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Mon 25 Sep 2017
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Posting guide and other misc things
First of all, I'm not going to be using any kind of posting order. They feel unnatural to me and I don't really like the idea.
But even with that, you should not leave anyone out of conversation and should hold off things from escalating too far without one having a chance to say something if he wants to.

For the sake on consistency, I hope that everyone agrees to use the following guide to posting.

Since I like the clarity that it brings, we will be using colored speech. Players will be free to choose their colors as long as they don't overlap.

When speaking in character, please use quote marks:
"So I kicked him in the teef!"

For characters thought, italic:
Man I feel sick, I hope the others don't notice it.

Then for general describing just use normal text:
George fell down the stairs and fell unconscious.

If you are going away for few days, please write about it in the off topic thread and if you are ok with things moving on. You don't have to explain why you will or might be unavailable, I just think it's nice to know so your absence wont come as a surprise.

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