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Oakhurst High
Oakhurst high.

A place that manages to be grimy while also feeling unbearably sterile. Built only a few generations ago it's aged quikcly and not altogether for the better. It's seen by visiting inspectors and many teachers in the state as the Regal Pont North Acadamy's badly groomed delinquent kid brother despite that it still a air of character and potential underneath the skin.

It could be said that Oakhurst high resembles it's students in that way.

It's in classroom 2C,On the ground floor of the science wing that we begin.

Mr Grisham, a kind eyed bearded middle aged man is taking homeroom. It's a loud chaotic affair, full of juicy gossip, mean spirited jibes and thrown objects and hastily copied notes.

Mikkel sits at the front, perhaps the noise and life reminds him of the spring court back in the fae lands, as does the backstabbing "Behind her back" gossip maybe?

Al perches next to Duncan. They make a strange pair, Al, Unsure of his place in the world but eager to learn sitting next to Duncan, A Queen among her court, totally confident of her place in the world. Will they save or doom each other I wonder?

The voices in Ethan's head have been quiet as of late...but is it just the calm before the storm? The high before the inevitable crashing low...

Mara sits behind...watching...She might call "Present" on role call but is she actually here? Tina looks at her with worried eyes, she tries to strike up a conversation, something about the old burial grounds getting trashed or something...

It's the start of the day.

What are you guys doing?
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Oakhurst High
"M? M? You here Mara?" Tina said. Mara however, was only 'present', and not 'here'.

She sat in her chair, and before Tina spoke-she stared out the window. The color, the warmth, the light...the sky. She knew it was only here for a while. Just a few hours ago, she had been in a place of night. Coldness. A place with no colors. She saw the other people in town move, heard them speak-although they sounded strange like they where in an echo chamber. More importantly, none of them saw her. Heard her. Felt her-she moved right through them, and other solids like mist. No, that was not right. Mist did not go right through walls.

She had spent the weekend screaming without being heard. She knew, somehow, if somebody heard her. If somebody just spoke to her, made her feel as though she was wanted...she could come back. Back from that dark, cold, void of a place that was a parody the world of color, warmth, and light.

It had been Sunday night, and she had finally-somehow-found her way to Tina's home she had visited so many times before. After a weekend of accidentally watching Ethan, Al, and others-she found her way to the one person who could help. Even when they where little kids, they had always been friends. Tina had been the sister she never had.

She had been moving around Tina's house, moving chairs and trying to lift a pencil well enough to write. Moving objects was simple enough-but precision work like writing? It was so hard...like when she did the 60 meter sprint. Expect now it was like doing a sprint while holding her breath the entire time. Needless to say, it seemed hopeless.

Like always, Tina bailed her out at the last moment. "Mara-I wish you could see this dress I got for prom." She had said, looking at herself in the mirror. She had tried calling Mara...but where she was, they certainly did not have cell service.

Expect-upon saying the words...Mara felt heat again. She was in the room with Mara, and managed to get to cover before she was spotted. She stumbled to her feet, managed to get outside the front door, and rang the bell. Tina then opened the door and was happy to see her. She helped her inside, got her a towel-as suddenly Mara was wet. The storm...the storm was her last memory-but that had been days ago. Not that Mara could tell how much time had past precisely. For her it felt more like maybe just over an hour.

She lied to her best friend, telling her she ran away from home after a big blow out with her parents. Tina bought that, told her it was a long time coming. She had no idea how right she was. Tina's mom, who was a direct opposite of Tina-but still loved her daughter-called up Mara's parents and told them where Mara was.

They never called back to check up on her. Nor did they bother to drive up and bring her home. Even in that dark horrible place, Mara knew one thing for sure.

I can never go home.

"M!" Tina said a bit louder, poking her in the shoulder. Mara blinked and looked at Tina. Feeling her voice more than the physical contact. It was like Mara felt Tina's need for her presence. She knew-that only people could keep Mara out of that horrible place.

"Sorry...got a...uhhh...little lost there." She said, faking a smile.

"Yeah, no shit?" Tina said, rolling her eyes. "If you got a stash of the good stuff and did not share with me, I am gonna be sooooo pissed at you!" She whispered, giggling like a little girl despite the adult nature of the conversation. The giggle did not really fit with the white makeup and deep black hair and eyeliner. She always said she wore than stuff mostly to annoy her mom-but Mara rather suspected it was to attract guys as well.

"Don't worry...you are not missing out on anything good." She said, meaning to laugh-but her thoughts showed her the dark place once more, and she did not laugh.

"Yeesh. Goth much?" Tina rolled her eyes. "Stop stealing my bit!" She snarked, and poked Mara in the shoulder like she did when they where 10. Mara did smile back, and suddenly she felt present again around Tina.

But she knew, deep inside herself, Tina alone was not going to be enough. Not enough to anchor her here. Not forever anyways...

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Oakhurst High
People who chose to sit at the front of the class often did so to better pay attention. People who chose to sit in the back usually wanted to go overlooked. Duncan sat somewhere in the center because he wanted to be surrounded by people whom he count interact with. Normally he did his homework before coming to school, so he rarely had that to occupy himself with in homeroom. This morning he was turned around in his seat, facing Mei. He had a math book out and was helping her work through the last tough problem from the previous day's assignment. One she hadn't been able to crack on her own. Presently he was trying to explain a process of simplifying the work, and making it less confusing. At length he looked off to the side at Al.

"Al could probably explain it better."

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Oakhurst High
Ethan was feeling pretty damned good.  Sure there had been some setbacks, but everything was under control.  He was sitting in his seat in a manner that made it look like he was going to slide right off it.  He was so cool in his own skin, so comfortable with himself.  It was unlike most of the people around him.  He didn't have an agenda like Duncan.  He wasn't troubled or tragic or frantic or confused.  He wasn't damaged even.

Ethan was sitting high right now.  It felt like the world was his playground, and he just kind of smugly ruled over it (in his own mind) back there at the rear of the class.

His eyes scanned around.  Normally focused, maybe a little sullen, now they flickered from thing to thing.  He could see more clearly now, since he was chosen.  He was open to a whole new world of possibilities.  And it felt good.

Ethan saw Mara. He was sharp enough to see.  Even her.  He looked right at her.  Something was different about her.  But Ethan was feeling too good about himself and how his life was going -- how all that dark shit that he had to do was behind him now, and it was smooooooth sailing ahead of him.  He didn't allow himself to contemplate any changes he saw in Mara's appearance.  Or anything else that he was noticing.  He just smiled a bit.

And he moved his eyes to observe Duncan and Al.  And Mei.  Backstabbing Mei.  Ethan's eyes darkened a bit, but his smug smile didn't fade.  He sipped on the feeling of his own superiority, his quiet, confident superiority.  Mei continued to breath only because Ethan allowed it.

Oh, yes.  Ethan had killed.  For the Power.  It wasn't something he enjoyed.  But it was something he did.  And he could do again.  And, he resolved.  If he was called upon to kill again.  He knew exactly who would be next.

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Fri 6 Apr 2018
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Oakhurst High
The only "court" the homeroom reminded Mikkel of was his mother's kitchen, thronged with loud siblings and ruled by an iron tongue and a wooden spoon. He grinned thinking about it. He certainly wouldn't be welcomed back dressed as he was today.

His host father was a local jewelry maker, and when he had found out that Mikkel had gotten his ears pierced  with Bella the week before, he'd gifted the boy a pair of earrings shaped like hemlock cones. And over the weekend, Mikkel's host mother had helped him practice putting on make up, so today... he looked a long way from the good Catholic who had showed up in Oakhurst.

Bella came in a little late, curly black hair and high-waisted jeans, and the two crooned over each other before getting down to business.

Like all good gossips, Mikkel didn't see himself as a gossip. The only people who got hurt were the ones with something to hide, and everything here in Oakhurst felt better out in the open. Lies and anger, confessions and broken promises-- that was his parents' house, the sort of angry religion that made you bottle things up and then explode. Oakhurst was new and clean.

So Mikkel listened with wide-eyes as Bella spoke: "So, my dad has been seeing Ms. Dupree, y'know? It's not like a thing thing, but they have drinks sometimes and I make sure I'm not around, right? But I guess she came over when I was out with Ol... Ol' Matthew on Friday, and then this weekend he asked me if I ever see Mara around." Bella was too well trained to look back at the girl, but Mikkel couldn't help throwing a quick glance. "And anyway, he thinks she might have gotten thrown out or something. Y'know how crazy her dad is."

Bella didn't say "Maybe we should check in on her," but Mikkel knew she meant it. Why else tell him that? Secrets were better in the open like this so you could talk to people about them.

Mikkel put on a pout. "That is-- that is awful." He spoke a little slowly, but with barely any accent. "Why would they do that to her? Even my mother and father--" he stopped and blushed, remembering how he was dressed. "I think that they would not throw me out forever."

Bella shrugged. "Jesus-crazy dad, remember?".

"Ethan is in trouble too, I think." Mikkel said. "I helped him with his school work last week. He was-- he was bruised and he said he deserved it." He stopped speaking, looking perturbed.

Pulling out her phone, Bella gave her friend a thin-lipped smile. "He's not worth your ti-ime." she said in a sing-song. "That kid's not in trouble, he is trouble. He'll suck you dry."

Outside of the window, last week's storm had stripped most of the leaves from the trees and they lay in sodden drifts across the parking lot. Bella had fallen silent and Mikkel looked out past the bare trees to the hills beyond, where the conifers were still thick and green. His friend meant well, but that wasn't always enough. The distinction between "in trouble" and "is trouble" confused Mikkel, but he knew that Ethan needed help, and it wasn't right to just ignore that.
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Oakhurst High
Mei catches Ethan looking and her bubbly facade breaks for just a second. Her grinning face morphing into a mocking sneer before she gives Ethan a coy smile. As if she knows somthing he doesn't before she leans forward to say engage Duncan in her math problems, back to being her regular smiley self. Ethan feels a the distant thrumb of Manitu somewhere far beyond the physical realm as he makes his decision.

Tina becomes serious all of a sudden, she says quietly, dropping her voice "Did you hear about Cindy? I heard she's on the warpath...Guess she does't take rejection well...Watch yourself"

Mei cuts Al off before he can say anything. "Hey Duncan...So Ms Richards the drama teacher has been dropping some hints about another school play, Would be good if you joined in, couldn't be worse than some people" Her head cocks slightly towards Ethan at the word "Some."

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Oakhurst High
In reply to MC (msg # 6):

Mara raised an eyebrow at Tina. It had been Cindy who broke up with her. At least when Mara had told her she no longer wanted to hide their relationship. "She has some warped sense of who did what to who..."