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Fri 23 Feb 2018
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Before I get into the RTJ, I'd like to give a nod of appreciate to "Crmnlst" - who set up a game on RPOL to play MTG.   It was finding his game that hooked me into playing MTG on RPOL and set me on my path to develop a spreadsheet to help me play it.

I'd also like to give a nod to another MTG player - "Jeffgson" who set up his own game on RPOL to act as a back-up forum for when Crmnlst dropped out.  Since then, that has been the main place to play the game on RPOL and since Jeff dropped out himself due to illness, I had continued to run his board until early 2018, at which point I finally bit the bullet and decided to set up my own board.

And here we are!

RTJ is very simple.  Just say that you want to play MTG and tell me what handle you want to use!
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 Looks like a picked the
 wrong day to give up MTG!
Fri 23 Feb 2018
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House Rules
This is simply a low-key, casual place to play Magic: the Gathering in a Play-by-Post (PbP) format.  Please try and be friendly, and observe normal net etiquette rules.  An emoticon is sometimes helpful, since English isn't everyone's first language.

[If you prefer to play in real time instead of PbP, you might prefer going to magic-league.com, which requires a small investment for proprietary software, and the moves are timed as in DCI sanctioned tournaments.  And there are multiple judges.  There is nothing 'casual' about it.]

Simply head over to the **GAMES WANTED/CHALLENGES ACCEPTED** thread and tell the world that you're looking for a game.  If you are looking for something specific, such as Standard only, or you'd like to start a multiplayer game, or you want to test a tournament-quality deck so that you can fine-tune it before the Con, just say so.

Please observe the "HONOR SYSTEM" here.  That's all that I ask, besides general politeness.  Remember the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you".  Nobody wants to play against a cheater.  I'm not asking for deck lists - you're on your own.  In my experience, if you make a habit of cheating, your opponents will eventually begin to suspect, and choose not to play against you anymore.  Soon after nobody will want to play with you.  If you think that winning by cheating is as much fun as winning honestly, then I cannot understand your philosophy.  Winning by cheating isn't actually winning at all - the outcome is predetermined.  Which begs the question, 'Why are you even bothering to play?'

That's as heavy-handed as I'm going to be.  Otherwise, you're on your own.  All that I'll be doing is the general, day-to-day task of naming threads where two (or possibly more) people will be playing against each other, and cleaning up threads where necessary.  Oh, and actually playing in several games no doubt!
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Fri 23 Feb 2018
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  1. http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Default.aspx
     - The official place for MTG card info.

  2. http://magiccards.info
     - quicker response time than the WotC Gatherer, plus instant info on set legality and any special rulings that apply to the card.  The search filter is easier to use than the Gatherer, but there is no autosuggestion if you know only part of a card's name.

  3. http://matthewfenn.ipage.com/n.../Downloads/index.htm
     - the Microsoft Office/Excel app for creating a virtual deck can be downloaded from here.  A player from England (me) was nice enough to write the Excel platform-based app, and keep it up-to-date when there is a new release.  It's 100% free because he's a genuinely nice person.

  4. http://www.crystalkeep.com/mag...rule-general-TOC.php
    Is your game at a standstill because of a rules 'controversy'?  Well, here are the Rules online.
     Also see #1 above for specific rulings on individual cards.  NOTE - these rules are not 100% up-to-date, however they are in a very convenient web-based format.  Alternatively, the officially published rules can be found here:  http://www.wizards.com/magic/t...s.aspx?x=magic/rules

    But also feel free to ask in OOC, if you don't mind waiting for a response to your question - plenty of rules experience amongst the players!

  5. http://mtgcommander.net/rules.php
    - Rules for Commander (aka Elder Dragon Highlander - EDH)...    The rules are in section 9 of the general rules from Wizards, but additional lists of banned cards etc are mentioned here.

  6. http://www.ccgdecks.com/sealed_gen.php
    If you're in the mood for playing Sealed Deck formats or drafting, this page will provide the randomized contents of packages of cards from <tr>most of</tr> the releases back to Unlimited.

  7. https://mtgjson.com/
     - the place where I actually get the raw data that goes into my spreadsheet.  Just in case you are interested in it!

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 Looks like a picked the
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Fri 23 Feb 2018
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Example turn format
To start a one-on-one game, one of you should pick an empty table, roll a D2 (i.e. a coin toss) in the dice roller, and then the winner of the coin toss goes first:

For example:

12:09, Today: Matthew rolled 1 using 1d2. Table X, 1 I go first, 2 you go first.
Woohoo me, I go first!

Draw 7, keep,
Untap, Upkeep, Draw - skipped for first turn
1st Main Phase:
Play a Swamp

Attack Phase:

2nd Main Phase:

End Turn Phase:

LIFE: 20
DECK: 52 (A 60 card deck)   This deck is legal in:  Modern, Legacy, Vintage,.  - No Errors - it contains 9 Rares and 0 Mythic and 0 Special (15% of deck), of which 3 are lands.  It has no Sideboard..




Draft Post created using v 11.5

Comment:  If you are using the spreadsheet that I've provided (see the Resources post near the top of this thread, then it will set up the formatting for your initial post automatically - all you need to do is hit the relevant button on the spreadsheet, paste it into your post and then edit it slightly for what you've actually played.  Use "(T)" to show a tapped permanents, "(TA)" to show a creature tapped and attacking, "(A)" to show one attacking but not tapped (Vigilance) and "(SS)" to indicate summon sickness.

Again, if using the spreadsheet, there are fields you can "copy to clipboard" and paste into the post that will format the permanents you play for you - however if you aren't using the spreadsheet, then make sure you include the following details for cards you play:

Name, Link, Casting Cost, Converted Mana Cost (CMC), Power/Toughness/Loyalty and of course, the card Text for what it actually does.  Personally, I quite like also including the Flavour text as well!  The link is there for cross-checking, but it is nice for the other players if they can read for themselves what the card does.

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 Looks like a picked the
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Fri 23 Feb 2018
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<red><b>TURN ONE</b></red>
Draw 7, keep,
<purple><u>Untap</u></purple>, <purple><u>Upkeep</u></purple>, <purple><u>Draw</u></purple> - <i>Skipped for first turn</i>
<purple><u>1st Main Phase:</u></purple>
Play a Swamp

<purple><u>Attack Phase:</u></purple>

<purple><u>2nd Main Phase:</u></purple>

<purple><u>End Turn Phase:</u></purple>
<small><hr><b>LIFE: 20
DECK: 52 (A 60 card deck)   <i>This deck is legal in:  Modern, Legacy, Vintage,.  - No Errors - it contains 9 Rares and 0 Mythic and 0 Special (15% of deck), of which 3 are lands.  It has no Sideboard.. </i><hr>BATTLEFIELD:</b>
<hr><b>EXILED: </b>
<orange><sub>Draft Post created using v 11.5</sub></orange></small>