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Sat 27 Jan 2018
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The Law of  Kastela Terlas (Rules of the Game)
1. The GM is always right:
 Do not try to argue with me over my decisions, while you may try to convince me using sound logic and reasoning, straight up arguing will get you nowhere.

 2. No God-Modding:
 You are your character and no one else.  If you try to dictate someone else's actions or reactions without rules backing it, I will come down on you with great wrath.

 3. You Are Not Perfect:
 People get hurt.  People feel pain.  People don't just listen to what you say and play along.
 If you take a significant injury and then ignore the effects through a role-play standpoint, I will slap you.
 If you get upset because you failed to convince a someone to not stab you, well, get better at convincing.

 4.  PVP must be civil:
 The game is intended to involve combat, but both players must active civil to each other.  No dick-measuring contests.  If you got killed by a lucky roll or superior skill, being upset can be expected, but keep it reasonable.

 5. IC and OOC
 OOC and IC knowledge are to be kept separate.  If I catch you using OOC knowledge, I will give you a warning and make you change it.
 If I catch you again, I will kick you from the game and your character will meet some horrific fate in the near future.
 Also, keep IC and OOC arguing separate.  While you as players may dislike each other, or your characters may hate each other, you will keep those in their respective zones.

 6. NPC's are not your toys:
 Auto-resolving attacks and actions against NPC's will not be tolerated.

 7. Fade to Black:
 I want all sexual scenes to be faded to black.  I don't want this game turning into masturbation fuel for someone.
 First ignoring of this rule will be a warning, second time will be a removal.

8.  The GM's have jobs:
Please respect that due to my career I may be absent for months at a time.  Acknowledge that you accept this by adding "Please come back to me senpai." to the end of your RTJ, this also lets me know that you read the rules and have enough of a sense of humor to not ruin everyone's fun.

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