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Sun 15 Oct 2017
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On technology and Magic
Although the ring is beyond anyone's doubt an artificial structure that has been built to house and simulate a planet.  The inhabitants and player characters do not understand how it works. Having been raised in cultures that ranged in technology from the stone age, all the way up to the early middle ages, their understanding of the great ring is limited at best.  A few cultures have learned how to use some of the various 'shrines' located on the surface of the various segments but they do not understand the underlying science or principles of how the 'shrines' work.  Each segment has a dozen or so structures on it that are called shrines but are in fact designed to operate and manipulate the segment.  These structures may range from environmental controls, to a sensor array capable of mapping and reading life signs across the entire ring.  Some of these structures are guarded by golems or similar defenses.

Magic, is present in all cultures that arn't afraid of openly hostile toward magic.