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Starmaster Dread
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Sat 3 Mar 2018
at 15:11
As I plan on this being a game we can all sink our teeth in, and knowing that people who understand each other and like each other will play together longer this
 Is where we get to know each other. Pbp is by nature more rewarding for roleplay but easier to get distracted and take offense.

So here goes...names Mike, though a lot of folks call me Sarge, as I was a Sergeant in the army during much of my life. I'm 58. Been gaming since 1975 at the tender age of 15 with the original boxed set of D&D. I sell cars for a living and live in Phoenix, AZ. I'm into comic books, history, and nature. My dm style is organized and story driven. For pbp I will bend normal gaming convention in combat the interest of speeding it along,  because I think it's the biggest time sink in pbp.

I like players who understand the innate social contract in pbp that we are here because we love role play and when pvp situations arise, know someone has to realize it's not fun for the group and finds a way for their character to stay true and still make peace.

I like it when players keep there sheet organized to make my life easier.

I'm into players whose characters find ways to impact the game world and make our joint story enjoyable....

I dislike argumentative players, players who look for that one loophole to exploit an advantage.  Players who say "but that's how my character would act" as an excuse for violating the gaming social contract.

I think that's enough from me at the moment...let's get to know each other
 Verthani Technomance, 8 posts
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Sat 3 Mar 2018
at 16:02
You will excuse me if I do not include much personal information on a publicly visible group 0 thread, I come from a time when the internet was a much smaller place with the same amount of problems.

I have been playing D&D and several dozen other RPGs for over 25 years, my roots draw heavily from a system mechanical standpoint but over the years I have developed a preference for the highly unusual 50/50 split between Role and Roll play so I tend to look like the 'other' kind of player from everyone's perspective.

Starfinder is my current favorite game because it improves upon the already good Pathfinder system by making it simpler without loosing any detail, and adds space ships.
 Vesk Soldier, 3 posts
 'Jo'kun the Destroyer'
Sat 3 Mar 2018
at 18:53
   I have to go with the same idea as Tesera - I'd prefer not to have much in the way of personal information known on a public thread - the Internet seems to be the antithesis of privacy and I value my own highly.

    I've been gaming for the better part of 40 years, beginning with 'The Fantasy Trip' and proceeding through a battalion of systems and games that are run from low fantasy to high Space Opera. Admittedly, I prefer the higher 'crunch' of some systems to others, but I'm just as much into 'role' play as well as 'roll' play. Sometimes, character interaction takes the front seat to everything else in my view.

   I've done a lot of work in the Library field, which is where I learned about the whole RPG experience. It was a table of not-so-quiet gaming enthusiasts that piqued my curiosity about the whole thing, and the rest, as they say ... is history. For what it was worth, I was called "Conan the Librarian" back in those days - the name was supposed to be spoken as an insult - I took it as a compliment and have been running with it ever since. (And yes, I'm mentally correcting everyone's spelling ...)

   As a player and GM, I know that the story is going to work together when everyone pulling in the same direction. But I'm also a person that realises that we can't get along all the time, and there will be bumps in the road that can be smoothed over (After all, what friendship, what marriage doesn't have its ups and downs?) Conflict happens, whether it is PvE or PvP. I'd personally prefer to keep it to a minimum myself, however.

   I like to know that we're having some effect on the game world - Jo'Kun's motivation is large to gain fame, fortune, and a little notoriety, after all. We might not be the 'movers & shakers' in the game world, but to know that we can 'nudge' things here and there isn't a bad thing. (Not looking to be Commander Shepherd)

   The only thing that completely turns me off is what I've learned is 'Murderhoboism'. Didn't like the term in the first place and have grown to despise the whole concept. Such tactics simply destroy any sort of story-building that the GM/DM is trying to make up, and justifying it by saying "Well, that's what my character would do." is nothing short of a cop-out - period. Murderhobos are not welcome in anything I'm running, and I take a dim view of as a player ...

   I'm also a GM on RPoL here as well, running a 7th Sea campaign here for the last year. I rather enjoy the fact that everyone's working together towards a common goal, and also enjoy the writing on the player's behalf - it's been something that has spurred on my own creative writing and made the game a pleasure to run. I won't speak further of it here - I don't prefer to actively recruit in other games. (We're pretty full up at the moment)
Cassiopeia Scuti
 Lashunta Technomance, 6 posts
Sat 3 Mar 2018
at 20:14
Re: Introductions.
I've been playing games, of all kinds, for a very long time. My education is broad rather than focused, and I can speak about most all educational disciplines and a great many hobbies as well.

That is a great background for a GM, imo, who may be called upon to judge and rule about a great many things; but not so great for a player, who may question (or disagree) with a GM that has assumed too much, is lazy, or just doesn't care.

Player characters working together can be great fun. Player characters working to undermine others is not. That's a part of the GMs job.

I often can endeavor to min-max rule systems, but role playing is where RPGs are at, not numbers crunching. I'll never forget an early encounter at AD&D (1.0) where a nerdy-adolescent at the table interrupted my description of what I was trying to do, by opening his book and quoting that the parameters of my spell were 'wrong'. I note that the minor difference was irrelevant. Fortunately, the GM stepped in and diffused the situation by 'adjudicating' the intent on the spot.

I had great fun with Pathfinder despite having to have three versions of the same character. But, when my main version reached 7th level, my first game included two other 7th level characters, and three at 9th. The three at 7th did little in the whole game. The three at 9th dominated everything, including performing many actions that I'd never heard of before (and which, frankly, made little sense to me other than that they were written into Pathfinder's Rules). Perhaps that nerdy adolescent grew up to write for Paizo? I have not played Pathfinder since.

Perhaps the issue is that Paizo has decided to follow D&D's precedent for printing extra stuff, allowing an extra feat or two per book and other things, and giving those with large bank accounts an advantage here and there.

I hope not. Starfinder has improved upon Pathfinder imo. I just hope that it doesn't 'sell out' as Pathfinder has done.