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Time Line
This thread is where I will update the game time. I find that after a few months of Real Life, we forget that only a few days of game time has passed.


START DATE and Location:  15 April 2945 Third Age in Esgaroth (Lake Town).

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Year 2945: Adventuring Phase 1-The Ruined Castle
15 April:  Party gathers at the Pot and Barrel Inn and meet one another after a fire in the market

16 April:  Party departs north investigating a possible kidnapping
   0700 Party Departs following its lead (Jomar) north from Esgaroth on the road to Dale
   1100 Party finds an old trail that veers off west into Mirkwood
   1200 Party follows Jomar to an old 2nd age mannish keep lost to the element
   1400 Party finishes scouting out the ruins
   1500 Party defeats a Brown Bear
   1600 Party buries their dead and begins the raid on the Castle
   1800 Party clears the castle chasing Jomar off.

17 April:
   0800 Party stays the night and then after a hearty breakfast moves back toward Esgaroth.
   1400 Party arrives back at Esgaroth-with prisoners and Lomund they move slowly

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Year 2945: Fellowship Phase (April-July)
The party conducts its first Fellowship Phase from 17 April 2945 through 25 July 2945.

Asgrim:       Patron (Bard)
Gundri:       Patron (Gloin)
Blackfeather:  Train (Herbal Remedies)
Thiriswen:    Visit the Sentinal Oak
Vidar:        Train (Craft)
Aran:         Patron (Bard)
Dirhael:      Patron (Bard)

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Year 2945: Adventuring Phase II (Missing Dwarves)
25 July 2945:  Party gathers together at the Pot and Barrel Inn

26 July 2945:  Party meets Gloin and agrees to search for the missing dwarves Bali and Oin.

27 July 2945:  Party heads south and spends the night at the stairs of Girion.

28 July 2945:  Party heads south on the river toward Mirkwood.

30 July 2945:  Party spends two slow days moving south along the river and entering the marshes of mirkwood.  They are set upon by Galion and his elves in the marsh-much suspicion but they had clues to the Missing Dwarves.

31 July 2945:
        0700: Party gets up and follows the Elves to a small hill where they lost track of the elves.
        1200: Party gets to the rise and start investigating.  They are attacked and defeat 2 Marsh Ogres.  Unfortunately Vidar is killed and he is laid to rest in the marshes.  Galion departs north to inform Thranduil of the presence of Ogres.
        1400: Party finds a trail made by the dwarves and follows it to all old set of mannish ruins. A Strange Bell pulls at the party and Aran is drawn into a pool of water.
        1430: Party finds a way to an underground ruin that appears to have been buit in the 2nd age.  They find wierd creatures and Aran's dead body.
        1500:  Find Balin and Oin trapped in a wine cellar.

1 August 2945:
        0900:  Party finishes long rest.  Storms the Marsh Dwellers with the missing dwarves making for the surface.
        1000:  Party reaches the 'relative' safety of the basement in the ruins.

2 August 2945:  Party spend the night on mound in the marsh

2-9 August 2945: Party travels back to lake town

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Year 2945: Fellowship Phase 2 ( SEP 2945-APR 2946)
The party conducts its second fellowship phase from SEP 2945-APR 2946

Asgrim:       Heal Corruption (Success)
Beornaben:     ????
Dirhael:      Train
Fergal:       Research Lore (Success)
Gundri:       Heal Corruption (FAIL)
Lifstan:      Start Family (adopt a child)
Blackfeather: Patron (Radagast)
Thiriswen:    Patron (Gandalf)

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Year 2946: Adventure Phase I (Notes from a King)
1 May 2946:  Party gathers at Gloins house and agree to deliver the notes to the King of Eagles and Beorn.
3 May 2946:  Party departs Lake Town
3 May 2946:  Party saves Baldor and Belgo and agree to escort them across Northern Mirkwood for 50 silver pennies each.
8 May 2946:  Party arrives at the Elf Halls of Thranduil and spend a few days readying for the journey across the rest of Mirkwood
10 May 2946:  Party departs the halls
13 May 2946:  Baldor drinks water has hallucinationa nd runs away-party follows and meet a Giant Spider that they force to flee.

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