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Thu 3 May 2018
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Greenleaf Street-Mikkel's House
The surprisingly warm weather outside the school had chilled by the time Mikkel had made it back to his street, reminding him that the town was coming towards the end of fall, if that hadn't tipped him off winter was nearly here, the sea of leaves he was wading through might.

Across the street, Ms Turini's house sits empty, the lights off, although several cats stare at him, their tales flicking lazily while they assess him.

The large elk at the end of the street gaze down at him as he walks up the street although...Is there something different about it today? It's eyes seem...less...vacant.
Mikkel Kreye
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Fri 4 May 2018
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Greenleaf Street-Mikkel's House
Mikkel's mind was on the bag in his backpack that Bella had given him and the way she had dashed off. Anger fought with worry and hurt as he kicked through the drifts of leaves. She hadn't been herself lately-- but then, he didn't know her that well, maybe she hadn't been herself when they became friends. Maybe this was herself. The rest had been a phase. Or a lie.

The roundabout loomed up in front of him before he realized it. Wet leaves dappled the manicured shrubs and plastered across the back of the bronze statue that guarded the street. On a whim, the boy pushed through the wet brush to stand in front of the elk. It's antlers rose above him and it's eyes-- without thinking, Mikkel reached out and laid a hand against the wet metal, right at the base of the neck.

It felt warm.

Startled, the boy stepped back then turned and shoved his way through the bushes, hoping no one had seen him. Stuffing his hands deep into the pockets of his rain jacket, Mikkel scuttered down the street, head down so he didn't have to watch the cats watching him from Ms. Turani's porch. It had gotten colder and he almost expected his breath to fog in front of him.

Bella's package fell out of his backpack when he tossed it on his bed. His jacket and shoes were heaped by the door to his room. His host parents were out, and the house had been dark when he arrived, so he'd locked the front door and turned on every light he could find. He'd forgotten about the package. Picking it up, his emotions from earlier returned: Anger. Worry. Hurt. Recklessness. He doubted Bella had wanted him to look inside, but she hadn't responded to his text yet, and now that he was alone in his room, he didn't particularly care.

Sitting on the bed, Mikkel opened up the package.
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Sat 5 May 2018
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Greenleaf Street-Mikkel's House
Carefully unwrapping the package, Mikkel finds five small strangly hued pebble like chunks. They were predominantly grey but lined with various deep colours that shifted and changed in the light.

There was a small note in between two of the layers of paper, Ethan recognises the handwriting as Bella's.

"Hey O, this is the latest batch, it should have a much stronger kick than the normal stuff we make, may have just discovered a whole new thing all together! To use:
1.Smash or crush pebble
2.Pour powder into drink
4.Trip balls

Bye! B

Scribbled underneath in a hastier and messier scrawl.

Face is about, Don't tell Duncan...Be safe...Love B"

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Mikkel Kreye
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Wed 9 May 2018
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Greenleaf Street-Mikkel's House
Mikkel wasn't sure what exactly he was holding, but even he was savvy enough to know it was trouble. He reread Bella's note. Face is about. He didn't understand the idiom. Was she referring to the police? Or something worse? He considered that she could be referring to Duncan, but discarded the idea when he realized that she had named him in the very next sentence.

He put the note down, then examined the pebbles. There was something mesmerizing about the way they shifted in the light, but also something a little frightening. If he was smart, he'd wrap them back up and forget about them until tomorrow. He could tell Bella he hadn't even opened the package. Instead--

Placing one of the pebbles on his nightstand, Mikkel folded the other four back up in the package. He walked over to the closet and pulled out a box from the top shelf. Inside, it's stuffed with his host-sister's old clothes and a few tattered stuffed animals from when she was a kid. He pushed the package to the bottom, then put the box back on the shelf.

The glittering rock sat on his nightstand next to Bella's note. The best thing would be to forget about it, sweep them into a drawer. Go digging into Ethan like he had planned. But at the thought of going outside, he remembered the statue and the way everything had seemed darker this afternoon. Maybe another storm was coming in.

So instead, he turned on the desk lamp, sat cross-legged on the bed, and pulled out his phone. Entering Ethan's number, he tapped out a message: Hey, how are you? Just those words were enough to set his pulse pounding in his chest. After a second, he realized he had meant to ask about Bella's note and added, Do you know what "face is about" means?
Mikkel Kreye
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Wed 23 May 2018
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Greenleaf Street-Mikkel's House
After nearly two hours without Bella checking in or Ethan responding, Mikkel put his rain jacket back on. He'd been lying on his stomach on his bed-- his host-sister's bed he corrected himself. It had stopped smelling like her, but he couldn't shake the feeling of being a guest-- screwing around on his phone. Dusk had begun to clot along the horizon, and the clouds looked all the darker than before. But Mikkel felt trapped. His host parents were downstairs listening to the radio and making dinner. The house was warm and safe, and normally he would have a million things to tell his host parents about the day. But tonight, he felt trapped.

Mikkel slipped out the back door without telling them he was leaving. He wasn't trying to hide his departure, but he couldn't bring himself to talk right now, certainly not to them. The odd purple rock was burning a hole in his pocket. He wasn't sure where he was going. He needed to get out.

Most of the driveways had cars in them by this time of night and most of the porch lights were on. Without thinking, the boy let his feet carry him down the street until he found himself back at the statue of the elk. Kicking off his shoes, Mikkel waded into the brush barefoot and leaned up against the cool bronze statue.

The night smelled wet. Bella had been ignoring him, and now Ethan was too. And apparently, "face" was about, and he had no clue what that meant. Closing his eyes, Mikkel whispered to the statue, "What do I do?"

13:41, Today: Mikkel Kreye rolled 8 using 2d6+1.  Gaze into the Abyss: "What do I do?" (specifically about the drugs Bella just passed off to him. But more generally, about their friendship).

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Sun 27 May 2018
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Greenleaf Street-Mikkel's House
Mikkel moves up to the statue, a cool wind blowing his hair two and fro as the grass crinkles under his bare feet.

The statue is silent though the eyes gaze down, as if sympathizing with his plight. He stares down as the rock in his hand, it's swirling eddies seem to drift and swim in his vision, drawing him in.

The elk looms above him and his head swims, the wind howls and flashes of scenes fly by.

A scream. The school field, three dark shapes and Mara Pristine, so pale as to be luminescent, bearing down on them as a storm rages high above.

He hears a voice, weak and frail "Olivia...Ethan...Somebody help..."