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Tue 5 Dec 2017
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The Last Human Voice (Monsterhearts OOC in-progress)
Welcome to Cyclopic! Guard your secrets, kids!

The Monsterhearts game I plan on running is set in the real-but-changed-to-make-the-plot-fun town of Cyclopic, Arizona. Once a profitable gold and silver mining area (in the early 1900s), the mines have been vacant since 1934, when the entire place was closed and evacuated under mysterious circumstances.

The land around the mines, however, was good enough for ranching, and a tiny community sprung up. Over the years, the community prospered and grew, though far from quickly. Cyclopic likes its traditions, and drags its feet when it comes to embracing the new.

That being said, in the mid 1980's, a college campus sprung up in town, funded by multi-millionaire and former resident of Cyclopic, Peter Ashlin. The campus is quite modern by local standards, and draws students from all over the nation. And while there was student groaning and eye-rolling at the beginning, the mascot is, in fact, a cyclops. You can see the single, staring eye grafitti'd in all sorts of odd places around the campus...

The area around Cyclopic is largely barren, though within short driving distances are sprawling ranches of horse, sheep, and one or two cattle. And while Las Vegas is only a two-hour drive away, culturally it'd be like traveling from the Earth to the moon.

In essence, Cyclopic is a town almost mired in its own past. While the college embraces students from far away, the populous doesn't much trust strangers, and it doesn't trust the new and strange. As an isolated community, they tend to react rather strongly to what they see as 'wrong'... Sometimes to the point of violence.

So, that's the location. The themes I'd like to run with deal with the nature of being an outcast, and whether you try to hide it or not (fitting in and not fitting in being important), as well as being mired in the past (your own, or that of the town), keeping secrets, and what happens when the crowd turns into its own monster.

I'm looking for characters to all be students at the college, with a mix of locals and out-of-towners. And, as I've heard mentioned before about Monsterhearts: I want to make this as if it were a high-budget, super-sexy, super-bloody HBO series about teenage hunger in a small town!

I'll also reiterate what I proposed in the main OOC thread:

One, I know Monsterhearts tends to lend itself to the PvP aspect, but I'd like to reign that in a little. I have an idea for an environmental threat. I'm not asking everyone to sing in a circle with each other (I do expect -some- friction), but I've seen too many PvP-style games devolve into bitterness and people dropping out. Would y'all be okay with a game that was much lighter on you bashing each other? (note- I am -not- asking you all to be friends. Far from it. But I am asking that direct conflict be kept to a minimum.)

Two, linked to the first- PC's mind controlled by other PC's tend to be really unfun, I've seen - it takes away agency, and agency loss really can throw a spanner into a good time. Thus, while I'm not considering eliminating mind control power types (and social manipulation doesn't count as mind control in my book), I am considering making it harder when attempted on PC's. In-game rationale can be it's just harder to control supernatural types. Probably something akin to a -2 on the die rolls. This work for folks, too?

I'm really excited to see what people want to pitch for this game. I'll be using all the 'standard' playbooks, and will evaluate others on a case-by-case (but I lean slightly towards wanting people to stick with the standards.)

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Tue 5 Dec 2017
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The Last Human Voice (Monsterhearts OOC in-progress)
Love Monsterhearts, I'd interested in the Ghoul or Witch.
Forged (GM)
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Tue 5 Dec 2017
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The Last Human Voice (Monsterhearts OOC in-progress)
I'm running one game and in another, so I'll only join if you all need another player.
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Tue 5 Dec 2017
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The Last Human Voice (Monsterhearts OOC in-progress)
In reply to Forged (GM) (msg # 3):

You have a point, with the new influx of players as much as I may want I can't be in all the games.  I've played quite a lot of Monsterhearts so I'd be cool with sitting out and letting someone else take the player slot if they want.