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Act 1: Welcome to Teth
Teth is an uncomfortable world - you understand this almost immediately upon exiting the Crest Hopper, as stepping into the planet’s native atmosphere feels as much like stepping into a thin sheet of smelly water as anything else. It’s hot, it’s damp, and you are constantly buffeted by an overpowering bouquet of strange sights, scents, and sounds.

”Stay close.” Was all Mareen saw fit to say to you after the last of the passengers disembarked and she started to lead you through the busy streets.

The surface of Teth is mostly wild jungle broken up only by the occasional massive temple that once housed some strange monastic order, but the monks seem to have disappeared, and in their place Hutt cartels and those that follow them have moved in. The “landing pad” upon which Mareen lands the ship is little more than a large temple courtyard with just enough floor tiles removed to form the number “13” visible clearly enough from above. Rather exiting the ship to find a modern spaceport, you instead find that the entire Tethan temple - the size of which easily rivals that of the Jedi Temple - has been converted into a sort of criminal outpost that must house thousands of sentients.

Almost as soon as you leave the landing courtyard, both you and Mareen are practically accosted by a dozen beggars and panhandlers, all gibbering in a dozen languages, beseeching you for credits and anything else you can spare. Mareen’s only reaction is to draw her heavy blaster with a flash and fire a shot at the ground at the ground before them, causing the beggars to scatter like flies. “Tramps. She growls, casting a sideways eye at you. ”Show them even a single chit and you’ll just paint a target on your back.” She holsters her weapon with a flourish and starts on her way again without another word.

You hurry to follow her quick stride deeper into the temple - though the place is barely recognizable as ever having been any kind of place of worship. Sentients of every species are everywhere - market stalls line every wall and crowds of people jockey up for the best deals. Shanty towns sprout up everywhere - clusters of uncomfortable-looking dwellings made of colourful refuse, stacked up seemingly at random with ricket wooden catwalks connecting one “tower” to another. The whole place is lit only by strings of colourful lights and the holo signs that wealthier merchants set up outside their shops. Children and poor folk ask anyone who comes near for alms. Armed thugs stalk the streets, accosting anyone who looks at them funny. Merchandise of every kind from exotic spices to live slaves are being loudly advertised constantly. It’s obvious that no one uses Republic credits here - people barter with whatever they have, even the clothes on their backs, to get what they need. There must be thousands of sentients just within eyesight. It’s chaos on a scale you have seldom seen, even on Coruscant... even on a battlefield.

Mareen leads you through all the hustle and bustle for nearly half an hour, stopping only to ensure that you are keeping up and aren’t staring at anything you shouldn’t be. Finally she seems to find her destination in the form of a large adobe building that clearly was never part of the original temple. The flickering holosign above the door reads “Cantina” in huttese, but you are broken from your thoughts by Mareen who leans in close to speak to you. “This is where I’m meeting my contact. I want you watching my back in there, but don’t make it obvious - sit at the bar and order yourself a drink, act natural. Don’t pull that blaster unless you see me pull mine first, got it?”
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Act 1: Welcome to Teth
Uzo was still thinking about Also's words as they passed through the atmosphere of Teth. He wasn't terribly worried about his safety on the surface - any more than he was on any other Hutt world, anyway - but the idea of showing his face openly... And what did she want him to get her? Actually, why was that something he was thinking about at all?

He looked at Big T, who was doing... something. He wasn't really sure what the alien was doing, but it wasn't something humans did. "Remind me never to... get in a fight with you?" It looked like the alien might have been working out. Or maybe not. Big T looked at him, then chuffed something that might have been followed by a laugh. Uzo narrowed his eyes, then gave his own weak laugh.

A real Jedi would have been able to determine if he was giving the right response.

He had, he decided, been quite lucky in never having visited a jungle world in his life. The moment Uzo set foot outside the conditioned air of the starship the warm air hit him like a wall. Desert planets he'd been to. They were hot. But this heat was not just hot, it was wet. He felt... gross.

Nevertheless, a Jedi had to be prepared to go to any planet, to defend anyone. Even a smuggler. And even on a jungle world filled with-

Uzo looked up at the temple around him. "Impressive place," he said aloud. He moved to follow, feeling the Force thriving around him. It was comforting. It flowed from the numerous aliens all around, the insects, the stones. Everything was one with the Force. For the first time since Ord Ezado he felt completely centered. Confident. Calling on the Force he let it surround him, a shield of forewarning.

They moved through the market, Uzo keeping his senses open. His eyes wandered, but he barely paid attention to what they saw. His ears, however, caught a familiar voice and he listened carefully to the words. The Supreme Chancellor's words. The Emperor's words: the Jedi had turned on the Republic; they were war-mongers who had incited the Clone War and encouraged the violence that had torn the galaxy apart. They were to be hunted down like criminals 'for the safety of the First Galactic Empire.'

But that wasn't all. The Temple had been all but demolished its records claimed by the Empire to help them find the last of the fugitive Jedi.

That included Padawans. It included him. He wasn't just putting his own life in danger. Now he was putting the lives of Mareen, Also and Big T in danger. If the clones tracked him down it would be the entire might of the Repu- the Republic? The Empire.

His thoughts were interrupted by Mareen firing her blaster into the ground. He was glad of that. His master was no longer present to remind him to be mindful of the present. But given her propensity for using a blaster at the drop of a credit there was a good chance she would make a fine replacement. "Good lesson," he murmured. He forced the concerns of a Padawan from his mind, returning them to the task at hand: Mareen's backup.

At the entrance to the cantina - one of the few words he knew in Huttese (most of the rest being a combination of insults and curses) - Uzo jerked his head in a nod. "Will do." He shoved the door open with his good hand and was immediately overwhelmed by the sounds and the scents. He may never have been on a jungle world, but he'd been in bars.

This was worse than those.