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Oakhurst High
Oakhurst high.

A place that manages to be grimy while also feeling unbearably sterile. Built only a few generations ago it's aged quikcly and not altogether for the better. It's seen by visiting inspectors and many teachers in the state as the Regal Pont North Acadamy's badly groomed delinquent kid brother despite that it still a air of character and potential underneath the skin.

It could be said that Oakhurst high resembles it's students in that way.

It's in classroom 2C,On the ground floor of the science wing that we begin.

Mr Grisham, a kind eyed bearded middle aged man is taking homeroom. It's a loud chaotic affair, full of juicy gossip, mean spirited jibes and thrown objects and hastily copied notes.

Mikkel sits at the front, perhaps the noise and life reminds him of the spring court back in the fae lands, as does the backstabbing "Behind her back" gossip maybe?

Al perches next to Duncan. They make a strange pair, Al, Unsure of his place in the world but eager to learn sitting next to Duncan, A Queen among her court, totally confident of her place in the world. Will they save or doom each other I wonder?

The voices in Ethan's head have been quiet as of late...but is it just the calm before the storm? The high before the inevitable crashing low...

Mara sits behind...watching...She might call "Present" on role call but is she actually here? Tina looks at her with worried eyes, she tries to strike up a conversation, something about the old burial grounds getting trashed or something...

It's the start of the day.

What are you guys doing?