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Sat 11 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel stared down at the boat with a frown.  "I hate this part.", she said to the others.  "I have this aversion to boats."  He then cracked a smile to show that he had made a joke.  But the smile quickly fades as the sad memories aligned with that joke sweep in.  It's true, she didn't like boats.  But not for what they were but what they represented.
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Nidhiel looked upon the boat and then her charge.

"I fear we have no choice friend Caranthiel. If we are to get to the other side we must use the boat. I have done so many times with no harm done. I will aid you... step easy now... " she said as the archer climbed into the boat and extending her hand to help Carranthiel.

The boat is rather slender and not very wide. More use to carrying the elves than bulky men or dwarves. You must make a Dex Saving Throw vs DC 10. Remember, you have advantage as Nidhiel is helping. This means you roll 2d20's and take the higher roll.  Galu!

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Mon 13 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
"Yes, well send word to the builders to build a bridge.  If Dwarves and Hobbits are going to start using this path, they're going to want a bridge.  They hate boats.", he informs Nidhiel.

He then steps down into the boat.  Caranthiel only takes Nidhiel's hand for assistance to be polite.  He is as nimble as any Elf, and he has a good sense of balance.  His aversion to boats has more to do with emotional connections to them, not for lack of sea-legs.

OOC: 00:04, Today: Caranthiel rolled 16,12 using d20+2,d20+2.  Dex Save w/ Advantage.

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Tue 14 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
With their first task and three days travel behind them the spirits of the of the pair continued to soar. Yet, even high spirits and good companionship can not stave off all the gloom and shadow that was Mirkwood. Long long ago the forest was known by a different name... Greenwood the Great! It was a place of light and home to elves of old. Its wide halls and aisles were the haunt of many beasts and of birds of bright song. Here was, as it is now, the realm of King Thranduil under the mighty oak and the lean and graceful beech. Yet, after many years, a darkness crept slowly through the wood from the south, and fear walked within it's shadowy glades. Fell beasts came hunting, and cruel and evil creatures such as the giant spiders laid their snares among it's boughs. The council of the Wise found out the reason for this... Sauron had established a stronghold in Dol Guldur, in the guise of the Necromancer,and had turned this once bright place into a land ruled by shadow. The council, with Gandalf's urging, moved against Sauron in the same year Smaug the Great was slain. Sauron fled before their combined might, however, the damage had been done. Much evil and shadow remained.

Five more days passed under the gloom and the last of their rations were gone. Nidhiel, thinking ahead brought along Lembas or called Elven bread or Waybread in the Common Speech, which sustained them for another fortnight under the oppressive boughs of the great trees. Though ever determined, the forest did its best to slow them and at times even stop them as they must climb over a fallen tree, crawl through a maze of briars that stretched across the path, dodge vines overhead, and avoid creepers that would entangle their booted feet. However, the most oppressive thing was the heat and the staleness of the air itself, for no breeze could reach them and the compose of the decaying undergrowth gave off a foul odor and gas. So with the lembas running low, and at last their spirits with it, Caranthiel saw his chance! For one day as he ranged ahead searching for game he saw on the path before him a great stag! One that was white as the snow far to the north or atop the Misty Mountains. The deer was not unaware of the elf! It's head snapped in his direction and the muscles of it's great hind quarters made ready to leap! Caranthiel, had but one chance...

It seems the Valar are smiling upon you. Providing something that would sustain you two for the remainder of the journey. Caranthiel must roll a Survival Check vs, DC 15 to bring the stag down. Remember, you still have advantage with Nidhiel's assistance! Galu!

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Tue 14 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel had hunted many times in his life.  He often traveled alone, so often he had to stalk prey by his lonesome.  In lands afar she could find herbs, berries, and protein-rich insect larve on which she could sustain herself.  Rabbits were her favorite meat because those can be eaten in one meal, and then you can move on the next day.  Deer though was a special treat because it supplied so much meat.  Caranthiel wouldn't hunt such a large stag unless he was traveling with others.

He crouched low to the ground, his feet only lightly touched the ground, slowly pressing the dead leaves beneath them rather than crushing them all at once.  She stayed up-wind of the stag, not that that was much of a problem as the Mirkwood hardly felt a breeze beneath the canopy.  He gripped his shortbow tight with an arrow knocked and ready to fire.  When he got within range of his bow, he stopped and steadied his footing.  He then put his arm out straight, aiming his bow at the stag.  She pulled back her string, and waited.  She needed the stag to present his flank to her so that she could fire an arrow straight into his heart.

And then a slight thought passed through Caranthiel's mind,  'A stag?  In these woods?  The Necromancer is gone.  Perhaps now his magic is vanishing as well.  Is the Greenwood starting to return to normal?  A stag finding grazing in the undergrowth, that is a good sign.  And a white stag?  That is a very favorable sign.  This creature is good.  I must not kill it.'  And then the arrow released.  As he was thinking his aim had drifted though.  And so the arrow lodges itself into a fallen tree trunk right in front of the stag.

22:06, Today: Caranthiel rolled 14,10 using d20+1,d20+1.  Survivial check.

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Wed 15 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
As the arrow made a thunk-sound into the tree before it, the white stag lifted it's head and sniffed the air.The regal animal then pawed the earth before it and sprung off into the gloom. Just a brief glimpse of white against the dark.

"Not a bad shot friend Caranthiel. What a beautiful animal... I will take it as a good sign. Perhaps the forest is showing us there is hope among the darkness eh?" Nidhiel said as she placed a gentle hand upon the Scholar's shoulder.

Three more days passed among the gloom and heat that the two companions had come to know as Mirkwood. They had to rely on waybread as there would be no deer-steaks. Caranthiel guessed that the Forest Gate was now only two days away... nearly a moon's travel beneath the dread trees which seemed to conspire against them at every turn. Caranthiel began to have a queer feeling this day... as if all had been going too well for them. As if the Shadow itself was trying to lull them into a false sense of security. He knew that it and it's agents were cunning. That they were deadly...

There was nothing for it but to keep going. So as it happened, Carranthiel, whom because of his race and profession was keen-eyed, it was he that saw it first... something was ahead of them... but what? At first it seemed as the darkness itself moved along the high branches of the forest... was it smoke... nay! Too thick it was. Was it plain shadow or the trick of the light, for Mirkwood had plenty of the former and could play tricks with the latter. Yet, again nay! It moved and swirled as a living thing. Silent the darkness came... util it was too late! For finally, one hundred and twenty paces away the elf saw the doom for what it was... bats! Bats swirling and swarming as they came on... toward the two companions!

Bats of Mirkwood... or Gundabad?

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Thu 16 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Not all the darkness that had befallen the Mirkwood was gone.  Light was only barely starting to creep in.  There was still much cleansing to do.  That was up the the King though.  And Caranthiel never felt the King had much of a sense of urgency about anything.  Him coming the aid of the Lake Men was something of a miracle.

Bats though were always something of darkness.  Winged Rodents Of Unusual Size is what Caranthiel would call them.  Once he had to hide from a WROUS so large that a goblin was using it for a riding mount.  That was a scary trip.  Crossing the mountains was always his least favorite part of a journey.

All the past day Caranthiel had been walking with his bow at the ready.  She kept a wary eye open for some game: a rabbit or a squirrel would be a nice change from all this Waybread.  At the sight of the bats he crouches down low.  She motioned to Nidhiel to do the same as he whispered to her, "W.R.O.U.S.s, yes, they do exist."

23:07, Today: Caranthiel rolled 14 using 1d20+4.  stealth check.

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Fri 17 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Even as the bats came ever closer, they held their position high above the Elf Path itself until they reached Caranthiel. It was then that they swirled above the elf's hiding place. Closer and closer they came. The screeches were almost deafening! Nidhiel, now kneeling beside the the scholar nodded toward the path opposite from whence they came. For they saw a shape forming from the darkness across from them and heard a screech which sounded much like the ones the bats themselves were making. It was bulky, squat, and misshapen... an orc!

"Come ouav parar! My pets... know you are here parar. The gūl of Dol Guldur knows you are here. Ayh lat ukcared? Are... you... afraid? You should be."
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Fri 17 Nov 2017
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Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel wheels around as he watches the bats fly over.  He keeps his bow aimed in the direction he is looking.  And then he sees what the bats are flying toward.  Caranthiel knows when he sees something good and he knows when he sees something truly evil.  Without a second thought or hesitation, he lets loose the arrow he had knocked in preparation for something to hunt.  Too bad Orc isn't the meat he had in mind eating.  On the other hand, she doesn't want to be eaten.

23:42, Today: Caranthiel rolled 22,7 using d20+4,d6+2.  Attack w s.bow plus damage.

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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 13:36
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
The bats continued to hover above the two elves and the screeching was nearly deafening. Catanthiel let fly his arrow! It quickly ate up the distance between him and his foe! Yet, at the last second the big orc shifted slightly... and although the arrow struck home, it took the dark creature in the shoulder and not in heart. The orc threw back his head and screamed, both in pain and anger! He lifted what appeared to be a crude iron mace with unusual head. It had a dark face worked upon it with a open mouth with fangs! He swirled the crude weapon around and it made a low keening sound as air was forced through the mouth. It was then that the bats responded!

Caranthiel and Nidhiel knew danger was nigh! The bats  then seemed to part into two thick lines. The bats dove for them! Each line coming from the other side, yet swirling about them... ever closer! The screeches were unnerving as they came answering the big orc's call. Closer and closer they came... their razor sharp teeth seeking the exposed flesh of the elves!

The big orc now readied a shield with a black bat painted upon it and smiled, exposing two great incisors as he did so.

"Mat parar!" he hissed and began to slowly walk toward them, mace at the ready.

Nidhiel sent an arrow into the bat swarm as it approached the besieged pair. The arrow flew among the darkness catching two or three of them. Their weight forcing it and the dead bats to the earth once more. Soon they would be upon them!

You have time to ready one weapon, be it melee or range, though you realize it will be difficult to change if battle takes place... meaning to draw a melee weapon after using a range weapon would give you disadvantage for that round of combat. Though using a range weapon will allow you to have one attack before the bats reach you. Please decide. Also roll initiative.

07:30, Today: Gandalf The Grey rolled 16 using 1d20+2.  Bat's Initiative!

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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 05:58
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel figures there isn't a lot of time before the bats are upon him.  And when they are, he is going to have a lot of trouble using his bow or picking up his spear.  His spear he has laid on the forest floor while he was using his bow.  Usually in hunting if you miss on your first shot then the prey runs away.  And then it's no use to chase them.  A spear is only necessary if you're hunting a boar that comes at you.

This boar has green skin and a shield, otherwise, same difference.  So he makes like he's hunting boar.  He shoulders his bow.  Then reaches down to lift up his spear to receive the charge of the boar.

 Today: Caranthiel rolled 12 using 1d20+2.  initiative.

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Wed 22 Nov 2017
at 07:30
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel's quick strides allowed the elf to close with the orc and his long spear, made to keep boars at a distance, at first did the same for the orc. The orc snarled at the scholar and raised his odd mace for an overhead strike!

The screeching of the bats and Nidhiel's shouts told Caranthiel that the archer and her foes were engaged as well!

Go a head and roll for an attack with your spear and since your initiative id higher than the orc's own so roll another for two attacks in total.
01:26, Today: Gandalf The Grey rolled 3 using 1d20+1.  Orc's Initiative!

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Thu 23 Nov 2017
at 07:48
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel closes with the Orc as the Orc is closing in on them.  They meet like two grand armies, except each army is only one man.  Caranthiel uses a two-handed grip on his spear so that he can keep the strongest hold on it.  He isn't very strong.  If he were an army, he would lose against an army of Orcs.

Having the longer weapon, she thrusts first at the Orc before the Orc can reach him with a mace.  Caranthiel thrust too soon with his first attack, and it feel short of coming close to the Orc.  She then quickly recovers and draws back the spear for another attack.  He thrusts again.  This time the spear comes much closer to the Orc's skin.

23:42, Today: Caranthiel rolled 6 using 1d20+2.  melee attack.
23:42, Today: Caranthiel rolled 15 using 1d20+2.  melee attack.
23:43, Today: Caranthiel rolled 3 using 1d8.  spear damage.

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Thu 23 Nov 2017
at 12:54
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Nidhiel's screams of horror and pain soon joined the screeching of the bats which surrounded her. She had time for one more shot of her bow which brought down more of the creatures and had just cleared her sword from it's scabbard before the swarm was upon her. The bats dove in trying to find purchase with claw or fang... one entangling itself in her hair! Those that missed rose and encircled back around for another round. Her short sword flicked about her with some skill and more than a few bats laid upon the ground stark still or flopping in their death-throes! However, the elven archer did not remain unscathed, as she bled from numerous bites about her exposed flesh.

Caranthiel's fist thrust came up short but the second one slipped by the orc's shield and grazed his side, The big brute came ever onward, the wicked mace in hand. The mace came down but the nimble elf was not where he once was to the orc's dismay!

"I will bring yer head to the gūl of Dol Goldur you dalug-hai!" the orc nearly spat in rage and frustration!

06:49, Today: Gandalf The Grey rolled 9 using 1d20+4.  Orc Attack with Mace! Miss!
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Thu 23 Nov 2017
at 19:23
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
"Don't worry.  I'll be back to help you as soon as I convince this Orc to shut up.", Caranthiel reassures Nidhiel.

Not being really good at snappy comebacks Caranthiel lets his spear carry his reply to the Orc.  He has seen before how the Orc is weak on his shield-arm.  So this time when he draws back his spear for another attack, he aims for the lip of that shield.  Only now he aims more for the top of the shield so that his spear will hopefully slip over the top of the shield and bury itself into the Orc's chest.

11:15, Today: Caranthiel rolled 8 using 1d8.  spear damage.
11:15, Today: Caranthiel rolled 15 using 1d20+2.  melee attack.

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Sun 26 Nov 2017
at 22:16
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel's spear again slipped inside the orc's shield and found the brute's heart. It's massive legs gave way and it slumped forward in a heap. The bats, sensing it's handler's demise broke off their attack as well. Nidhiel's sword took two more before they were out of range. They soon melded with the darkness of Mirkwood's dark canopy and were lost to sight once more.

"Well done Caranthiel. For a scholar you wield your weapons with skill. I owe you my thanks it seems." she said forcing a smile.

The archer had about a half score of small scratches and bites which bleed lazily about her exposed skin.
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Mon 27 Nov 2017
at 08:41
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel pulls his spear out of the Orc's heart and then gives it a shake to to shake most of the blood off the shaft.  He then spins around to defend himself against the bats only to see them flying off.  If he could reach his bow, he would take a pot shot at them but by the time he would be able to knock an arrow, the bats will be gone.

"It was luck.  I chanced upon a weakness and then I exploited it.  Any smart warrior would have done the same in my place rather than flail around haphazardly.  It really wasn't that much different than fighting a boar.  Alright, it was a lot different, but not in my mind.  I found that thinking of it as more animal than man allowed me to think clearly so I could do what I needed to do.  I couldn't allow mercy to cloud my judgement.", she replies to Nidhiel.  "Now speaking of mercy, how injured are you?  Are you in need of healing?"
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Wed 29 Nov 2017
at 09:44
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Nidhiel came back upon the overgrown track that was the Elf Path. Her haot was all tangled and she bled from a score of wounds. The bats had down their nasty work. Upon examining them Caranthiel found none of them fatal but if she had had endured more she may have succumbed to her wounds.

"I have heard of such before... I have yet to met one of the Bat Callers of Gunabad afore this day. We must have care Caranthiel. He may be just a scout for a larger band. If not for his over confidence we might be dead if there were others." She said still clutching her bow.

It took Caranthiel  some moments to wash and clean the wounds and to stop the bleeding. For he knew the real danger was the bats had some such in their saliva that kept the blood from clotting and there was... is a rel threat of one bleeding to death. Once her wounds were cleaned, the pair examined the brutish orc. Upon his shield was a large dark bat. Yet, about his neck he wore a pendent of a single eye made of iron upon an iron chain. The mace was also of iron but cleverly made so when swung made a screeching-like noise much like the bats. Caranthiel knew it may also make sounds which neither elf nor man could hear but mayhaps the bats could...
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Thu 30 Nov 2017
at 07:38
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
"Nothing we can do about that but stay quiet and stay wary.", replied Caranthiel.

He then bend down and picks up the mace and the shield.  The shield he straps onto his backpack.  The mace he simply tucks into his belt.  He doesn't spend any time really examining the items.  There are somethings he doesn't want to learn about.  As for the pendant of The Eye, she doesn't try to look at it.  She knows enough about it to know it is something he should not touch.

He then explains his intent for the mace and shield to Nidhiel, "I'm not going to keep these.  The Woodmen are always in want of iron.  They can melt these down and make some ax heads.  I figure I can trade these for a hot meal.  A hot meal would be really nice right about now."
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Fri 1 Dec 2017
at 04:13
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel and Nidhiel then moved toward their destination, The Elf Gate! The two companions made it without further trouble and it was with glad hearts that they walked through it and beyond. For there they could make camp and lick their wounds before turning south and on to Woodman-town.

Days later they made their way south to a newly found Inn... named the Easterly Inn run by two brothers from the Shire... more to the fact Buckland. The elves were guested with good food and better wine as they slept for the first time in a long time, in feather beds. In the weeks to come, the pair then skirted the lands of Beorn. Nidhiel did not wish to intrude on the great chief. At the place, which was where the Old Dwarf Road could be found, Nidhiel and Caranthiel made their camp.

"Here I must part ways with you Caranthiel. On the morrow I must head in a different direction. Thranduil would have me bring him news of this new orc king who claims the mountains Of Mirkwood home. You will find Woodman-town to the south past another settlement named Woodman-hall. You are to met with an elder named Arnulf. Quel marth great scholar!"
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Sat 2 Dec 2017
at 20:05
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Sleep is something of a luxury to Caranthiel.  It isn't the sort of thing he can usually do outside the safety the King's halls.  He was surprised to see more Hobbits so far east from their homeland, and not in a profession of farming either.  It really seems to him like the world is getting closer knit together at a more rapid pace than he expected it would.  News travels fast, particularly when it is of the last of the great dragons dieing.  It seems everyone wants a piece of that dragon's hoard wherever it may be spent.  The Elf though found it a little sad that it was money of all things that should bring so many people together.  There should have been better reasons.

"Safe journey to you as well.", Caranthiel bid farewell to Nidhiel using the Common Tongue.  From here on out he would have to use it greatly.
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Sun 3 Dec 2017
at 06:17
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Nidhiel smiled softly "Na lū e-govaned vīn! For we shall I am sure."

Then she was gone.

Caranthiel traveled south for another five days alone until he reached Woodmen-town. As he approached the now open gate, Caranthiel could see that just outside the walls herdsmen tended their cows and goats. A few hounds, great shaggy dogs, lounged about or sat with their ears up and eyes alert guarding both livestock and the woodmen around them. It was hard for the scholar to believe that just beyond the clearing and under the boughs of the dark wood laid so many dangers. The two men minding the gate, in leather armor and shields at the ready, nodded to the elf as he entered the town proper. Once inside a Woodman, who was surprised to see an elf, pointed toward the higher ground and where the second palisade loomed before Caranthiel. Higher still he could see the Great High Hall or as it was known in Woodman Town, The Hall of Balthi.

Several children who spotted the elf pointed and ran toward Caranthiel. They laughed and shouted as the came ever nearer.

"See! He's here! Came all the way from elf-town!" one boy cried.

"But she's ah girl!" shouted another!

"SO!" answered one of the girls who ran along. "Girls kin be elfs too!"

The first shook his head "Naw! They be men!"

It would seem the children were also confused about Caranthiel's gender as well...
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Sun 3 Dec 2017
at 17:14
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
Caranthiel smiled and couldn't help but mess with the children's minds.  He had something of a mischievous streak.  And what's the harm in a little misinformation?  "Truth be told...", she lied to the children.  "Elves are both genders simultaneously.  Usually we pick one to identify as to show to the world.  But being both genders at once, we can breed with ourselves.  That is why there will always be Elves.  Even if one of us is left, there will be more.  Only you'll never see them because it takes hundreds of years for our children to grow up.

"It's the same but different with Dwarves.  They have only men.  But they all lay eggs like chickens and they all can fertilize them like roosters.  Then they incubate the egg in a hole in the rock until a new Dwarf pops right out.  You'll know it when they name their father but never name their mother.  And don't ever make fun of a Dwarf's mother because that is a very sensitive subject.  But if you ever see a Dwarf, don't ask him about it.  They're way too embarrassed to talk about it."
  He then brought his finger up to his lip and shushed at the children to let them know to keep this a secret.

Changing the subject, he asked the children, "Is the High Elder home?  I've come to see him.  Elf business."
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Wed 6 Dec 2017
at 04:27
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
The young boys and girls seemed to just stand there slacked-jawed and listened to the elf's tall tale. It was clear to Caranthiel that the children only understood only a portion of what the scholar had said. Words like breed, fertilize, and incubate were probably all above their young minds. Yet, yjey did key on certain things and as all children do, they came up with their own idea of what the truth must be.

"See! I told ya! Elfs be men!" one boy cried.

"But she's ah girl! Just look at her!" shouted another.

Aqua>"Elfs kin be both! Didn't ya listen?"</Aqua> said the girl.

The first boy looked skeptical "I don't know but I bet dwarfs do lay eggs."

"Bet they hide 'em in their beards. That's before the bake 'em in the rocks."

"With roosters!" said the girl giggling.

They all laughed but finally the first boy nodded "Yep! They be in the Grand Hall o' The Lamp. Inside the second wood fence up yonder." he said hitching his thumb to a magnificent hall inside the second palisade.

Will post a new thread to take in the feast to come either tonight or tomorrow You may post and close out here if you like. Cheers

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Thu 7 Dec 2017
at 07:53
Upon The Path Of Shadow And Light [Caranthiel]
"Oh?  So the Elders are all together already?  That's good.  That's very good.", replied.

Normally one would walk off at this point.  But Caranthiel liked children.  Children are the hope for the future.  In the case of Human children, the very near future.  And in the very near future, Caranthiel only foresaw a lot of fighting.  She looked down at the boy who said Dwarves hide their eggs in their beards, and told him, "That's very astute of you.  Yes, that is why Dwarves grow beards.  Their egg starts out small so they put it in their beard-nest to keep it warm.  That way they can go on working.  But the eggs grows until they can't hold it in their beard anymore.  That's when they move it to a hollowed out rock and they sit on it until it hatches.  Also, nature gifted Dwarf Eggs with a golden shell so that Dwarves would treasure it and want to protect it with their lives.  You can tell when a Dwarf is about to lay an egg when he starts chewing on gold coins.  Since you're such a smart boy, I have a gift for you."

He then turned his spear pointy-end down and stabbed it down into the ground so it would stand up straight without him having to hold onto it.  He then reaches around to the strap of his backpack to take it off.  He explains as he undoes the straps holding a shield onto the back of his pack, "While I was traveling here I had the misfortune of running into an Orc.  Oh, he was a cocky one, as full of bravado as he was big.  And he commanded a flock of bats.  This was his shield.  Over-confident oaf didn't know how to use his own shield."

Caranthiel turns the shield around once he has it off his backpack.  He stands it up on the grass on its edge, and points to the two scratches in the shield where his spear struck it and slipped around.  "Here's where my spear hit his shield.", he says to the children.  "And see how this one slips up and over the top, and this one slips to the right?  The brute was so eager to smash my head in, he didn't think how to use his shield.  See, when you feel a spear or a blade hit your shield, you're supposed to move it away from your body to deflect the blow.  This Orc didn't move his shield at all, so I was able to slip my spear over and around it.  He was a tough one, don't get me wrong.  I had to shoot him with an arrow once, and then spear him twice before he would die.  But now I'm here and I don't have a bruise on me.  I want you to have this shield.  Ask one of the guards here to show you how to use it."