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Song of the Mountain
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Wed 23 Aug 2017
at 12:03
RTJ and Expectations

1. Hello! Tell me a bit about your gaming experience and what you're looking for in this game.

2. How familiar are you with the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels or the "Game of Thrones" telivison series and the lands of Westeros?

3. Starting Lands: Rate the 7 (8, including King's Landing) kingdoms in order of 'I most want to play in this realm (1), to 'I least want to play in this realm (8).

4. Character Idea - What kind of characters are you interested in playing? Feel free to come up with no more than two additional concepts - only general concepts here. Backgrounds and such will be handled while the Players are generating their House.

5. Are you interested and willing to Co-GM?

6. Writing Prompt: Your character (based on one of the ideas described above) has just been informed that his House has been invited to participate in a Tournament in the lands of your rival House. How does he respond?

Posting Expectations

Three times a week is the minimum I'll ask anyone to post before I start to get worried. Personally, I will end up not posting on weekends, and some weeks get really  slow, but I will check on the game every-day.

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Song of the Mountain
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Wed 23 Aug 2017
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RTJ and Expectations
Alright. We have 9 people added to the game at this point. I will accept further RTJ's as lurkers only. In the event that we drop below 6 somehow, the lurkers can then participate. Also, if I can find another GM to run another house, we'll be able to play with more people.