What are you looking for in a game.   Posted by Starmaster Dread.Group: 0
Starmaster Dread
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Sat 3 Mar 2018
at 17:10
What are you looking for in a game.
In my efforts to make this game as enjoyable as possible for all parties, let me find out what you're hoping to have in this game.

So first things first, we all know adventure paths are a little on the rails. That doesn't mean we can't weave in character plots as well.


1. What do you as a player enjoy in an RPG?

2. Does your character have any goals?

3. In your imagined Background, any side threads you want me to weave in?

4. What would you say would make this game among your top games you play?

5. How much input do you want to have on.the 'game world'...?