules issues.
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Wed 24 Jan 2018
at 07:31
Drax T&T stats
We the GMs of the DIY RPGing, in Order to form a more perfect Ruckus, establish Justice, insure intercampaign Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and Play some Games, do Ordain and Establish this set of Free Location And Inclusion LawsSupporting New And Interesting Leisure Situations (FLAILSNAILS).

Article 1

Any PC that began play at 0 xp (or less) and level 1 (or less) on or after July 26, 2011 may move freely from their native campaign (or any they have participated in subsequently) into games of a like genre run by any GM subscribing to these FLAILSNAILS conventions whether via electronic media or in real life provided the player can get a spot in the game. That's the point of them.

(Like, if you made a PC for Arcadayn's Swords and Wizadry game, you can move it to my D&D game since I subscribe to the FLAILSNAILS conventions. If he does, too, you can bring it back to his game the next day, and then take the PC over to your Uncle Chippy's game if he is down, and then bring it back to my game and get the point.)

Article 2

As stated, PCs may be imported/converted from any game of roughly the same genre and system as the new GM's game, however the new GM is free to determine precisely what "roughly the same" means. GM and Player shall negotiate any complex translation issues regarding system-specific mechanics or powers.

In the case of D&D and similar games, any TSR D&D system or retroclone (Labyrinth Lord, Castles and Crusades, Swords and Wizardry, etc.) is considered acceptable in FLAILSNAILS games, plus, at the individual GM's discretion, refugees from Pathfinder, 3.5, 4e, Rolemaster, Tekumel, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, LOTFP, Harn, GURPS, Pendragon, etc. providing the PC's stats can be translated into terms sensible in the new system. (And vice versa.) Ask GM if your PC is ok.

Same thing goes for other games--like if you want to run your levelled-up Shadowrun PC in my Gigacrawler game, I'm down because fucking FLAILSNAILS.

The details are up to the GM's discretion, but the purpose of the FLAILSNAILS conventions is to encourage sharing of ideas, rules, and funny stories across groups of gamers, so whatever can be done to encourage and facilitate PC immigration (writing Palladium-to-D&D conversion rules for instance) is encouraged.

Article 3 PCs will level up at a number of experience points appropriate to the system of the last adventure they played in before such time as they were eligible to level up in that system.

Jeez that's hard to understand. What we're saying is: if you gain 200 xp so as to total 1100 xp by the end of an adventure and that adventure was run in a system where you level up at 1000 xp, then you level up, regardless of what system your PC was "born" under or where it's going next.A level is a level. While in a world you abide by the conventions the GM there uses for characters of your class; but likewise, when your PC gains a level he or she has earned it, even if he or she subsequently enters a world where a like number of experience points would not have earned you that same level.

For purposes of clarity, think of and talk about your PC's xp as follows: "I am 300 xp into 2nd level". Since, for example, a PC levelling up in vanilla 3.5 needs 1000 xp to get to level two, a 3.5 PC who has 1200 xp is "200 xp into 2nd level" in ANY system. S/he does not "have" 1200 xp in any system but 3.5, s/he's just "200 xp into 2nd level" in Labyrinth Lord.

If this creates a situation where a PC would automatically level up merely by starting an adventure in a new system (i.e. you're 3000 xp into 4th level and suddenly start an adventure in a system where you only need 2000 more xp to get to level 5) the GM may ask you to recalculate your progress as a percent of progress toward the next level in the old system.

If you want to make shit real easy for everybody, GMs can just look at the levels of the PCs involved and reward xp in terms of "percent towards the next level" for those PCs. Like say "congratulations, you all earned 30% of the xp you need toward level two or 20% of the exp you need toward level 3, go do math."

At some point we may come up with a unified xp table, but, like, Jeff or somebody can do that.
Article 4 FLAILSNAILS GMs may run adventures designed for specific levels of PCs, just like anybody else. Since waiting around for every other FLAILSNAILS-eligible PC to level up as high as your barbarian did during that week you spent off school when you broke your ankle is boring, we have established optional rules for importing "overlevelled" PCs into lower-level games...

Each FLAILSNAILS GM is free to establish his or her own "handicapping" rules for such situations, however these are theDefault FLAILSNAILS High-Level PC Handicapping Rules For D&Dish Games...
Roll d100 per level above the accepted maximum your PC is to see what disasters befell him or her during the long journey to the foreign domain wherein their next adventure takes place.These handicaps are temporary--results only apply during the adventure in question (if you survive your season of "slumming", you get better):

(penalties cannot take PC below minimum score for the system in question or below 4 hp)

1-3 Blinded
4-6 Deafened
7-9 Gone mute
10-12 Lost an arm
13-15 Lost a leg
16-18 Gone mad: 25% chance of doing the exact opposite of intended action (after action is
declared) each round during times of stress
19 Cursed: Slowed
20 Cursed: Laughs continuously and uncontrollably--must make a wisdom check to speak an
intelligible sentence
21-23 All equipment lost.
24 One of your items is now cursed--new DM secretly decides item and specific curse
25-Sex change. Armor doesn't fit now. Re-roll charisma.
26-28 Disease: halve your hit points
29-31 Disfiguring disease--charisma is effectively the minimum, no henchmen
32-34 Brain damage: lose d6 from charisma, intelligence and wisdom
35-36 Major brain damage: lose d8 from charisma, intelligence and wisdom
37-39 Too much light reading during your trip: lose d10 intelligence
40-42 Culture shock--lose d10 wisdom
43-45 Disease: lose d6 from strength, constitution and dex
46-48 Major disease: lose d8 from strength, constitution, and dex
49-Curse: kleptomania
50-51 Pregnant or melded to useless siamese twin -2d6 dex
52-PC smells terrible, scent is obvious to any foe at 100 yards
53-55 PC is on a bender and won't sober up until adventure ends
56-58 PC has become grotesquely obese: -10 dex, always last initiative no matter what system is used
59 Curse: PC can't see weapons, claws, teeth or fire. 50% chance s/he doesn't know it
60 Curse: 17 and 18 are cursed numbers for PC--rolling either # is a fumble
61 Mutation: roll on baleful mutation chart of DM's choice
62 Artificially aged: -d10 constitution -d10 dex, -d6 str, -d20 hp
63-65 Fugitive: extremely thorough authorities are following you everywhere
66 Shrunk to 1' tall
67-69 Hungover: -3 to all rolls
70-72 Type 2 hangover: hearing and vision are only 25% relaible
73-75 Having an Elric phase: can only go 4 rounds without needing to smoke/inject/inhale some exotic substance.
You will run out of it after d4 days.
76 Curse: in any round, all attacks will be against our PC until at least 2 have been successful
77 Curse: if any of your companions fall victim to a spell, you will, too
78-79 Haven't been eating properly on your trip--lose d12 hp, d8 con and d6 str
80 Depressed and pining for home. -5 to all saves.
81 Infected wound. -d6 constitution and -3 to attack rolls
82 Roll twice ignoring redundant results
83-85 Limping. -5 dex, movement is 1/3 normal, blows doing more than 2 hp will knock you over unless you're
braced against a wall
86 Paralyzed from the waist down, you have a wheelchair, though.
87-88 Just tired from all that walking: -d4 to all rolls
89-90 Frostbite on the way-lost 3d4 fingers.
91 Partially possessed by minor demon. Wisdom/will roll in times of stress to avoid aiding forces of evil.
92 Just loves it here! PC spends all free time writing a travel journal or sketching the landscape--cannot rest properly at all.
93-95 Can't speak what they call "common" around here.
96 Can speak it but finds the local dialect intensely grating-especially the way the locals pronounce the words "go" "if" "to"
and "get". Use of those words will cause the PC to attack the speaker for 1d4 rounds.
97 None of these hicks can understand you through your accent
98-100 Your blood is too thick for this climate. You shiver or sweat all day--minus 2 to everything.
Article 5

Overlevel magic spells, spells not native to the new setting, unusual powers (such as psionics) and imported magic items may generally be used in the new game, however, the new GM is free to determine the exact details of how such things work. Spiritual conditions and mortal-deity compacts differ from domain to domain.

i.e. Use that crazy wand Jeff gave you in my game and it might no longer work the way you think it does, at least until you get home.

If such powers, abilities, or items are forbidden altogether by the GM s/he will make an honest effort to warn the player first. Neither GM nor player shall be a dick about this.

Article 6

The ontological status, authenticity, and rationale behind allegedly 'unique' items imported to settings where identical items already exist shall be determined by whoever's GMing during the time wherein the paradox appears.

i.e. If you go on an adventure to find the Wand of Orcus with Calithena GMing and show up at the pub holding the Wand of Orcus (because you got it in an adventure with Ian) then it's up to Calithena to explain this shit and he can make up any crazy thing he wants.

Article 7

When you post a new Costantcon game, say whether you are down with imported PCs or not.

Article 8

There are no in-game "hoops" to jump through in order to move a PC from one game to another--i.e. you don't have to have your PC sail in-game over the North Sea to get from my Vornheim campaign to Jeff's Wessex campaign.

However it is acceptable (and maybe fun) for GMs to create mini-"crossovers" in order to do fun, gimmicky things between campaigns. Like Jeff could say "first 3 PCs to kill the a sea dragon in Vornheim get to be in my Wessex game on Thursday".

Article 9

Players have the right to construct their own PCs "timeline" to justify how s/he ended up in place A on monday and place B on thursday. However:

-Once a FLAILSNAILS PC dies, you can't use that PC again in real-time, no matter when in the "timeline" the PC died and...

-If you gain items or level up over the ceiling for a given adventure in the middle of that adventure by doing a "side quest" somewhere else, it's the GM's discretion as to whether you now have the items or are considered "levelled up" during subsequent parts of that adventure.

Like: if I am level 5 and do part one of Evillossia Dungeon (adventure for levels 3-5) with DM Biff and we leave off with me alive in a pit, then the next day I go play with the same PC in DM Jed's campaign and kill an owlbear mastermind and level up to 6--(so high I'm no longer in the suggested "range" for Evillossia Dungeon), and then I pick up the next day in the pit in Evillossia, it's up to DM Biff whether I immediately level up to 6 for purposes of this adventure in Evilossia or whether I have to wait until that adventure ends.

Article 10

All this stuff, plus a calendar of FLAILSNAILS games on Google + and pages for individual FLAILSNAILS-friendly campaigns and PCs will all be on a webpage at some point. Or so we claim. Hey, Calithena's working on it. He's a busy guy.

Players will get xp rewards for pitching in with administrative bullshit on that site if and when we get it going.

Article 11

To speed things up, individual GMs might wanna post a blog specifying exactly what their conversion and/or overlevel handicapping policies are that they can put up whenever they're running a FLAILSNAILS G+ game.


We, therefore, the representatives of the Old School Ruckus, in General Congress, assembled, appealing to the Supreme Referee of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name, and by the authority of the good people of these campaigns, solemnly publish and declare, that these united domains are free and independent states, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent gameworlds may of right do. And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to FLAILSNAILS our dungeons, our spare time, and our sacred honor.


Representing Vornheim: Zak S
Representing Wessex: Jeff Rients
Representing Ilthar: Calithena
Other signatories here.
Sign yourself up there or here.
 NPC, 55 posts
Wed 31 Jan 2018
at 02:41
Drax T&T stats
Flailsnails + Spelljammer: could assume spelljammers' come from various worlds that are themselves different game systems [rather than the whole universe being AD&D-based].
In which case, could buy e.g. 3E magic items there (back converting effect/prices).
e.g. trinket of trickery
would like:
Trinket of Trickery - say 25% availability; cost 1000 GP
-Collector of Stories
-Extreme Leap
-False Theurgy
-Hidden Blade [could duplicate w/ 'Glove of storing']
-Timely Misdirection
Twisted Charge [needs: Tightrope Walking, Tumbling]

Arcana for persuasion - can do in an 'ad hoc' way.

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 NPC, 64 posts
Tue 6 Feb 2018
at 03:46
Long-term objectives
Solved Amulet of the Salkti - one difficult one.
Long term objective - solo Arduin adventure modules (which have huge demons etc.!)
Before that: need to beef up Harcourt into a real magic-user.
 NPC, 222 posts
Thu 29 Mar 2018
at 01:40
Long-term objectives
NOTE - recommended use of "Central Casting" is to roll a random Adulthood event for one character in between adventure.  Randomly determine character: d7 on char list

Known World List
Gamma World
Forest Land where rest of party comes from (D&D world)
Rock of Bral (has magic item sales)
Rhaelph (Tunnels & Trolls) universe
Kelarn (city-sized demiplane, sale magic items)
Dulorn (rival city-sized demiplane)(wanted fugitives)
Forgotten Realms
Reverse-time dinosaur dimension (deadly)
D&D-like world where found Loren's remains
Attoplane storing evil sword [magic inoperative; do not enter]
Classical-Greece type dimension (fought gorgon, traumatic)
World with radon gas atmosphere planet for magic item forging.
Psionic Plant Plane (3-P) dimension; can use portal here freely, plants sentient and friendly, animals (built using GW monster rules) hostile and immune psionics.
'Many Coloured Land' type world - humans oppressed by psionic elves.
Scary SF universe (has genetic enhancers)
Peasant universe without significant magic or tech
Palladium world (rich component-buying alchemists)
Pangaea world with wishing pool on island [+Cardmaster adventures]
Treeless world (stat gain pool)
Former 'orcmoon' world in Spelljammer universe
Poison atmosphere demiplane where found demigod remains

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 NPC, 325 posts
Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 03:39
Long-term objectives
1st Edition Advanced D&D was notorious for making all coins the diameter of a U.S. half dollar coin and weigh a whopping 1/10 of a pound avoirdupois each. Fun fact: a 1st Edition D&D copper piece would have to be 7 millimeters thick; a real half dollar coin is only 2.15 millimeters thick.)
 GM, 260 posts
Sat 23 Jun 2018
at 03:10
Long-term objectives
House rule (Confusion) (thought was a rule but is apparently AD&D spell not the GW power - still, keeping:  if attacked, confused creatures retaliate (at least probably)
MD = 10+HD for monsters, but no save specified.