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Journey's, Sanctuarys and Treasure
Players Assigned Tasks for a Journey

(In Charge of all decisions concerning route, rest and supplies.  Guides rely on Wisdom and Survival proficiency)

(In charge of setting up camp, opening new trails.  Scouts rely on Stealth and Investigation.)

(In charge of finding food in the wild.  Hunters rely on success with Survival checks.)

(In charge of keeping watch.  Look outs rely on their abilities with Perception.)

-Only 1 Guide per Journey
-Only 1 Task per character per Journey
-Only 1 primary Scout, Hunter and Look-Out per Journey.  A second player can assist and give the primary rolls at Advantage.

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Sanctuary (Patrons) that have been Opened

Thiriswen:      Thranduil's Hall
Asgrim:         Rivendel
Gundri:         Lonely Mountain
Vidar:          Iron Hills
Aran:           Dale
Dirhael:        Minas Tirith
Blackfeather:   Rhosgobel

Agrim:          Bard
Gundri:         Gloin
Aran:           Bard
Dirhael:        Bard

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Heirlooms and magic Items

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Fellowship Undertakings
Here are the Fellowship Undertakings from the PHB and the other source books;

House Rule: 3 Types of Fellowships, Short, Normal and Long. If not annotated assume its only a Normal

Long Fellowship:   > 5 months
Normal Fellowship: 3-4 months
Short Fellowship:  < 2 months

1.  Recovery:   Per page 200 PHB, SHORT FELLOWSHIP
2.  Training:  Per page 200 PHB, + new tools and background specialty's. LONG FELLOWSHIP
3.  Gain New Trait:  Per page 200 PHB
4.  Heal Corruption:  Per page 200 PHB
5.  Meet Patron:  Per page 201 PHB, SHORT FELLOWSHIP
6.  Open Sanctuary:  Per page 201 PHB
7.  Receive Title:  Per page 201 PHB, LONG FELLOWSHIP
8.  Research Lore:  Per page 202 PHB

-  Get Married
-  Have a child

From other sourcebooks(Only available once party has been to location in game):
-----Thranduils Hall------------
-Visit the Sentinel Oak:

-Study with the Lampmaker:

-Feast in the Great Clearing:

-----Rhosgobel, Woodman town, Woodland Hall-------------
-Compete on the field of Honor:

-Go Hunting with the Woodman:

-Enter Wuduseld:  Fellowship at Woodland Hall

-----Mountain Hall---------------
-Hunting Grim Hawks:

-Visit the Market at Traders Island:

-----Anduin Vales---------------
-Tame the Steed of the Moon:  Fellowship in the Anduin Vales

-Befriend the Beasts:
   -Fellowship at Beorn's house.
   -3 animal types Pony, Hound or Speech f the beasts

-Guard the old Ford:  Fellowship phase at the old Ford

-Gather Firewood in the Elfwood:

-Return to the Carrock: Beornings only when they fellowship at home.

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